Scott Fold (スコット・フォールド Sukotto Fōrudo) is one of the supporting characters of Boarding School Juliet series and currently a Prefect of White Cats House.


Scott is a very diligent person, shown by his dedication to his studies. As a member of the White Cats, he doesn't get along with those of the Black Dogs and comes into conflict with them (mostly with Inuzuka).

He is very loyal to Juliet Persia, serving as her second-in-command in the White Cats. He stated that he was once a delinquent who was saved by her in the past and owes her his life for helping redirect him. However, he goes over the line in his admiration of her, as he is often seen stalking her.


Scott and Juliet Edit

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Scott went to see Rex want to ask to be his servant. Rex instantly refuses right away. He ask why does he want to be his servant in the first place. Scott said that he heard Persia have become Sieber’s servant and that she is aiming to be a Prefect. So he wants to be a prefect too so he could support her. Princess Char also won’t be disturbing them so they could be together. Rex then hit Scott saying that isn’t manly enough. Not to mention he already have a servant which is Somali. She came applied to be his servant a few minutes before Scott came. She is cute and strong which make her perfect to be Rex’s servant. There were no other prefect that could accept Scott. Scott begs Rex to give him a chance. Rex can’t go back to his words unless Somali wants to give him a chance which she did. Rex then decided on a competition. Which one of them show how manly they are.

Scott shows his manliness

Scott shows his manliness

In the dorm, Rex set up a boxing ring. The White Cats come to watch what’s going on. Rex introduce both Scott and Somali in the ring. The two of them will be pro wrestling. The rules will be simple. The first to give up loses and there will be no time limit. The match begins and Scott charges in. He use the ropes to slingshot him behind Somali and grab her from behind. But Somali knock Scott into a pole saying he is a pervert. He tries to use his “Cobra twist” technique but it’s been use against him instead. The match have been running for 2 hours and none of them given up. Somali is getting tired and Scott have almost reach his limits. Somali tried to do her finishing blow but Scott managed to get up once more. Rex then said that will be enough. He won’t allow the fight to continue since it will be dangerous for him. He’s sure that Persia will acknowledge him with his efforts. But Scott refuses. It’s not about being acknowledge, it’s not about love but it’s for her. She help change him back then and now he wants to repay the favor. It is his duty to help her reach the top. Rex then see the manliness from Scott. Somali then give up feeling exhausted. Scott have won and now becomes Rex’s servant.

Romio And The Student Election Assembly 1 and 2 Edit

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Scott's speech

Scott's speech

During the election campaign. The servants will be giving out their speech to the students on why they should choose them to be prefects. During Scott’s turn, he went up the stage with the outfit Rex give him. He admits that he have no power to change the academy. Ever since he was young, he always been slow grabbing the basic he wants. Nobody praise him particular. No one needed him in particular. He is a wholly unremarkable person. But he knows one who could change the academy and her name is Juliet Persia! More than anyone, she considers the welfare of everyone in the academy. He believe she of all people, will be able to bring us towards a brighter path! While he will be someone who followed and served her for years, is definitely capable of assisting her in realizing her ideals, more than anyone else. He doesn’t care if people are not supporting him as long they are supporting her. Lend her their support. “Persia First” is the motto he live by. Scott then receive a huge cheer from the crowd.

Romeo And The Exhibition Match 1, 2, 3 and 4 Edit

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The new prefects are having a joint meeting for the upcoming sport festival. But it’s not going well so far. Inuzuka wanted both Black Dogs and White Cats to be on the same team but Scott refused. Leon then suggest to use the exhibition match which will be held up before the festival. Let’s have a match made of Black Dogs and White Cats to heat up the match. Some refuses and some do not. They all then argued with one of another. Airu then enters the room along with Kochou and Teria with an angry tone. He give them a full 30 minute lecture of how careless they are right now. Inuzuka admit with what he said but he told him that they won’t lose to the third years. Cait then showed up from the window taking it as a challenge. They want them to accept the challenge but Persia see no reason why they should. Sieber and Rex also showed up saying they don’t have confidence in themselves. Inuzuka notice something was up since all the third year prefects are here. He then accept the challenge and prove which prefects are more superior.

3rd prefects year want to beat the 2nd year prefects

During the exhibition match, Persia ask Inuzuka why he accept the challenge. He told her that there was something up with how the third year prefects were acting. Even they were accepted, the second year are fully accepted as prefects just yet. But what if they win here? Inuzuka believe the third year prefects are planning to lose on purpose for the second year’s sake. The exhibition match was about to begin. The game is called “Dahlia Wall Game” which will be host by Shuna and Ameria. The rules are simple, the first team to get the ball on the other team’s goal is the winner. Inuzuka told his brother that he will intent to learn from this. When the match begin, Char tossed the ball upwards. Inuzuka and Scott tried to get it but was stopped by Rex. Airu tell Inuzuka that he’s mistaken. Their goal is to get rid of their ego by stomping all of them into the ground. This is when Inuzuka realize his theory was wrong! Rex then charges to the second year’s goal while knocking everyone in his path. On his way, Scott was in front waiting for him. He admits that he have guts but ask Scott why isn’t he wearing the uniform he give him. Scott replied that he is embarrassed to wear such a thing and won’t do wear it again. He was about to say he will surpassed him but Rex charge and move Scott out of the way. However, Scott managed to buy some time to get the other second years to block Rex. Rex then passed the ball to Cait. Cait dodge every one of his opponent’s while saying they still don’t understand the meaning behind the match. Inuzuka was wondering what he meant by that. Aby tried to blocked Cait but he was stop by Somali who was hugging him. Cait then later insulted Aby which make him depressed but later been in courage by Somali and put him back in the mood. With no other choice, Cait use his secret move called the “Ball” hiding. He lift the ball up and bring it back down and make it vanished. But everyone could see it’s in his pants. Sieber then hit the ball out of his pants which hurt Cait’s crutch. With Cait unable to move for a while, this is the second year’s chance.

Everyone is in the rose garden and Sieber have the ball heading to the goal. Hasuki was about to get the ball but Sieber pass it to Kochou. They almost arrive at the fountain. Kochou pass the ball to Airu and he charges in. But Inuzuka was blocking him upfront. Airu push Inuzuka aside but after he did, Persia was behind Inuzuka from a blind spot. She took the ball from Airu saying their counter attack begins. Persia can’t go forward since it’s been block by the third years. She then ran to the left to flank them. When Inuzuka is with Airu, he told him that he finally realize the reason of this match. Airu then push Inuzuka to the side once again. When it was just Inuzuka and Hasuki, Inuzuka ask her to get all the second years together for a bit.

Black Dogs and White Cats cheering for the new prefects

Everyone cheering for the new prefects

The second years disappeared of the map and hid in the forest. Inuzuka gather them here to discuss about something. Their attacks from before aren’t working. To prevent this from happening again, they need to develop their teamwork. Scott disagree saying there is no way the Black Dogs and White Cats could fight together in the first place. The Kochou and Teria found them and aiming to get the ball from Persia. Scott then say they will play along with this teamwork. But he throw Inuzuka at Kochou and Teria for a decoy. They came out of the forest but Rex was blocking them. Persia passed the ball to Hasuki and ask Scott to bend down. She then use him as a stepladder to break free. Aby then grabbed the ball from Hasuki saying he should have it. Scott also join in trying to get the ball from the both of them. Airu look stare at them with disappointment attack Scott who have the ball. But he was saved by Inuzuka. Scott asked why would he saved him. Inuzuka explain to everyone that they are prefects. They have the same ambitions to change the academy. As long they have same goal in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem working together. When he was taking, Cait steal the ball from Scott and ran off. As the second years are chasing him, they receive a cheer from both Black Dogs and White Cats. The school have slowly started to change.

2nd and 3rd year Prefects

Inuzuka have a plan and he tell Leon what is it. After that was settled, he leave the rest to Leon to take charge of the others. Leon doesn’t want too since she believe nobody will listen to her. Inuzuka told her that because she haven’t properly accepted them. She shouldn’t be afraid to tell them how she feel. Inuzuka then left the rest to her. After Inuzuka left, Leon turns and apologies to Persia for what happen back then. She understand that what she did is unforgivable but she really want to work together this time. Persia agrees and said the terror back that can’t be forgotten. But she and Inuzuka have grown used to unreasonableness. Persia encourage Leon that she also came along way for being a mixed blood. Persia offers her hand and want to work together with Leon. Leon then see Leon as “Vigin Mary”. Inuzuka managed to steal the ball from Cait. He then throw it a far where the other second years will be. They were about to grabbed it but see that Sieber and Rex won’t allow it. However, Hasuki and Aby work together to stop Rex. Leon’s job is to stop Sieber. She think of her weakness and said “Bear Panties” which make Sieber stop running. Persia stop both Kochou and Teria while Scott is charging to the goal. Scott made it through the main building almost reaching the goal. But behind him was Airu who won’t allow him to get away that easily. Airu was about to steal the ball from Scott but he did a back pass and give it to Inuzuka. Airu ask Scott how did he know that Inuzuka was behind him. Scott replied that wherever he goes, Inuzuka will come chasing him. Everyone was cheering for Inuzuka. He made his final move to throw the ball but he tripped. However, the ball still managed to hit the third year’s goal. The second year prefect won! Airu expect him to finish it well but proud of the ending. He will be expecting more from him in the future.

Trivia Edit

  • His name comes from the Scottish Fold.
  • At one point, he decided to cross-dress as Persia and call himself Scottia.
  • He gets sea-sick easily.
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