Boarding School Juliet 1 (寄宿学校のジュリエット(1) Kishuku Gakkō no Jurietto 1) is the first manga volume.



Chapter 1Edit

The story starts with Juliet Persia and Romio Inuzuka, leaders of the White Cats and Black Doggies dorm respectively, fighting alongside their house groups. Not long after they start, teachers told everyone fighting that it wasn’t allowed, thus everyone dispersed.

In the black dog’s classroom, black dogs were upset about Juliet, while Romio went outside to reflect upon his romantic feelings for Persia. Decided to confess, he went spying the white cat’s practice room.

Romio watched Juliet practicing from far, who stopped it shortly after, and went outside. As she did so, Persia met 3 black dog kids caught vandalizing, so she lectures them and let they go. Meanwhile, Inuzuka, daydreaming about his loved one in front of her, is found, so he runs away from them.

As Juliet is going back to her dorm, Eigo, Kento and Chizuru attempted to attack her, getting stopped by Romio, who jumped in between them. As their group ran away, Persia misunderstood Inuzuka’s true intentions and ran from him, crying.

In the black dog’s mansion, Chizuru and his gang questioned Romio about his actions earlier that day, ending up beaten by him. As he they are finished off, Inuzuka received an arrowed letter from Juliet, challenging him.

In the school fountain, Juliet questioned Romio’s true intentions on what they did earlier that day, leading them to engage on a duel. Amidst the duel, Inuzuka confesses his true feelings, and Persia accepted his dating proposal.

On the following Day, Juliet treats Romio coldly, showing him they couldn’t let anyone know of their relationship.