Queen Westia

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Queen Westia is a character from the Boarding School Juliet series. She's the queen of the West and Chartreux Westia's mother.


She has white hair with a bun that covers her right eye and wears a crown.


She acts royal and does what's best for the country. She tries to teach her daughter Chartreux Westia how to be a proper princess since she isn't one right now. According to her daughter, she's observant.


Romio and Princess Char's Débutante Ball 1 and 2

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Queen Westia advised Char to be a proper princess and told her to proceed to the dance hall. When Touwans showed up in the hall, the queen was bewildered, and after the messenger said that Chartreux invited them, she ordered to call her here now. When Char arrived, Queen Westia asked her if she really calls everyone here. Char answered that she called one person, which is Inuzuka Romio. She picked him as her first dance partner, to everyone's shock. The queen tried to warn her about how those words would shake the country and make the entire western civilization their enemy. Char didn't understand what kind of mistake she made, and she simply invited her friend. Since the camera was recording, Queen Westia couldn't go against it due to both countries tied by a peace treaty. The queen then assumed that they are doing this because they don’t know their history. Her daughter admitted this is true, so they never questioned what the adults taught them. It's important to teach history, but how they feel about it and how they accept it is something they decide themselves, and she learned that at Dahlia Academy. Diplomatic relationships and betrayal don’t matter. If you can’t show what you love, then Char will make this country free. She added that is how she lives as a proper princess, angering the queen.

After the princess's speech, the messenger informed Queen Westia that the demonstrators outside the palace tried to break in and are demanding for them to hand over Princess Char. Romio spoke up to the queen. He introduced himself and said he also hopes for change in both countries. They may still be students, but they will someday become dignitaries. While the students tried to escape, Queen Westia commanded to send 80% of their men to calm down the demonstrators, and the rest will go after Char. However, King Westia said to leave them be. The queen is confused, but he said that it looks like Char is having great fun at her school. The queen, unhappy, commented on how he could call himself a parent and called him an incompetent king.


  • Her hair covers her right eye while her daughter's covers her left eye.
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