Romio And Leon

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Leon stomping Scott

Leon nearly stomped Scott

During the third semester, Leon have return to the academy after a incident. When she was heading to the campus, a White Cat student have flew and land in front of her path. From a certain memory, Leon instantly tried to stomp him put been stop by the western princess, Char. Inuzuka who is her childhood friend told her to stop before she cause anymore trouble. Leon apologies and greet Inuzuka who she haven't seen in awhile. Leon didn't start high school since she was injured and have been absent ever since. After having a conversation with Inuzuka, she then left.

Leon then enters Inuzuka's room without his permission. When Inuzuka enters, he wanted Leon to leave but she says she has something to talk about, which is becoming a Prefect. Leon who is now his brother's servant and wanted to make a deal with Inuzuka who is also aiming to be a prefect. Inuzuka think she came here to catch her off guard but actually wanted to work together with him. She asks him about his thoughts of the academy and is surprised when he says he likes it, to his annoyance. Leon follows up by saying that she loves this academy and all the Black Dogs are nice. However, she states that the one she couldn't stand is the White Cats. She wanted the power to get rid the academy of the White Cats once and for all. So she wants Inuzuka to join her, while he is shocked.

After-Class Time With Romeo And Leon

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After class Inuzuka rushes though the hallway but bumped into Leon who just came walking out of the corner. Once he helps her up, she teases him saying he purposely did it to touch her chest or grope her, to which Inuzuka says he didn't. After seeing Leon look lively, he was about to leave until Leon say her head hurts. For an apology running into her, she want Inuzuka to help her out. Inuzuka could tell that she is just bluffing to make him work for her but he had no choice.

At the office, Inuzuka was typing the report while Leon was making weird noises to tease him. Leon then help Inuzuka out by typing the report. When Inuzuka look back at the laptop, it says "Inuzuka is a Pervert". Inuzuka was pissed at Leon saying he won't be helping again. Leon says her head hurts and she has a fever too but Inuzuka refuses to believe it and tries touch her head. Leon told Inuzuka to stop but Inuzuka states he won't be fooled. The head prefect who was watching them ask his brother whats going on. Leon cleared things up saying Inuzuka was just nursing her, since she doesn't feel well. She states that she will be printing the logs from the meeting and leave. When Leon returns, Airu says that will be all for today. She heads back after she patrol the school grounds forcing Inuzuka to join her.

Leon is interested in Inuzuka

The two of them went to patrolling the school. Leon notices bad behavior from the kids who are playing dodge ball. She rushed to them, telling them that she wanted to play as well. The kids refuse and ran away from her. However, she shows Romio that there was one who didn't. A kid who was being bullied by the others kids was standing still while looking down. After Leon gives advice to the kid, the kid left grateful to her. Inuzuka was impressed by her attitude thinking she only cares for herself. Leon says she still doesn't know what Inuzuka was thinking at all and saying Inuzuka is interesting to her while giving a smile. Then there was a fight between the Black Dogs and White Cats. Leon returned to her blood lust look and dragged Inuzuka to the fight.

Romio And Amnesia 2

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It is revealed Leon found the amnesiac Inuzuka and misdirected him on Juliet Persia and the White Cats are the enemy after explaining the feud.

Romio And The Student Election Assembly 1 & 2

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Leon's speeches

During the election campaign. The servants will be giving out their speech to the students on why they should choose them to be prefects. During Leon's turn, she went to the stage saying all the previous speeches were amazing but its just sophism. She even admits that she hates the White Cats. The White Cats were pissed but been silence by Anne Sieber. She says that it was just a fact due to the fact the White Cats also hated the Black Dogs. She say this academy is a problem since it force two countries to be friendly. She ask the students if they are getting tired of this farce from all the stress. Both dorms agree saying they don't want to be friends at all. Therefore Leon pledge to them for separating the White Cats and Black Dogs. A House Segregation, she wants the students support to make it a reality. For students cheered for her even the White Cats. She then left the stage for Inuzuka's turn.

Romio, Leon And The Secret 1 and 2

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After the election, Leon has lost the speech to Inuzuka. However, she isn't mad at him yet because today is her little cousin's birthday, Kuri. She forces her other little cousin Kai to help her to set up Kuri's birthday party but he ran away. When she was chasing him, Kai bumped into Inuzuka. While wearing a maidens outfit from the cafeteria, Leon caught up with him and told him to come back to help. Inuzuka was confused and asked if she is really Leon, as she absent mindedly asks what he wants. Leon is stunned after realizing Inuzuka has saw her in this outfit and heard her real accent, prompting her to have return to her usual attitude and asking if he is here to meet her. Inuzuka say its too late for that and laughs asking if this is her real self, as she blushes in embarrassment. Leon kicks Inuzuka and forces him and Kai to the cafeteria. The three of them went to celebrate Kuri's birthday party, as both Inuzuka and Kai comment on her bossiness. Kai, who already know Inuzuka from her sister have told all the things Leon have said to them. Saying all the fun things during middle school. Leon blushes and then pinches Kai for ruining her mysterious image.

Leon's bloodlust

Leon's Bloodlust

Leon then want to talk with Inuzuka alone for a bit, which makes Kai and Kuri thought she is going to confess. Outside with Inuzuka, she gave him credit for his speech. She then ask what does he mean by "Is this something we are doing of our own will?". As the leader for the Black Dogs, she expects the same hatred for the White Cats as she do. She ask if that is his true feelings. Inuzuka doesn't know what to say but said that it will be nice for the hatred from both dorms to go away. This have release a scary blood lust from Leon. Leon who is holding her anger have leave saying Inuzuka is her enemy. Kai and Kuri was watching from behind a tree been notice by Inuzuka. Inuzuka ask them why does Leon hate the White Cats so much. Even though it's a secret, the both of them were planning to tell Inuzuka away. Before they tell him Leon's story. They give him a huge important secret that Leon is actually a mixed blood of Touwa and Western.

Without Leon knowing, Kai and Kuri continues to tell Inuzuka about her story. Leon used to have Red hair like her mother who is a Western. They always wear hats whenever they went out to avoid anyone noticing. She then dyed her hair Black when entering Dahlia Academy Boarding School to keep a low profile. She enjoyed every single day at the academy and told her family how fun it is when every semester ends. However, after she graduated from middle school. She returned to Touwa since the semester ended but when she enters her house, there was Western people in their house holding Leon's mother. The people turns out to be her maternal grandparents. They told Leon that her mother ran away from home and married a person in Touwa. They then took Leon's mother away to the West. Leon ask for help but the Touwa people ignored her, refusing to save a Western.

Due to people knowing about Leon's mother is a Western, the Inugami residence move to a different location. Leon's father was ill, due to trauma. Leon felt like she lost everything but she didn't give up yet. She flew to the West try to get her mother back. But when she got there, it was too late. Her mother was allegedly forced to marry another person which Leon's grandmother told her. She said that Leon's mother is hiding the fact that she married a person from Touwa and says Leon is a disgrace to her. Leon snap out of anger and punch her grandmother. When she returned home, she couldn't stand hearing news about Touwa and Western being friendly. She doesn't want another unhappy person like her in this world ever again. She then returns to school hoping to divide the world.

Romio, Juliet And Elections 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

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After Leon managed to find Inuzuka's weakness. She made every teacher in the campus to sleep and hid them somewhere where nobody could find them. At the hall, everyone was wondering where are the teachers. They couldn't start the voting until the teacher have arrive. Leon told Airu that she couldn't find them. They tried to explain the situation to the other students that there will be a delay. The rest of the prefects and Black Dogs servants join the search. Leon was ask to stay at the hall just in case if the teachers showed up. The students couldn't handed the wait. This is where part 2 of Leon's plan came into play which leave one of her soldiers to do it. Which is causing a all out brawl for both dorms.

Leon saying Inuzuka and Persia are traitors

"They are Traitors"

When the prefects and the servants return, they tried to stop the fight. Inuzuka notice a smirk from Leon thinking this was her plan. Sieber join in to stop the fight. Cait says not to and leave it to him instead. Just as he was about to leave, a Black Dog student throw a pen at Sieber's head causing her to bleed. Cait notice and snap into his anger form. He kick the person who throw the pen and join in the fight. There is nothing that the White Cats prefects can do to stop him. To prevent the fight being force, Airu tried to stop Cait. The two head prefects started to fight one another. Persia tried to stop both of them. But as soon she was closer, both head prefects fist was about to hit her. Until Inuzuka jump out to safe her. Everyone's eyes were fixed on they wondering why would Inuzuka safe Persia? Leon came saying "Is that what they call the power of love?". She then shows a picture of Inuzuka and Persia saying these two are actually secret lovers and are traitors.

All the students were mad at Inuzuka and Persia to explain about this. Hasuki and Char tried to defend them saying the picture is fake. Leon told them it isn't fake and show them a video when she was spying on Inuzuka. A Black Dog middle school person have took of his wig and reveals to be Persia! Leon say that Julio who is Persia was just pretending to be their friend. Leon came closer to Inuzuka saying friendship like that is just a fantasy. It is wrong to put the two together in the first place. Inuzuka who wasn't able to say anything yells "YOU'RE WRONG!". He told her not to expect her misfortune will be everybody's misfortune. She realize that Kai have told Inuzuka her secret. Inuzuka then yells to everyone if anyone thought about this hapiness while living here. After living like that he yells "I WAS HAPPY!!". The student doesn't care and ignore his talk. Leon told Inuzuka it is hopeless since they don't trust him anymore. However, Leon wanted to give Inuzuka a chance to stay at the academy if he admits their love was a mistake. Inuzuka apologies to Persia after all of this. But the two stood up saying their love was not a mistake with a smile. Leon say they both chose to exile.

Maru siding with Inuzuka and Persia

It was decided for Inuzuka and Persia to be expelled. Both of them have nothing left to say. Until Maru came out punching Inuzuka in the face. Maru who sees Inuzuka as a rival for many years couldn't held the fact that he betrayed the Black Dogs. Persia told Maru to stop but she is his next person who he's really pissed the most. He couldn't withstand the fact that Julio was Persia. He really thinks that Julio was a friend to him. Maru fights Persia but Persia doesn't fight back. When Maru was about to punch her. Persia grab his hand and turn around. Maru remembers when he get thrown and expect her to do it again. But she didn't, instead cried. Maru ask what is she planning here. She told Maru she can't do it since he is the first Black Dog friend she ever had. She say that even as Julio her thought were not fake. She really she him as a friend. Just as Persia stop talking she expects any punishment from him. Leon told Maru to do what she say. Maru agrees but punching himself instead. Leon ask him if he is a idiot but Maru told her to shut it. He was just punishing himself for doubting his own friend. This cause a shock to everyone. Maru apologies to Leon saying he will be siding with Inuzuka and Persia.

Leon was confused since Maru is suddenly Persia's friend. The students say that if he does that he will be a traitor as well. But he says that his buddy Julio is way more important to him. Maru refuses to let Julio(Persia) get kick out, so he went to the stage to put his vote with Inuzuka's name on it in the box. Leon smirk saying having one ally doesn't change a thing. Maru agrees it does mean nothing. So he yelled at the Black Dogs who was friends with Julio to join him. Tosa and Kohitsuji then came out saying they will join him. Then, Hasuki and Char say they join them as well. Leon question Char if she knows her position right now. She replies she certainly does and she also knew they were dating. Leon was shock to hear that a princess conspired with them as well. Hasuki also say she knew about their relationship. Leon starting to see Traitors everywhere. After Hasuki and Char told the student that Inuzuka and Persia really wanted to change the world. Leon talk back to them saying its a lie since they are only thinking about themselves. Then Somali appears saying its not true. The both of them help her once when she was arguing with Aby. Somali joins Inuzuka and Persia's side by voting for them. Aby was shock that she was voting for them and not him. But Aby couldn't refuse since Inuzuka also help him during the school festival. So he overlook this.

Teria came to Inuzuka asking if he wants to change the world for Persia's sake. Inuzuka told her it is and apologies. Teria think it was amazing for him to do that. She yells at the students saying he worked hard for everyone in the school. Teria guarantees that this school need Inuzuka. Kochou cam as well saying Teria is taking all the good stuff. The two of them also vote for Inuzuka. Leon was still anxious and wondering why and where did these allies of them are coming from.

Leon doesn't want to admit defeat just yet. She talk to the students again asking if they know what they are doing. Both Touwa and Western are enemies. Sieber came out it is the truth the two countries are enemies. But during the preparation for the school festival. She realize that it was fun working together with them and it was thank to Inuzuka for showing her that. Sieber ask Leon how did these two thrown order into chaos then? She then put her vote to Persia. She then ask all the students to rethink what Inuzuka said during his speech. Leon is getting worried that prefects from both dorms have become their allies. Shuna came out apologizing to Inuzuka while having her head on the ground. She didn't protect Inuzuka during his critical moments. But she want to join him and say that the one who is wrong is the world they are living in. Kougi appears behind Shuna say that Inuzuka is the one who thought him there are more battles then just fighting. They all need this for the upcoming era. Ameria also agrees and if this is what Persia wants then she will gladly get along with the Black Dogs as well.

Everyone siding with Inuzuka and Persia

Leon doesn't know what to do due to the fact that Inuzuka and Persia have allies from all three years. Slowly more and more people started to join them. With that every student expect Leon and her soldiers have voted Inuzuka and Persia. She screams asking them where is their hatred from before and if they hate them. Scott replies with a broken heart he does. He couldn't deal the fact that Persia is dating with Inuzuka of all people. But order to protect her, he agrees that they all should change. Airu and Cait told Leon that will be enough. The two of them have built it up to this day. Inuzuka said that that wasn't the case. They only managed to get help from others. Airu agrees, but after the two of them keep changing their hearts day after day ever since. Their allies have spread. Airu then give a vote to Inuzuka with a smile. He then congratulate the two of them.

Romeo, Leon, And Prefects 1 & 2

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Inuzuka trying to enter Leon's room

Leon horrified to see Romio trapped

After the voting day, Leon withdrew from the election. She even cleared things up about how she was the one that staged the whole riot. She put the teachers to sleep and interfered with the voting polls. She has been put under house arrest for a week. After her house arrest was over, she pack her stuff and planning to say good bye to the academy. She admits her loss against Inuzuka and Persia. She really thought the future wouldn't change but after seeing the two of them managed to changed the school, she admit that she was wrong. She also doesn't have the courage to see them anymore, until she heard a noise from her door. When she turned around, Inuzuka was lodged into her door while making a scary face begging for help, which shocked Leon. After Leon saved Inuzuka, he explains how he got lodged in the first place and overheard her words, to her embarrassment at saying everything outloud. He then asks her if she's really leaving. He told her not to quit but become a prefect. instead. Leon reject his offer saying thats impossible since nobody trust her anymore. Inuzuka still force her to become one and follow the head prefect orders. Leon then accept saying she have to obey his orders. She fools him by offering her body and opens her clothes and said to him he can play with her as much as he wants. Inuzuka looked away telling her to put her clothes on. But when he look back at her, she already escaped though the window.

Leon continued leaving the academy until Kai and Kuri found her. They wanted her not to go but Leon say it can't be helped. She say she doesn't belong nor be here anymore. Then Bouda and his gang showed up for revenged. He was pissed that Leon told the Black Doggy House Master about what happen during the Voting day. Leon told Kai and Kuri to run, so they did. They wanted Leon to apologize to them, so she did. But they didn't see enough sincerity in it. They say she's always like this. If they abandoned her then nobody is willing to take her in. Leon smirks saying there was never a place for here in the first place. Inuzuka showed up saying she belongs in their office. He told Bouda and his gang to let her go since she's becoming a prefect. After he managed to get rid of them, once he reveals his knowledge of their names and his need for helping in restoring the school. He wanted Leon to be a prefect once again. Leon still doesn't want to be a prefect again until Kai and Kuri told her what Inuzuka said back then.

Leon crying

Leon Cries

During the election day, the Black Dogs students give their speech to why they should be prefects. Surprisingly Leon showed up for the election. During her turn and when she walk to the stage. She receive a lot of complains from the students for the trouble she did to Inuzuka. They ask her why would she do that in the first place. Leon say she will answer that after she talk about herself. She told everyone her biggest secret that she is a mixed blood of Touwa and Western, to their shock. She then continued to tell them of her past to the students. After her story was over, the students were shocked hearing it saying the Westerns really are horrible. Leon agress saying there wasn't away for them to be together. Until she saw Inuzuka and Persia. The two of them managed to change this school even though they are from different dorms. Inuzuka wanted to make a world where she could be happy. So she begged the students to give her a chance while letting go some tears. The students clap for her and she became the last prefect for the Black Dogs.

Romio, Juliet and the Lunch Date

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As the new Prefect, she cuts her hair short and along with Hasuki meets up with Inuzuka and Persia. Inuzuka is confused by her hairstyle, as she asks if suits her. After he nervously states it does, Hasuki and Persia tease him, while she laughs. She invites the pair for lunch, as Prefects but is rejected. She states as his "mistress", she would wait to which he quickly scolds her. Persia questioned this, as he demands she explain and she brings up his previous statements. Once the exasperated couple runs off, Hasuki congratulates Leon on teasing them as she states its only natural to tease those showing off.

Romeo And The Exhibition Match 1, 2, 3 and 4

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The new prefects are having a joint meeting for the upcoming sport festival. But it’s not going well so far. Inuzuka wanted both Black Dogs and White Cats to be on the same team but Scott refused. Leon then suggest to use the exhibition match which will be held up before the festival. Let’s have a match made of Black Dogs and White Cats to heat up the match. Some refuses and some do not. They all then argued with one of another. Airu then enters then room along with Kochou and Teria with an angry tone. He give them a full 30 minute lecture of how careless they are right now. Inuzuka admit with what he said but he told him that they won’t lose to the third years. Cait then showed up from the window taking it as a challenge. They want them to accept the challenge but Persia see no reason why they should. Sieber and Rex also showed up, saying they don’t have confidence in themselves. Inuzuka notices something was up since all the third year prefects are here. He then accepts the challenge and prove which prefects are more superior.

3rd prefects year want to beat the 2nd year prefects

During the exhibition match, Persia asks Inuzuka why he accept the challenge. He told her that there was something up with how the third year prefects were acting. Even they were accepted, the second year are fully accepted as prefects just yet. But what if they win here? Inuzuka believe the third year prefects are planning to lose on purpose for the second year’s sake. The exhibition match was about to begin. The game is called “Dahlia Wall Game” which will be host by Shuna and Ameria. The rules are simple, the first team to get the ball on the other team’s goal is the winner. Inuzuka told his brother that he will intent to learn from this. When the match begin, Char tossed the ball upwards. Inuzuka and Scott tried to get it but was stopped by Rex. Airu tells Inuzuka that he’s mistaken. Their goal is to get rid of their ego by stomping all of them into the ground. This is when Inuzuka realize his theory was wrong! Rex then charges to the second year’s goal while knocking everyone in his path. On his way, Scott was in front waiting for him. He admits that he have guts but ask Scott why isn’t he wearing the uniform he give him. Scott replied that he is embarrassed to wear such a thing and won’t do wear it again. He was about to say he will surpassed him but Rex charge and move Scott out of the way. However, Scott managed to buy some time to get the other second years to block Rex. Rex then passed the ball to Cait. Cait dodge every one of his opponent’s while saying they still don’t understand the meaning behind the match. Inuzuka was wondering what he meant by that. Aby tried to blocked Cait but he was stop by Somali who was hugging him. Cait then later insulted Aby which make him depressed but later been in courage by Somali and put him back in the mood. With no other choice, Cait use his secret move called the “Ball” hiding. He lift the ball up and bring it back down and make it vanished. But everyone could see it’s in his pants. Sieber then hit the ball out of his pants which hurt Cait’s crutch. With Cait unable to move for a while, this is the second year’s chance.

Everyone is in the rose garden and Sieber have the ball heading to the goal. Hasuki was about to get the ball but Sieber pass it to Kochou. They almost arrive at the fountain. Leon knew that fighting the third years is a loss cause. Airu then told Leon she just doesn't believe in herself. She can't achive anything and should get out. Kochou pass the ball to Airu and he charges in. But Inuzuka was blocking him upfront. Airu push Inuzuka aside but after he did, Persia was behind Inuzuka from a blind spot. She took the ball from Airu saying their counter attack begins. Persia can’t go forward since it’s been block by the third years. She then ran to the left to flank them. When Inuzuka is with Airu, he told him that he finally realize the reason of this match. Airu then push Inuzuka to the side once again. When it was just Inuzuka and Hasuki, Inuzuka ask her to get all the second years together for a bit.

Black Dogs and White Cats cheering for the new prefects

Everyone cheering for the new prefects

The second years disappeared off the map and hid in the forest. Inuzuka gather them here to discuss about something. Their attacks from before aren’t working. To prevent this from happening again, they needed to develop their teamwork. Scott disagree saying there is no way the Black Dogs and White Cats could fight together in the first place. The Kochou and Teria found them and aiming to get the ball from Persia. Scott then say they will play along with this teamwork. But he throw Inuzuka at Kochou and Teria for a decoy. They came out of the forest but Rex was blocking them. Persia passed the ball to Hasuki and ask Scott to bend down. She then use him as a stepladder to break free. Aby then grabbed the ball from Hasuki saying he should have it. Scott also join in trying to get the ball from the both of them. Airu look stare at them with disappointment attack Scott who have the ball. But he was saved by Inuzuka. Scott asked why would he saved him. Inuzuka explain to everyone that they are prefects. They have the same ambitions to change the academy. As long they have same goal in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem working together. When he was taking, Cait steal the ball from Scott and ran off. As the second years are chasing him, they receive a cheer from both Black Dogs and White Cats. The school have slowly started to change.

Leon apologies

Leon apologizes to Persia

Inuzuka have a plan and he tell Leon what is it. After that was settled, he leave the rest to Leon to take charge of the others. Leon doesn’t want too since she believe nobody will listen to her. Inuzuka told her that because she haven’t properly accepted them. She shouldn’t be afraid to tell them how she feel. Inuzuka then left the rest to her. After Inuzuka left, Leon turns and apologies to Persia for what happen back then. She understand that what she did is unforgivable but she really want to work together this time. Persia agrees and said the terror back that can’t be forgotten. But she and Inuzuka have grown used to unreasonableness. Persia encourage Leon that she also came along way for being a mixed blood. Persia offers her hand and want to work together with Leon. A surprised Leon then cries while saying Persia is like the “Virgin Mary”, as the latter tells her not to exaggerate but the others agree.

Inuzuka later managed to steal the ball from Cait. He then throw it a far where the other second years will be. They were about to grabbed it but see that Sieber and Rex won’t allow it. However, Hasuki and Aby work together to stop Rex. Leon’s job is to stop Seiber. She think of her weakness and said “Bear Panties” which make Seiber stop running. Persia stop both Kochou and Teria while Scott is charging to the goal. Scott made it through the main building almost reaching the goal. But behind him was Airu who won’t allow him to get away that easily. Airu was about to steal the ball from Scott but he did a back pass and give it to Inuzuka. Airu ask Scott how did he know that Inuzuka was behind him. Scott replied that wherever he goes, Inuzuka will come chasing him. Everyone was cheering for Inuzuka. He made his final move to throw the ball but he tripped. However, the ball still managed to hit the third year’s goal. The second year prefect won! Airu expect him to finish it well but proud of the ending. He will be expecting more from him in the future.

Romio and The School Trip

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Leon was excited at going back to the West for the trip to see her mother again.

When Inuzuka was running down the hall, Leon grabbed his arm. Leon asked to accompany her on the third day, Inuzuka turned her down, to her surprise. Leon blushed at his sudden rejection because she worked up the courage to ask. Inuzuka states he already had Persia and she clears it up, since she needs to see how her mother is doing. Inuzuka agreed but set the time for the evening. Hearing this, she becomes delighted and thanks him.

Romio and Leon and The Onsen 1 and 2

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She and Hasuki find Inuzuka down the hall and talk before Leon jokingly invites to the onsen, which he quickly denies.

Later on, she and Hasuki find Persia and Char there, deciding to join them. She is shocked by the size of Char's cleavage, before stripping Hasuki to not lose.

Romio and Leon and The West Duchy 1 and 2

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Bamy escape

On the second day of the school trip. Leon’s group have bumped into Inuzuka’s group at Rome. They then decided to have a break together at a restaurant. Leon was calling a waiter until she see a familiar face. It’s her mother! Inuzuka told her to calm down since that couldn’t be her. She is married to a rich family and there is no way she would be here. Leon refuse to believe that she saw her by mistake. She ran to the waitress and it really was her mother! However, she ran away from her. Two men then showed up trying to catch Leon’s mother. Leon told Inuzuka to help defend her mother before they catch her. But her mother did something that she never thought of doing. She performs a lot of moves and managed to escape the chasers, as Leon is in awe at the sight. Leon wanted to find her before it was too late. Inuzuka decided to join her since they promise from the start and the others promised to cover for them.

The two found the men that were chasing Leon’s mother, as Inuzuka went to ask them straight forward why they are chasing her. They were pist that a Touwa person came to ask them but it’s because of Leon’s fault. Leon came out of hiding asking what they mean by that. It was thanks to her that the entire Europia family is in a mess right now. Everything was going fine until she visited them back then. Words have spread that she have a Touwa daughter and she been evicted from the house. Now the Reputation and Europia family is stained. The madam wanted her daughter to make financial reparations for it. But she refuse and ran away. It’s all Leon’s fault that her mother is living a fugitive life. She is a Jinx. Inuzuka then stood up saying these guys deserve it since they force her mother into it. Jinx or not, he hear none of it. He will be the one to judge.

After that, Inuzuka and Leon went out to search Leon’s mother. Unfortunately, no Western is eager to help them. They then came across a big lady who saw Vermie Inugami just now. However, she won’t give out any information unless they pay her with cash or on of their bodies. Leon then forces her to take Inuzuka and she is told her where she is. She saw her go into a subway entrance that was sealed up a while ago. Leon rush to the subway to find her mother. She found her but someone else also found them. It was the two men from before, they were following Leon after correctly thinking they could find Vermie a lot easier. They told Vermie to come home unless she wants her daughter to be taken as a replacement instead. Vermie walks towards them, as Leon thought she was just surrendering herself. But she gave Leon a hug, crying happily how much she has grown. She then grabs her hand and they both ran away from the chasers. Leon couldn’t believe she was this strong but Vermie admits that she was weak previously and couldn’t find the will to do anything since she knew she couldn’t escape from them. However, when she learned the day Leon came to the West. She told herself she needs to see her again. With that she escaped from the duke house, learn escape techniques and worked plenty of jobs to save up enough money to go back to Touwa. She apologizes to Leon on how she ran away from her in the restaurant since she thought she was someone else. Leon was glad that she believe it’s all her fault that her mother is facing all the troubles right now though she is actually glad since it let her have the will to fight right now.

Leon say she would fall in love with Inuzuka

"I would fall in love with you"

The two chasers were still on their trail until Inuzuka ran passed them with someone else behind him. It was the lady from before, Inuzuka told her to have these two men instead. Luckily, she accepts and takes them both away. Vermie then thanks Inuzuka for helping them. He told her that when she return to Touwa. His family will provide her protections if they went to disturb her again. Vermie is surprise that he would do all of that for her. Leon told her that he is trying to break the wall that is divides Touwa and the West. The academy have change and they all accept she is a mixed-blood. Vermie couldn’t believe what she was hearing that she started crying. She believe both nations will get together soon. So they all could live in peace. They then say goodbye heading off where they needed to go. Both Inuzuka and Leon were heading back. She thank him for helping her today. But she wants him to stop helping her from now on. Because she would fall in love with him, while Inuzuka didn’t know what to say and it made Leon laugh. She reveals that she was just kidding and teases him on believing it. She states that along the way of future trouble, she didn't want him caught up in it and he is irritated that she didn't say just that. However, as they run back Leon notes on how she enjoys seeing him worked up, while blushing at this, implying there was some truth in her story.

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