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Reon Inugami (いぬがみ おん, Inugami Leon?) is a member of the Black Doggy House who has a mixed heritage between Touwa and West.


Reon is a teenage girl with long black hair and has a beauty mark under her left eye. In the past, she had red hair but dyed it black before enrolling in school. At the academy, she wore the standard uniform and used glasses. However, she decided to switch to contact lenses after an unknown accident.

After becoming a Prefect, she has cut her hair short, as a form of redemption for her actions.

Seven years later, Reon has not changed much in appearance, but her hair is now its natural color of red.


She is very intelligent, having studied humanitarian and observing those around her.

She is shown to possess an extreme hatred for the White Cats, viewing them as arrogant, violent, and selfish because of her grandmother. This is one of the reasons that she wishes to purge the school of them to make the academy a real peaceful place.

In spite of her teasing acts, Reon has a kind side, as she came to the aid of an elementary student who was being bullied by his peers and motivated him to get stronger. She also threw a birthday party for her cousin, as well as making sure that her other cousin did skip out on.

After she lost to Inuzuka and Persia during the voting day, her thoughts about the White Cats change, as she apologized to Juliet and the other Prefects White Cats when they played against the former Prefects and was moved by Juliet's forgiveness. She then joins Inuzuka and Persia in hoping to change the world after they showed her there is always hope.


  • In Chapter 69, her named was written in English as "Reonn Inugami;" later, in the tankо̄bon version, it's corrected to "Leon Inugami" for unknown reasons.
  • Her name was possibly inspired by Leonberger, a giant dog breed.
  • Her original hair color was Red until she dyed it Black.
  • She is one of the few Black Dogs to show extreme hostility to the White Cats, even by Black Dogs standards.
  • She cuts her hair after becoming a Prefect in Chapter 92.
  • In Chapter 108, Reon hints that she has fallen in love with Inuzuka.
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