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Kuri Inugami (狗神 久里 , Inugami Kuri?) is a member of the Black Doggy House.


She wears a grade school uniform for the Black Dogs standard.


Just like her brother, she loves her sister. She cries to see Leon giving up or hoping she was never born.


Romio, Leon and the Secret 1 & 2

~ Main article: Chapter 82 & Chapter 83 ~

Her first appearance was during her birthday. Her cousin Leon has set up her birthday party with help from Kai & Inuzuka. Later, Leon wanted to talk with Inuzuka alone which make her and Kai believe she was going to confess. After follow and hiding behind a tree, they saw that Leon was pissed at Inuzuka because he wants the hatred for both Black Dogs and White Cats to go away.

After Leon left, Inuzuka found out that they were spying on them. Inuzuka then asks why does Leon hate the White Cats so much. Both Kai and Kuri told Leon's story to Inuzuka.

After telling him about Leon's story, Inuzuka refuses to let the girl be the Head Prefect since that will make her unhappy because she would never see her mother again. Inuzuka will find a way to make the world where Leon could be happy as well.

Romeo, Leon, and Prefects 1 & 2

~ Main article: Chapter 90 & Chapter 91 ~

Kai and Kuri found Leon, who was about to leave the academy. They wanted her not to go, but Leon says it couldn't be helped and she doesn't belong here anymore. Then Bouda and his gang showed up for revenge.

He was pissed at Leon for telling the Black Doggy House Master about what happened during the Voting day. Leon told Kai and Kuri to run, so they did. It turns out they went to Inuzuka for help. After the Head Prefect showed up and made Bouda and his gang left, he wanted Leon to be a Prefect. Leon still doesn't want to be a Prefect again until Kai and Kuri remind her what Inuzuka said back then.


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