Teria Wang (王 手李亞 Wang Teria) is one of the supporting characters of Boarding School Juliet series and a member of Black Doggy House.


Teria has golden eyes and long black shoulder length hair.She is wearing a black jacket over her white shirt along with long white socks and pink shoes.


She is a quiet girl, not like her sister who is more louder and abrasive.

She has feelings for Romio and can't bring herself to admit them, even though her sister is fully aware if it.


Romio & The Prefects

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Teria and her twin sister Kochou overheard a conversation from some students about the festival tonight. They went to see Airu ask if he want to come and hang with them. He refuses saying they are prefects. Their job is to guide and protect the students. They should just patrol to prevent any trouble.

Episode 8 Screenshot 8

One day they were saving a cat from a tree. Kochou jump down and land on Inuzuka’s arms. Teria then jump as well but land on his body. They explain that they are not elementary students but high scholars who skip grades. They are even second years. Hasuki showed up asking what Inuzuka is up too. He said that these brats are messing around with him. Hasuki take a good look at them and realized they are prefects. She then apologies to them for Inuzuka’s sake. Inuzuka ask why would she do that and Hasuki explain they are actually prefects. Kochou ask if he is scared now but Inuzuka said he isn’t. These prefects are nothing but annoying to him and should just go home. Kochou was pist but explain that age doesn’t matter. If they are gifted with talent, then they should use it to protect others. She then change the topic asking what was the secret conversation he was having under the bench he was having earlier. Inuzuka said that he was talking with the ants asking if they would come with him to the festival later. The three of them then pity him saying he is lonely.

Later they went to his room without his permission and wait for him. When Inuzuka return, his eyes were stunned seeing them here. He ask why are they here and they said that they just want to hang out. They then ask Inuzuka where he gets this Rosary they found in his room. Why a Touwa would be having one in the first place. Inuzuka rush to them to get it back but he was pushing Teria to his bed and make her uncomfortable. Kochou was getting suspicious seeing him panic like that. There must be something about this rosary. Inuzuka ran outside and hammered his door with nails to prevent them getting out. However, he didn’t realized that Kochou and Teria were helping him to seal his door. When he realized he pint a fire extinguisher at them. He then ran away from the dorm. They loss him. Though the students are going to the festival right now. Kochou decided to go there as well. Teria was happy to hear that but it was just to do Prefect duty which make her sad again. They are at the festival patrolling around and looking for Inuzuka. Teria observe everyone who are having fun. She was jealous but there was nothing she can do about it. They then found Inuzuka who seems to be having the time of his life. He was surprise they were still following him. They said its work. They have the rights to pusnish students who are having too much fun and messing around. He then ran away. They lost him again even after searching the entire festival. Teria then believe he is hiding in the woods. They heard a sound but it was just come cows. They keep looking for him but still no luck. They then decided to give up. They see that everyone was having fun. Teria wanted to ask if they could but Kochou said they can’t.

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Teria having fun

They heard trouble from a distance and went to check it out. There was one Black Dog and one White Cat student fighting with one another. If this keep sup then the fireworks could be cancelled. Kochou and Teria then stop the fight before it could get worse. The crowd was impress saying they are prefects. Inuzuka is still nowhere to be seen. They decided to held back but a rubber bullet hit Kochou head. It was Inuzuka! He wanted a match with them. If they lose them he will destroy some stalls. They said they don’t have time for games but Inuuka said it’s a battle. They then accept the challenge. They fight a game after another and Kochou and Teria was having fun. They ask what is the next match they be having but Inuzuka said that’s enough for now. But they can call him if they want to have some fun again. They just want to have friends to hang out with the festival. He heard it from their classmates. They are still kids and should not spoil themselves. They then left heading back.

Romeo and Teria

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Inuzuka went into the office to meet Kochou and Teria asking to be their servant. He want to know more about being a Prefect and want them to teach him. He want Teria to be his master. Teria sugguest it should be Kochou but Inuzuka said she is just nonsense. Kochou was pist thinking he was just aiming for her sister’s breasts. She then left the office leaving the two of them alone. Teria then hide behind the curtains thinking he wants to hurt her. It’s because that Kochou said he was aiming for her breast but Inuzuka told her not to take it seriously. Inuzuka started to notice her attitude have change after Kochou left. Anyway, Inuzuka want Teria to teach him about prefect duties. Teria show Inuzuka all the prefect duties but from afar which Inuzuka couldn’t hear at all. Inuzuka don’t know if he can do it but she have expectation with Teria believe she is good with the actual job. Teria was fired up and bring Inuzuka to each of her duties.

Their first duty is to feed the dorm dog. Teria tried to feed the dorm dog but base on how things were going. Inuzuka released that she’s bad at doing her job. But Inuzuka don’t want to believe it like that yet since she’s a prefect. Their next duty is to discuss with some club members about their funding’s. When they enter the room, each of the club members were complaining about their funds are not enough. They were complaining so hard that Teria believe she’s going to die. Sieber then enters the room since she have the same duty with Teria. She took care of the situation easily that the club members went silent. Sieber was about to leave. But before that she give Teria a lesson. She’s always hiding behind her sister’s shadow and can’t do anything if they are apart. She is a prefert and should do better next time, or else everyone will look down on her. Teria was upset but it’s the truth. She wasn’t fit to be a prefect. The reason why she got this far is because her sister help her even now. Teria was about to leave saying he should be Kochou’s servant instead. But Inuzuka told her to wait. He knows that the order sibling always get the respect. She shouldn’t say she can’t do it. After all, she is his master.

They continue to do every task that’s left. But unfortunately, they fail every single one of them. They still haven’t patrol the area since there are wild dogs around the school. Speaking of wild dogs, there was one chasing two elementary kids. Inuzuka told Teria to run while he took care of it. But when he turn facing Teria, she was gone. She run towars the kids to protect them. Inuzuka was surprise thought that she was weak with dogs but base on how she look. She look terrifired! The dog jump toward Teria but Inuzuka grab it while telling Teria to capture it. Teria took out her net and catch the dog while with Inuzuka in the process. The kids hug Teria thanking her for saving them. Teria was hay that she even forgot about Inuzuka in the net.

Teria and Inuzuka was heading back. Teria then ask why does he want to be a prefect in the first place. Inuzuka replied that he made a promise to someone that he will change thw world. But to do that he needs to be a prefect. Teria told Inuzuka there is no way he could be a prefct right now but she will always support him since she is his master. Teria then left heading back alone.

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  • Her first name, Teria, is based on the word Terrier when spelled or spoken in Japanese.
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