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Prefects (監督生プリフェクト, Purifekuto?) are chosen students who were selected to take care of the academy.

Who are the Prefects?

Prefects' armband

Prefects are the selected few who possess the grades, popularity and power to be elected as representatives of teaching body. They are to uphold discipline and have been bestowed the authority to punish students. As such, they are looked upon with fearful reverence as rules of academy.

Once one earned a Prefect's Ire, various liberties may be taken away, effectively signaling "Death" within the Academy.


The prefect's duties are mainly divided into four.

  • Head Prefect: Executive officer, convocation of council meeting, managing the residents
  • Deputy Supervisor: Assistant representative, event division, replying to suggestion box
  • General Affair's Treasurer: Patrolling the School, volunteering, controlling the withdrawals, adjusting the expenses
  • Secretary: Creating proposals, reports and recording meetings


Each dorm will elect three prefects and one of those three prefects will be the Head prefect.

Applying for candidate

A candidate must be a prefect's servant or must have a teacher's recommendation. As long these criteria are fulfilled, anyone can apply.

Election Campaigns

After the candidates are confirmed, the campaigning will begin. During two weeks campaign period, the candidates will work on your public relation and speeches.


This is where the first, second and third years are voting who will be the prefects. There are two sections to this vote: Preliminary and Head voting. Each with their own paper.

In preliminary voting, the student body decides whether the candidate is suitable or not.

In head voting, the student body, including the candidates and current prefects, writes the name of a candidate who they deem worthy onto another paper and put it into a box of the corresponding candidate.


Note: the table below shows the current and former Prefects in the manga.


House Character Position
thump Kougi Komai Unknown
thump Shuna Inuzuka Unknown
thump Ameria Curl Unknown


House Character Position
thump Airu Inuzuka Head Prefect
thump Kochou Wang Deputy Supervisor & Secretary
thump Teria Wang General Affair's Treasurer
thump Cait Sith Head Prefect
thump Anne Sieber General Affair's Treasurer & Secretary
thump Journey Rex Deputy Supervisor
thump Romio Inuzuka Head Prefect
thump Hasuki Komai Deputy Supervisor
thump Leon Inugami General Affair's Treasurer
thump Juliet Persia Head Prefect
thump Scott Fold Deputy Supervisor
thump Aby Ssinia Unknown


Servants (雑務係ファグ・ボーイ, Fagu Bōi?. lit. "Fage Boy"; English: "Yeoman (Yeowoman)") (shortened as 雑務係ファグ Fagu) are students who take direct orders from prefects. Each prefect guide their servant such that the servants will succeed them in the future. Only the most trusted juniors get elected as a servant, as if it is the fulfillment of the destiny of sworn siblings.





  • First years can be prefects if they have teacher's recommendations.
    • This is how Airu and Cait become prefects.
  • In the Academy rooms are generally shared by two or more students. But when becoming a prefect, they are given a private room which means they live alone to do their own work.
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