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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Boarding School Juliet Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Introducing Myself!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Boarding School Juliet Wiki!

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  • May I know why is the ruby above the bast text need to be removed? This is for reference

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    • If I remember correctly, there was an error in template when you add the ruby to it. So I remove the katakana for a moment so I could fix the problem. I believe there was also another reason why I remove it but I can't recall what it was.

      Anyway the error is already fix, so you can add them back if you want.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Shoudl I put up Furigana (Small kana above kanji) for each character and their infobox? Apparently I got into a little trouble with an editor I wish to hear an admin's say

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    • The infobox doesn't really need furigana tbh. But you can just add it to their introduction instead.

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    • May I know why won't the Infobox need one? I think it's not really a harm to have one

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Given thai Sulina's last activity is almost 2 months ago, I suggest you adopt this wiki.

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    BlueFlames276 closed this thread because:
    04:45, May 12, 2019
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    • Actually it isn't your call. 

      If there are any active admins, then the wikia is not up for adoption.

      Thats not up for debate. its the rules.

      Since Kingdevo and Glaciersong were on here with in the past month, then the wikia doesn't go up for adoption.

      Its only if none of the admins are active, then its up for claim.

      Seriously, you don't know that much?

      Its not going to happen, so please stop bothering the active admins about it.

      Don't put words in my mouth.

      I never said a year, I said at least a few more months. 6 months is the generally accepted time limit for adoption.

      Also admins don't always lose their rights after a year. Since there are wikias with inactive admins that have been gone for longer then a year and they still have their status.

      Its only if the community removes the status or the admin retires. Otherwise they don't lose it. And most of the time the community doesn't even bother with it.

      it seems your just making claims up at this point. So please leave it be.

      It ain't happening.

      The community personally checks to see if the admins have been active, and if any of them have been then the claim is denied. 

      It only requires a single admins activity to be recent, and if it has then the wikia doesn't go up for adoption.

      Since both Kingdevo and blueflame have been active the wikia is not available for adoption by you or anyone else.

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    • Given that this is going nowhere for the discussion itself. BlueFlame, please close this thread.

      EDIT: I cannot close this myself

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  • Should we add "Abilities" and "Quote" section to character pages?

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  • Since the manga is ending soon, there isn't too much point in asking for a wikia adoption.

    After all, once the story is over the only thing left will be just completing the character pages and filling out the chapter synpnosis.

    If the series kept going for a while, then it might be a valid idea.

    But since that isn't the case there isn't a justifible reason to do so. Even if we wait a few more weeks for the other admins to come on.

    So even if the other user suggested the idea, doing so would eventually being meaningless. As there wouldn't be anything left to add to the wikia once its complete.

    Well either way, it will be over in a few months anyway so there isn't much point in discussing it anymore....

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    BlueFlames276 closed this thread because:
    10:56, May 13, 2019
    • I guess it's time to state my true intention.

      I intended to ask for moderator or admin right, but I will need bureaucrat to grant me that.

      For the reason: I see and sense a lot of backlog stuff that can be done.

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    • Given that Sulina is inactive, and thus waiting for him/her will take a long time, I decided to get the shortcut and propose wiki adoption.

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    • The manga is ending, the series is on its final arc already.

      What would be the point for an adoption when the story will be over and their isn't anything new left to add?

      As for a backlog, there really isn't one either. 

      The wikia has been updated constantly for the past few months, so any backlog you see isn't really there.

      I am not sure what site or wikia your talking about, but a lot of the information on here is already accurate and complete. The only thing thats really left is filling out a few sections on the character pages and chapter sypnosis.

      Other then that, there isn't anything more to add to the wikia. And once the series ends there won't be anything left to add here anymore anyway.

      If you want to adopt a wikia, the series usually has to be continuing in some form to require it.

      That is not whats happening here. The anime is over, and the manga is going to end in a few months.

      I am not trying to start an argument. I am simply pointing out that the effort will be futile in the end, and you will be left with a wikia that has no more need for editors or admins, other then to deal with occasional vandals or trolls.

      You will essentially be left with a paperweight that you can't use anymore.

      You would basically be left with nothing to do, so even if you wanted to adopt it. In a few months you would be out of a job as an admin anyway.

      Well thats all I wanted to say.

      Also I was talking to solely blueflame about this. not anyone else.

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  • Should we make a page (or pages) for the various story arcs?

    I figured it might be a good idea since the manga is ending soon, and it would be a great fit for the chronology section of the various chapter pages.

    Also, since the final arc is taking place in the West. We should be able to update the West Duchy page with more information of the locations and events.

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    • Making a page for it isn't necessary. For the West part, I already took some shoots from the manga for each places we know so far. Which will be added soon.

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    • Well, just saw this.

      I am in support of the arc pages though

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do we really need the houses' logo after each characters' name for every instance they are listed in bullet list?

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  • Hi. Do you mind deleting the page for Shiba Inuzuka for now?

    We don't really have any available information on him for there to be an actual page, as he never appears in either the manga or anime.

    And he has been deceased since the series started, in fact there isn't even artwork of him (shadowed or otherwise) in the manga.

    Its probably better to wait until the manga ends before deciding whether or not to keep the page. So for now its better to delete it until we can be certain that he won't or will be mentioned again.

    Otherwise the page would have to stay blank, because anything else would just be heresay or conjecture. It wouldn't even be a stub page.

    If the story ends with him being mentioned again or having some kind of appearance, then his page can stay on the wikia. Otherwise were just making stuff that likely isn't true just so we have a page on him.

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    • Tbh SageM have a point. There isn't that many information about him at all. About his appearance, personality, plot and more. We don't even have a clear image of him. If he was alive in the story before he was dead then maybe but he's already dead the time we heard about him.

      Be dissappointed with me all you want but this is how it have to be.

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    • Its been deleted for now.

      We will wait until the manga concludes before deciding whether or not to restore the page.

      You can't make a page if there isn't any information available, thats just not how things work.

      Any facts are mere conjecture at this point since he never makes any appearance in the story. It doesn't matter what your argument is, you need actual concrete and confirmed facts and info on him like Blueflame mentioned for there to be a page.

      Your just making things up otherwise and posting false info is against the rules,

      You can just wait till the manga ends like the rest of us, to see if any more details on him are revealed...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • It has been a month since the previous proposal. So hereby I propose the wiki adpotion again. Any further discussion regarding this matter should be made on User blog:0123456789 The Great/Wiki Adpotion.

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