White Cats Symbol

White Cats House (白猫の寮ホワイトキャットハウス, Howaito Kyatto Hausu?), "White Cats" for shorts, are students who are from the West Duchy.


Both Black dogs and White Cats have the same looking uniforms but with different colors. Every White Cat's uniforms are 'White'. For the high school uniforms, there are two bands. One is a normal length size which most students wear and the other one is a longer sack which few students wear like Cait Sith .


White Cats House (High School)

The White Cats High school dorm is located next to the Black Dogs Dorm. It is a cream colored building with three floors. It have a lot of rooms for every high school students. Some rooms are been shared by two-four students.

The building have a Library, Cafeteria, Study area and others


Each grade/year White Cats have their own leader. These are the known leaders so far:




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