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  • Even though in many chapters, Inuzuka's given name is Romeo, yet his page is written as Romio Inuzuka. Romio is more Japanese while Romeo is more English, so I think we should change his first name's i to e.

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  • I was wondering if we should create a page of Vermie's mother. She may be a minor character, but she has played an important role in Leon's life and has caused indirectly Romeo's and Juliet's relationship revealed to the whole school. While the ministers appears in a minor role like Shizuka, Nia and King Westia, I feel it has to be the same for them.

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  • The new user Chica808's edits are actually unnecessary.

    They have a bad habit of vandalizing nearly every wikia they visit, they change confirmed information, rename pages without approval, add unnecessary and inaccurate trivia and basically make a mess of the wikia network.

    So I really wouldn't trust them to make any edits on this wikia (or any wikia for that matter)

    I have lost track of how many times they have messed with other wikias and how many times I had to fix their edits.

    Most of the information they add isn't even accurate or from any valid source.

    When I undid the edits its actually for the good of the wikia as they will eventually change something they shouldn't.

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    WikiNumbers closed this thread because:
    What a nonsense.
    01:26, August 9, 2019
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    • Its not an exaggeration.

      He really has messed with hundreds of wikias. And keeps doing it to new ones every day.

      How do you know I am exaggerating? Have you been to every wikia I have? 

      I am already a member of more then a hundred wikias, so I am telling the truth.

      Even if you don't believe it, it is true.

      Remember that the user profile can only list the wikias the user has visited the most often, it doesn't list all of them except on maybe the Community wikia.

      If you were on as often as visiting as many of the wikia pages as I have you would see that this is the truth.

      You don't have to accept it, you can even reject it, but it is true and nothing can change that fact.

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    • Well thats your choice, but it won't change what has already happened on the other wikias.

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  • Please stop removing the trivia from Leons page.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and its not even remotely inappropriate.

    Its phrased correctly as well.

    If you have any problems with it then you should note that its literally stated that she has a mixed heritage at the very top of the page.

    So unless your going to argue that her mixed heritage can't be mentioned on the wikia, then there is absolutely no reason for it to be removed from Leon's trivia.

    Don't remove it again please.

    Her mother is superhuman, and she has a mixed heritage. These facts are not in doubt or up for debate. So its possible she has potential for the same skills and strength as her mother, or possibly even greater levels.

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    Glaciersong closed this thread because:
    request by user, please create new thread if discussion is needed
    19:55, June 24, 2019
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    • No. I was just pointing out it is a possibility.

      Another notable piece of evidence that makes this a possibility is the fact that the the MC's take after their parents (and vice versa)

      Chiwa's personality and behavior is very similar to Romio. And Ragdoll has many similarities in common with Juliet.

      Also, we don't know what Leon's personality was like when her family was still together, so it might be possible that she takes after her mother more then we know...

      These are only possibilities for what may or may not happen. Since the story isn't over quite yet. So who knows whether or not it comes true?

      If the story ends with a timeskip, then thats all the proof we need about whether its true or not....

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    • Knock it off already. You're getting irrelevant. Those similarities are not physical.

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  • Don't remove parts of the infobox. 

    Everything is there for a very good reason, the previous and current listing is necessary and belongs there.

    Its the same deal for all other wikias which have music or song listings. They all have previous and current listings on the infobox.

    So you can't remove it, even if you don't think it doesn't belong. 

    Removing that is essentially the same as removing page content, which is a violation of wikia rules no matter the wikia.

    Only the admins have the right to remove sections or change the infobox design, we are just allowed to add details and new or current information, but removing sections of it goes against the rules.

    So please leave it alone. 

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    • 0123456789 The Great wrote:
      Uh. The category is already there

      Okay, then I guess we're set unless they add other songs.

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    • Not anytime soon. Unless they announce Anime SS2.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The page has been deleted for now.

    We will wait until the manga concludes to decide whether or not to restore the page.

    We have to wait until there is more information available before making a page.

    Blueflame is right, and so am I.

    You can't make a page if their isn't any info available, as otherwise your just making things up about the character.

    Anything about him is just conjecture and their is no established info other then he is long dead.

    Thats not enough to go on to make a page, You need much more detail than that, you need plot, personality, appearance, trivia, skills, and other things like that. In fact we don't even know if he went to Dahlia Academy like Chiwa, there is no info on him at all.

    Even those quotes you suggested aren't really his. since they are just letters and aren't really valid (did he ever say them to his family while he was alive? No. So they aren't things he actually said in person)

    Quotes are things personally said by someone, not something you write down on your death bed.

    Nothing would be posted on his page if it was restored, it would be completely blank.

    You don't have any of that, there is literally nothing about him.

    The page stays deleted until the manga ends, at least then we will know if any more details on him are revealed....

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You do realize you could have just asked one of the existing admins if they would let you be one.

    There wasn't even any point in asking blueflame about wikia adoption, since he could have just promoted you if he wanted too.

    Also, there is one other fact you forgot to consider in your statements.

    The other admins may not be on now, but if you actually left a message on their talk pages you could have gotten a response from any of them asking about adoption or promotion.

    Even Kingdevo could have helped you (he promoted blueflame after all)

    Not sure why your so gung-ho on adopting the wikia when you didn't even need to bother asking about it.....

    This makes me think you don't really need to be an admin and your just doing it because you want to change the wikia your way.

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    WikiNumbers closed this thread because:
    I am tired of this. Why are you so presistent about this?
    05:50, May 14, 2019
    • I've considered everything.

      I am not good at convo.

      And only Bureaucrat can promote admin.

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    • No, you apparently haven't.

      Kingdevo promoted blueflame to admin.

      He wasn't one originally, he started out as a normal user.

      So yes, the existing admins can promote other users if they want (and they already did)

      So the answer remains the same, you don't need to be an admin and you didn't consider even asking the other admins about having adminship.

      Its not even that hard of a question to ask. You don't need to be good at conversation. 

      Its a simple message explaining why you want to be an admin and what you can do for the wikia.

      If you can't even do that much, then you don't really need adminship and are fine as a regular user.

      You didn't bother to check and just assumed that you couldn't be promoted without a bureacrat. Even though thats already been proven to be false.

      I know the other admins can promote people, I was on the wikia when blueflame was promoted to admin. 

      At this point you might as well just stay a regular user until the story is finished. Adoption is unnecessary and you didn't bother to ask the other admins or even try to ask them.

      If you can't hold a conversation well enough, then the authority isn't right for you.

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    • [1]

      At this point it's like you are only trying to prevent me from rising higher. Really.

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  • That doesn't actually even require adminship.

    Images and templates can be uploaded or changed by anyone, unless the page is specifically locked.

    So you don't even really need it, and this wikia already has several admins on it.

    There is no point in asking for something that doesn't require further help.

    Blueflame, Kingdevo and Glaciersong are all active on the wikia, so there isn't really anything more that you could possibly add to the wikia that isn't already in place.

    The templates are fine, and there are plenty of images on the wikia as is. With several new ones that have been added recently.

    So whats the point in asking for something that you don't even actually need?

    You can do everything that you mentioned on my talk page as a regular user. You don't need to be an admin at all.

    The only real extras that admins have are locking/protecting pages, blocking users, deleting pages, announcements, changing page theme, and fixing broken links.

    So unless your planning to do something like for the wikia, then there isn't a point in you becoming one.

    Everything you mentioned that you want to do can be done as a normal user.

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    • I will have you take your time, and try to understand what my point.

      1. "some other things in admin dashboard"
      2. I need to rename some of them without leaving redirect, and that can't be done without admin/mod.
      3. Maybe. But what harm is there in me having it?
      4. But what harm is there in me having it?
      5. Maybe I can improve the existing one. This argument, in particular, I agree that it doesn't need admin.
      6. "some other things in admin dashboard"
      7. "some other things in admin dashboard"
      8. "some other things in admin dashboard"
      9. "some other things in admin dashboard"
      10. Yes I do have something for the wiki
      11. "some other things in admin dashboard"
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    • I will tell you for the second time: If you are not going to contribute towards productivity, stay shut.

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    • I already have been contributing to the wikia.

      Also there is no existing page for Shiba Inuzuka. so you are already causing problems for the wikia by posting/reposting broken links.

      Shiba Inuzuka is long dead, so there isn't any information available for him to make a page on. In fact there isn't even any pictures of him.

      You can't make a page for someone that has no existing data on, other then secondhand accounts from his living family.

      I removed the brackets because his page doesn't exist on the wikia, and posting such a thing is the wrong thing to do.

      You don't post links to pages that don't exist.

      Please don't undo my edits when I trying to fix things that are broken.

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    • And why are you trying to rename the pages?

      The character names have already been confirmed to be accurate, so you are trying to fix something that isn't broken.

      If you want to rename a page without leaving a broken redirect, then just ask the admins and explain why you think they need to be renamed.

      Otherwise there isn't much point in trying.

      The names come from the official translations, the authors notes and the official website for the series.

      And sorry but you really don't need to rename them, as another admin would likely just change things back.

      And yes, there isn't a point in asking for adminship. And thats not just my opinion.

      You want to do something like that, then just ask the existing admins about it, 

      Thats what there here for after all.

      Also, the wikia doesn't need that many admins. When it already has several ones.

      Not every user needs to be made into an admin. 

      Also if you really wanted to be one, you don't need to even bother with wikia adoption.

      You could just ask one of the other admins about it instead.

      Also next time, please try not to blow things out of proportion, especially when everything you asked about doing is already available too you as a regular user, unless your planning to delete pages or block users.

      Also before you try to redesign the entire wikia from scratch and end up possibly making things worse or difficult for future users, I suggest talking with the other admins about what your planning or want to do. As they need to be notified about it as it could make things hard for them.

      This isn't just my opinion either, as I have seen it happen on other wikias in the past. Its better to talk with blueflame, kingdevo, and the other admins if your going to be making site wide changes.

      Because your statements seem to imply thats what your looking to do...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • And your point being?

    You may have adopted 2 wikias, but that means nothing.

    I am admin of 4 wikias, and a content moderator for a 5th one.

    You really don't have any argument as far as I can see.

    Blueflame was not the one who asked for adoption of the wikia, you are the only one who asked for it.

    I can see all the contributions and messages you left. And there is no mention of it being his idea.

    Its yours, and only yours.

    I am not trying to be rude, but the only one interested in adoption of the wikia is you and you alone.

    Also you may find that asking for adoption of the wikia is going to be pointless pretty soon.

    Why? Because its already been announced that the manga is ending. The series is now on its final arc. And it will likely be ending sometime in the next 2 or 3 months.

    Your arguments are pretty much meaningless.

    Also, I prefer to answer messages on the users actual message well. So I don't answer them on mine even if you leave them there.

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    BlueFlames276 closed this thread because:
    Lets stop this
    05:18, May 12, 2019
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    • Seriously. Why are you so reactive against me?

      Every single thing I do. You react. And you cant even explain why did you react. You only say "because admin says so" or sort.

      With that: "If you are not trying to be productive, or at least contribute towards productivity. Shut up."

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    • @0123456789 The Great

      Don't worry he's always like that. Back when I wasn't an admin I help around the wikia, he said the same thing and undo everything I did. Even though I was the only one editing that wikia back then, while he just post comments or just updates Characthers Trivia.

      Just keep helping around the wikia.

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  • I reverted it because you changed the infobox, which was unnecessary and incorrect.

    The formatting for the infobox is not supposed to be changed, regardless of your opinion.

    Also there was no need for the ruby format, especially since all you did was separate each of the characters in his name.

    So yeah, the entire edit was totally unnecessary.

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    • In fact there is no need for the Ruby formatting style at all. Since the translation is all that is needed on this wiki

      Your just adding things that don't improve the pages at all.

      If the format wasn't already decided then it might have been useful, but since thats not the case its best to leave it off the pages.

      Besides, the name and characters are already translated correctly, so your just adding coding that serves no purpose and just makes a mess of already accurate information.

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    • Is there any public admin decision or it's your saying alone?

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    • And how do you know that I absolutely and explicitly am "incorrect". The Manga formaatted his name that way.

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    • Also. Why would those Furigana "serves no purpose"? They are a reading of those Kanji in the first level before we romanize them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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