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Romio Inuzuka & Juliet Persia

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During her first year, Persia the leader of the White Cats is having a fight with the leader of the Black Dogs, Inuzuka. They both then fight with one of another. Before the fight ends, one of the White Cats Prefect showed up and put a stop to it. The two clans’ then with-draw.

At the gym, Persia was practicing with the White Cats. Scott was impress and give her a towel. Persia told him that she still isn't strong enough. She want a strength that could change the world. She can't let people look down on her. But Inuzuka is making fun of her which make her furious. She then heard a racket outside so she and Scott came out to see what’s going on. The white cats told her that these children are tagging one of the White Cats dorm. Persia ask them why would they do that. They answered that one of the elementary White Cats are making fun of the Black Dogs. Persia then say they are weak and later showed them what strength really is. The White Cats told her she shouldn't let them go but Persia told them that they need to keep their honor as a White Cat. They then notice Inuzuka was watching them and ask why he's here. Inuzuka said he came here to complain and ran away. Persia was pissed that he's making fun of her again.

Persia then went to the dorm alone. She noticed there were two people following her and it was Tosa and Kohitsuji. They both ambush her but Persia beat them without a sweat. But she didn't realize there were actually three people. Maru came out of the bush and pepper sprayed her eyes. Kohitsuji then grabbed her from behind, taped her mouth, and cut open her uniform. They said they were giving a warning not to mess with them since she is a girl. Inuzuka then rushed towards them and safe Persia before anything gets worse. After trying to stand up, he could see Persia’s bra. When she realized that Inuzuka was in front of her she quickly back away. When he tries to explain the situation, Persia started to have tears in her eyes. She then got up and ran away.

"I will go out with you"

During nighttime, Persia sent an arrow with a letter to Inuzuka to meet at the Fountain. When Inuzuka arrives at the Fountain, Persia is holding two swords wanting to ask him something. She inquired was he attacking her back when she was in trouble or was he saving her back then? If he is attacking then she will pay him back with these swords. But if he was saving her then why? They are archenemies. Persia doesn’t want to be pitied by anyone especially from Inuzuka. She thinks it’s selfish but she sees him as a rival. But does he? She thinks Inuzuka is making fun of him since he doesn’t want to fight her. Inuzuka accept the duel and show her that he will be serious with her. Persia thanks him and throw a sword to him. They then engaged for battle. Inuzuka ran at full force and hit Persia’s sword. He then confessed to her “I Love You. Please Go Out With Me!” Persia is very shocked and blushes at hearing those words from Inuzuka, questioning if he is being serious. She thinks he is screwing with her and they continued their battle. Inuzuka blocks and dodges her attacks keep on confessing to her saying it’s true while asking how she didn't noticed. Persia is annoyed at him insulting her obliviousness since they were enemies. Inuzuka says that if he is with he can change the world, she will see his intentions. Persia is stunned by his last sentences. She then push him into the fountain. Inuzuka ask her why would she do that. Persia came in the fountain comes closer to Inuzuka saying he is an Idiot. He is saying weird things today which he may not do by himself. Persia then says he will help him. She says she will go out with him if he can change the world. Inuzuka then tear out tears of relieve. He thought that she hated him. Persia tries to calm him down. That’s how these two becomes secret lovers.

The Sports Festival & Juliet

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Today is the Sport festival. After an announcement from both Housemasters, the sport festival begins! The events went by, one after another. Both Black Dogs and White Cats are giving their all. The first half of today’s festival will take a sport break. The score remains tied and will continue in the second half. Both Inuzuka and Persia are taking a break together. Persia told Inuzuka that her mother is here. So if she get the MVP, her father will hear about it. So she couldn’t offered to lose to anyone even to Inuzuka. Inuzuka was wondering if he should introduce himself to Persia’s mother but she told him that can wait in the future. The second half then begins.


The seventh event is the pole topple showdown. Both gender teams are doing their best. At the girl’s team, Persia managed to grab the opponent’s pole but it’s not toppled yet. Then Somali offered an assistants. The pole was falling but when Persia look at Somali, she give her a death stare with spikes on her shoes. After the match was over, Char ask Persia what’s wrong. Persia replied she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Next is the Relay race. Inuzuka and Scott are holding their pole heading towards to Persia and Hasuki. Persia was acting strange while waiting for the pole. Then there’s the hand off to the last competitors. Hasuki was on the lead until Persia pulls ahead. Then all of the sudden, Persia tripped and fell. The White Cats cam to aid her but she’s saying they are making too much of this. Aby told her what a disappointment that she wasted their chance for victory. The other White Cats said the same until the Western audience join as well until Inuzuka hit a wall and silent all of them up. Persia then been taken to an infirmary and been told she couldn’t return to the festival anymore. Persia was in the infirmary alone crying of how weak she is right now. She can’t change the world at this state. Inuzuka then knock the door telling her to watch the match when her injuries aren’t bad anymore. So she could watch him beat Aby up.

Romeo And Juliet And Sports Festival

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Episode 6 Screenshot 28.png

Persia was badly injured by Aby. Inuzuka willing to avenge Persia by beating Aby in the Cavalry Battle. Inuzuka have been team up with Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji. It was decided that Inuzuka will be the horse but Inuzuka ignore the deal and climb on Maru instead. Maru refuses forcing him to get off. Inuzuka who never done it before begged Maru to leave it to him. But still Maru refuses to move saying he rather die than being his horse. Meanwhile, the fierce battle is unfolding with the Black Dogs and White Cats. Hasuki’s unit managed are defeating the White Cats after another. Until her teammate Shishi have collapses feeling dizzy. Aby’s unit took her armband causing Hasuki unit to lose. Then another unit from the Black Dogs feels dizzy. More and more Black Doggy’s units feels the same. This was all part of Aby’s plan that he put sleeping pills in their drinks. Tosa and Kohitsuji fell asleep right away. Aby’s unit think they might have mess up the amount but it doesn’t matter anymore. Inuzuka is driven into a corner, until they heard a shout. It was Julio (Persia)! Her cheering have motivated two people on the field. Inuzuka and the person who was aiming for the MVP to be impressed by Julio, Maru. Scott’s unit make a move at Inuzuka, by charging at them. But with a speed of light, Scott’s armband have been taken by Inuzuka. Maru finally moved! The two continue defeating the rest of the White Cats.

The last two units standing are Inuzuka and Aby’s. Aby wouldn’t catch off guard by them. Then two of his teammates collapsed. Aby turn around seeing Tosa and Kohitsuji who was pretending to fall asleep have stun guns. Aby was about to call the referee until Maru told him that he was the one who started it. Maru knew that he put sleeping pills in their drinks since he have the same one. He could have told the referee put he love to watch peoples hope get shut down immediately. Somali attack Maru but been stop by Inuzuka. When Inuzuka look at the bottom of her shoes. There were spikes that hurt Persia from before. Inuzuka is getting tired of this and said that Aby is lame for using this tricks. Aby couldn’t stand those words. He punch Inuzuka’s face but it wasn’t effective. Inuzuka then grabbed his face and throw him out of the field. Their victory was decided until Inuzuka said they haven’t won yet. He shouted for Persia to come back to the field. He said that the Black Dogs haven’t won unless they defeat her but he just want to give her a chance. Persia came out and the final battle will begin.

Final Showdown

The two units fight each other, not showing any mercy. The battle was intense and both units are reaching their limit. Inuzuka then make his final push by taking Persia’s armband. Persia move aside trying to avoid it, but Inuzuka’s arm garb her breast instead. Everyone was stunned by this especially Inuzuka causing him to faint from nosebleed. Persia have gained the MVP. Later that night everyone was at the grand hall dancing. Inuzuka however was at the fountain being force to sit there. He thought that everything was over for him until Persia showed up. She snuck out from the party since the one who she wanted to dance with was Inuzuka. Persia ask him to dance since its part of their deal to make the loser obey them. Inuzuka doesn’t know any Western dance so they did a dance from Touwa. Inuzuka do the Touwa dance in front of Persia. Persia say Thank You to Inuzuka while tearing up. The two continued to dance.

Romeo, Juliet And Birthdays 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Persia’s birthday is one week away. She ask Inuzuka to celebrate with her which he was thrilled. The next day, Persia was practicing making cookies. The kitchen maid taste it and for the first time, it taste wonderful! Persia was excited to share with everyone especially to Inuzuka. But she notice that he’s with the prefects. He look like he’s scared of something. One day she tred to spy on Inuzuka which she saw him with Hasuki. Inuzuka was badly injured and was talking to Hasuki about how he’s happy to put his brother off guard. He was holding it back for this very moment to put his brother off guard. Hasuki tried to stop Inuzuka to see Persia but he ignored. When he left, Persia came out ask Hasuki whats going on.

Episode 10 Screenshot 25.png

During the nighttime, Persia and Inuzuka supposed to meet at 11pm. After finding out from Hasuki, Persia was about to stop him, but was too late. She found Inuzuka fainted on the ground while badly injured. When he woke up, he was on Persia’s lap. Inuzuka ask her why is she here since they supposed to meet at the fountain. Persia told Inuzuka she came here to stop him but was too late. She know that Inuzuka’s brother was suspicious of them and if he found out, Inuzuka will be expelled. He try to cheer her up saying expelling him was a joke. He then told her that her present wasn’t ready but he swear to bring it to her. But Persia doesn’t want the present anymore. Instead of a present, he want him safe. He started crying and apologies to Inuzuka. Inuzuka tries to came closer to her saying that they didn’t do anything wrong. Persia then hug him and apologies once again. She didn’t say anything else after that. Without being able to wish a happy birthday. The night silently went by.

The next day which is Persia’s birthday. Inuzuka was looking for Persia to make up from last night. When he saw Persia with Char, he ran towards her. Persia then ran away trying to avoid him. Inuzuka doesn’t give up so he block Persia at every corner with both of his arms and legs. Inuzuka ask her if she really is okay for them unable to meet. She replied she doesn’t but she pushed Inuzuka to the ground and said “I don’t want to see you right now”, and left. Later in her room, Char ask Persia to come out since everyone is waiting for her birthday party. Char see the cookies which she was supposed to give to Inuzuka last night. Persia told her that they are for her instead. Char knew she was depressed and ask what’s wrong. She’s hurting the person she love and doesn’t know what to do. She couldn’t face him but she want to be with him forever.

Inuzuka saying "Happy Birthday"

Before her party starts, Persia went to the White Cats head prefect, Cait for advice. But before she could, Inuzuka went to the White Cats dorm with the other Black Dogs having pies on their hand willing to celebrate Persia’s birthday party. Persia was about to go back downstairs, but Cait told her to stay put since their target is her. He then lock her in the corner room. Persia tried to get out but no luck. She then came crawled along the wall to the balcony. There she could see Inuzuka fighting with Cait. Inuzuka is in the losing spot so Persia called out for him. Inuzuka heard her and know he’s not willing to show his depress face to her. He admits that he is no match for them so he charge at Cait and tied Cait’s legs up. Inuzuka then ran towards the window even though they were on the second floor. He jumped and see Persia holding out her hand to grab Inuzuka. On the balcony, Inuzuka ask how did she get here since she’s supposed to be on the third floor. She explain that she crawled along the wall to the balcony which make Inuzuka said she was insane. Persia said Inuzuka was the idiot here since he came here. She cried since she was worried. Inuzuka grab her saying “Persia, Happy Birthday”. She ask if he came all the way here for that which he does. She called him stupid many times. But she’s glad that he did since she actually wanted to see him. This make Inuzuka cried. The both of them then try to find a solution on how to clean the mess downstairs.

The two went down stairs with pies on their hands. They yelled each other’s names so the students could get their attention. They hit each other’s faces with pies at the same time. It was a draw, but he managed to hit Persia with a pie in front of the Black Dogs. He told them to withdraw so they did. But, they were stop by the Black Dogs Head Prefect Airu. Inuzuka try to calm himself since he is in front of Persia. Airu went up the stairs towards Inuzuka saying that the one he is conspiring is Juliet Persia. Everyone was shocked by this. Airu then say that he was wondering why Inuzuka leaved the dorm last night and he realized that is to celebrate Persia’s birthday with her. Since that failed he came here today. Inuzuka told him it’s wrong but the students started to think they might be a couple. Persia told the Airu to stop putting stories to her and he should be ashamed being the Head Prefect. The White Cats back her up saying there is no way for Persia to betray them. He said that he have evidence. For one he found there was a Rosary in Inuzuka’s room also his calendar has a circle on the date of Persia’s birthday. Persia said those could be lies and are not real evidence but Airu said otherwise. He showed them a Western Bra he found in Inuzuka’s room. He found the worse evidence even though it came from Char. Cait laugh saying its sexual harassment. But he also have doubts in Inuzuka and Persia. The two head prefects take them away for questioning. The two got separate and Inuzuka doesn’t know what to do. He was about to call Persia but a sword flew into his hand. Persia wanted to duel him to clear the misunderstanding in the area, but with real swords. Her pride is more important than her life. Inuzuka doesn’t want to fight since if he mess this up then its death. But Persia came charging at Inuzuka swinging her sword. The two fight with each other which make the students worried. Airu believe it’s a bluff since he can see that Inuzuka isn’t using his full strength. Persia told Inuzuka to stop playing around. It hurt or to get hurt, she will protect who is right now. Inuzuka understand what she meant by that. Airu told them to quit it but Inuzuka laugh. Telling Persia not to curse him if she dies. The both of them pointed at their chest saying to came right at them. The two charged right away hitting each other swords and hitting each other’s chests.

Hugging Inuzuka

They were taken to the Infirmary due to their injuries. The swords left a mark on their chest when the Head Prefect stop them. After everyone left, the two woke up after pretending to be asleep. They actually planned it even though it was a dangerous bet. The two hit each other’s Rosary which they were wearing underneath. When they were pointing at each other’s chest earlier it was actually to tell where their Rosary were. Persia teared up taught that they were actually done for. Inuzuka then bring out her birthday present. He bought a pair of accessories which what Persia wanted before. He then told Persia that he will become a prefect to show her that he can change the school. When that happens he want Persia to wear his gift. He ask if she could wait for him until the then. Persia came hugging him saying she will, since he is her boyfriend. Inuzuka was overflowed with joy have ascended to heaven.

Sea, Romeo, And Juliet 1 and 2

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On a hot day in the middle of July. As part of the seaside school camp the high school seniors, came to Dahlia Beach. The males were in high spirits due to the girls swimsuits. Inuzuka look at Persia expecting to be yelled by her, but she blushes instead. Everyone was enjoying their time until afternoon. Persia tossed a beach ball then hit him and it was Persia. He write on the sand asking Inuzuka what he want to do. He replied on the sand telling her to meet at the lighthouse.

The two meet up secretly at the abandoned lighthouse. The two went up the stairs so Inuzuka could watch the sunset with Persia. But when they reach the top, the sun have already set. Persia laughed after finding out that Inuzuka was trying to show her the sunset saying it’s cute. Inuzuka and Persia decided to leave. It was dark downstairs since the sun have set. Persia hold Inuzuka’s hand which make Inuzuka think she’s scared. But Persia told him that wasn’t the case. When they were going down the stairs, Inuzuka remembered what Kohitsuji said about the kiss. Inuzuka panicked which cause the two of them fall down the stairs. Inuzuka was alright but Persia have a cut on her leg. Persia said its fine but Inuzuka disagrees. He grab her leg and aiding her by sucking out the blood. Inuzuka look at Persia after the blood have stop, but Persia told him not to look at her. Inuzuka blushed and decided to kiss her. Before he could, he got head butted him and said she can walk now. When she leave the light house, Persia called out to Inuzuka saying they have a problem. The land route is gone due to high tide! Inuzuka can’t swim and Persia’s leg is injured. With no other options the two planned to stay at the lighthouse till the tide until morning.

The two gathered firewood for the night. Inuzuka seem to be daydreaming so Persia snap him out. After gathering firewood, the two clean up the lighthouse for the night. They made a sofa for them to sit on. Persia have already told Char where she will be. She then bring out the topic that Inuzuka was trying to kiss her which make Inuzuka collapsed. Inuzuka panicked that he was tempted by an evil spirit. Inuzuka then ask her what she meant by “Didn’t hate it”. Was it the kiss or spending time alone? Before she could replied, someone was calling out for her from outside. It was Scott! Persia told Inuzuka to hide since they couldn’t fake fight like last time. Scott found Persia and she ask why is he here? Scott explained that he saw her coming here and decided to accompany her. But he accidentally step on a shell, poisoned and collapsed. He then been washed ashore over here. Scott then try to tease her saying if she want to spend the night here with her, which she reject saying they need to find a way home at any cost. Inuzuka couldn’t stand the pressure that he hit Scott with his sandal from behind and hide once again. Scott was curious who hit him. He went up the stairs to investigate but Persia said that she needed help saying there’s a cockroach in the boxes. Scott jump into the boxes to find the cockroach which give Inuzuka enough time to escaped the lighthouse. When he was out, another person was here as well and it was Hasuki! She was looking for Inuzuka thinking he might have drowned. But she tore a hole in her boat. Scott heard a noise outside so he went out to investigate. Inuzuka and Hasuki were found by Scott and Persia which make Scott misunderstood a little.

Persia Kissed Inuzuka

The four of them were trapped at the lighthouse. Hasuki and Scott couldn’t stand being together. First they argued then try to light a fire. They then went outside to have a fight. Persia tried to stop them but Inuzuka want to ask her to finish the rest of her answer first. Persia said that he’s so impatient and went out. Inuzuka think he mess up again. Hasuki and Scott fight with the firewood they got. Before they could hit each other, they were stop by Inuzuka. He told them to quit it since they couldn’t bare anyone to get injured here. The two stop fighting and make a campfire. The four of them sit together by the fire. Then a boat came to the lighthouse. It was Kochou, Teria and Char! The four of them were saved! Inuzuka was ask to put out the fire by char which he was the cause of this to begin with. Inuzuka went to the fire while having disappointing thoughts. He messed up everything today but he it can’t be helped since he and Persia are different than any other couple. Before he could put out the fire, someone else did which make everything too dark. Persia ran towards Inuzuka and kiss his cheek. Persia told him that her answer from before was actually both. Inuzuka then fainted due to noise bleed.

Romeo, Juliet And Hasuki 1 and 2

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Persia saying she love Inuzuka more

Today is the three day two night school camp. The first years are sent to Dahlia Lake for the event. When they arrived, both Black Dogs are enjoying their time there. The White Cats could see how childish the Black Dogs are and show off their own camp side. They set up a tea party with butlers serving them. Persia doesn’t feel comfortable with that the White Cats put up since she just wanted a normal camp. After a speech from both Housemasters, the two dorms started to have competitions on which side is the most comfortable one. The two dorms then went to play at the lake later. Inuzuka have already invited Persia for a boat ride at the lake shore. He signals Persia telling he will be there first but Persia turn facing the other side. It couldn’t be help since it will give it away. Persia then went to the boat house. When she was there, she heard a conversation in the house. She sneak to have a look and it was Inuzuka with Hasuki who appeared to be drunk. She was mad at Inuzuka that it’s dangerous to stay with Persia since she’s so cold to him. He’s the one who always invited her and doesn’t make him happy. Hasuki is more concerned to Inuzuka then Persia. Persia then enters the house with an angry look. Inuzuka thought that she misunderstood the situation so he tried to calm her down. She came closer to Hasuki saying she love Inuzuka more then she do. The both of them argued non-stopped. Inuzuka tried to calm the situation but been push by the both of them instead. The two of them decided to have a completions to settle things once and for all.

The next day, the two girls are preparing for their fight. The winner will stay with Inuzuka while the loser have to never approach him ever again. The challenge will be climbing Mount Dahlia, the first person who gets the flag wins. Everyone is at the starting line. When the race begun, both Black Dogs and White Cats have started a duel instead. Persia and Hasuki have rushed though the herd in a flashed. Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji who’ve made a starting dash are in the lead. They planned to cheat by cutting the rope bridge loosed. While the bridge was falling, Persia grabbed its rope and swing across the river. Hasuki was impressed but she swim across. Hasuki managed to catch up to Persia. All that’s left is to climb up the mountain. Hasuki is the last person Persia wanted to lose to. She admits that she can’t beat her based the amount of time she been with Inuzuka. But her true feeling swill outshine hers. Hasuki then realized that Persia was way cooler then this but deep inside, she’s just an awkward girl. She really does love Inuzuka after all. But she still have her pride to fight for. Not seeing Inuzuka again, the both of them are charging in for the flag in front of them. They were close on getting it. Until Inuzuka showed up in front of them and grabbed the flag first. Turns out he climbed the cliff thinking it will be a shortcut. He’s the winner so that selfish bet will be no more. No matter how many times they fight, he will stop every single one of them until the two of them make up. He then accidentally tripped and fell off the cliff, but lucky a branch caught him. The two of them give it a rest and settle it some other time. But later started to argue again.

Romeo, Juliet And The School Festival 1, 2 and 3

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On the last day of the school festival. Inuzuka and Persia were ask to patrol the school together by Sieber. They were ask not to fight but that shouldn’t be a problem for the two secret lovers. Inuzuka was exited since he finally managed to spend time with Persia but when they were patrolling, two female students reported about the haunted house that were put up by the second year Black Dogs. They told them it was so scary that it will traumatize you. Inuzuka couldn’t see the problem since that what a haunted house does but traumatize people from the haunted house. Persia leave this problem to Inuzuka since she doesn’t like horror. After that, Inuzuka was dragged by Hasuki to compete in the cross dressing contest. After the contest, he regroup with Persia again hoping to spend time with her this time. But their shift have ended which make Inuzuka depressed. Persia then suggested to join the parade which is held after the festival. They will be wearing outfits so nobody would recognize them. They agreed so the two of them split of thinking what costume they should wear.

Persia's mother

When Persia was thinking what costume he should wear, someone was calling for her and it was turns out it’s her mother! Persia ask her why she have come to the academy. Does she came here to see her? Persia’s mother told her not to be foolish she was just passing along. But the other students could see that she’s a tsundere. Persia who doesn’t notice keep asking why her mother is here. The other students want to stop her so Char stepped in to greet her. Char shows a sweat tone to Persia’s mother which make the other students confused. Persia told her mother she came in a bad time since the festival is about to come for an end. Persia’s mother said its find but she look like she’s going to cry. Char suggested to watch the festival together since both Black Dogs and White Cats will be in costume and celebrate together. Persia doesn’t know what to do since she promise to go with Inuzuka for the parade. Speaking of Inuzuka, he was spotted by them near the bushes. Persia’s mother then give off an angry look to him. She already knew his name and that she remember what Inuzuka did to her daughter during the sport festival. Inuzuka thought that it’s because he dragged Persia out with her injuries and turns out she was mad that he grab her breast. Both Persia and Inuzuka blushed as the boy tried to explain it’s just an accident. Persia’s mother then attacked him saying she won’t forgive anyone who subjected her daughter to an outrage, leaving her daughter touched. Inuzuka could tell that her hands are trembling and she really does love her daughter a lot. Inuzuka then decided to do this. He insulted her saying how should he know about this. Someone like her would ruin the mood of the festival and shouldn’t come for the parade. He also told Persia to stick with her mother and not be at the festival as well. He then leave them alone.

Persia was angry that he broke their promise. Even though he told her not to come, she told her mother she can’t watch the parade with her. She have a promise to make. Her mother ask if this person is really important then her. Persia couldn’t compare him to her but she give a smile saying he’s a really important person. Her mother then let her go. She was in the parade and when she found Inuzuka, she bumped into him. Inuzuka turn around and was surprised that Persia is here. He ask her what is she doing here and where’s her mother. Persia was mad and complain why would he break their promise from before. Inuzuka could see that she didn’t understand why he did it. But he was glad that she came to spend time with him. Persia told him that isn’t why she come here since she just want to complain. But since she’s here, she want Inuzuka to accompany her in the parade. Inuzuka see that Persia and her mother are really alike. The two of them then enjoys the parade together.

Persia's mother told Persia about the expelled students

After the parade, Persia and her mother are at the school gate. Persia’s mother told her daughter that she will keep her love story a secret. But she give her a warning if she happen to be in love with a Black dog, then she should give it up. Persia was curious why she bring up that topic and warn her about it. She told Persia that when she was in the academy, something like that did happen but the two of them were expelled from the school. Persia was shocked by this. This wasn’t a rule but they were force to drop out by the students who refused to accept their relationship. The two of them carried on their own live s in separate nations, never meeting again. Her mother then leave after saying good bye. Inuzuka came out of hiding and talk to Persia whose feeling very scared. She’s wondering how the two couple are doing right now and do they regret everything. Inuzuka told her he will make sure that the two of them won’t regret anything. Something also came into her mind that time. He believe the two nations wasn’t born to fight one another. He ask Persia if she’s with him. Persia hug his shoulder saying she won’t regret a single moment of their time together. Inuzuka then fainted after blushing so hard.

Romio, Julio, And Airu 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Persia's cover is blown

Today is Persia’s last day at Touwa. When she was sleeping, Inuzuka rolled up his futon so Persia wouldn’t be seen by Shuna. Shuna told them that breakfast is ready and come to the living room when their ready. She also told Julio (Persia) that there is a storm today and the trains won’t be running. So it will be impossible for him to return home today and should stay for another night. The two went to the living room for breakfast. When Inuzuka open the door, his eyes were stunned. His brother who was supposed to return home tonight is here! Turns out he already finished his prefect duties and return home before the storm comes. He then notice Julio standing behind Inuzuka. Julio introduce himself but Airu said he looks familiar. As before he could notice about Julio’s identity, his mother came running and hug him. Airu is being swept by her which make Julio surprise. Airu told Inuzuka to come to dojo after breakfast so he could fix his slacker mind of his. Julio told Inuzuka not to since this is the head prefect but Inuzuka disagree. This is a perfect opportunity since his eyes will be focus on him and not Julio. The two are sparing while Julio, Shuna and their mother watch them. Inuzuka managed to gain some ground. He said he won’t be shaming the Inuzuka clan anymore. Airu smirk saying get a full of himself. After a while during their fight. They heard a noise coming from outside the house. They went outside to see what’s going on. They saw Shuna and Juklio collapsed next to the main building. Julio said he’s fine but Shuna is not since a room tile hit her head. But that isn’t what Inuzuka is more worried about. Everyone is staring at Julio which make him curious. Airu then ask him “Why are you here…?! Juliet Persia!”

Persia’s identity have been found out! Of all the people, it had to be Airu who found out! He slowly to understand why. He’s conclusion was right was correct. That these two are in a relationship! Airu carried Shuna and lend her to his mother to bring her inside. When the two of them left, Airu want to hear Inuzuka’s excuse. Inuzuka apologies for keeping a secret from him but he told Airu that he’s serious about this. However, Airu said that it’s no concern to him whenever his serious or not. The two nations are in war right now, the Inuzuka clan is a family politician. If society found out that the two sons is involved in an affair with a woman from a hostile nation. They will lose trust on them and the Inuzuka clan will be reduced to nothing. Inuzuka convince that he won’t let that happen. He will change this world by first becoming a Prefect and change the academy. Before he could continue to explain, Airu grab his Kimono and said that that’s all a gamble and he’s out of his mind. He thinks that Inuzuka wants to destroy the Inuzuka clan. He dragged him to the shed and Persia follow him. He give Inuzuka only one choice. Either break up with Persia or leave the house. He only have tonight to answer.

The two of them are in the shed. Inuzuka try to clear the atmosphere but Persia is worried. She’s just sitting there crying without saying anything. Inuzuka then pad her head saying it will be alright. He told Persia that not to fear and carry fourth. With courage in your heart, naught shall you lose. He said that’s the letter his father left behind. He was taken aback by all the things that just happen before but he promise to convince his brother. Persia then came up to him and say thank you. The two of them are now settle until Inuzuka’s mother cheer for them. The two were strutted and felt embarrassed. She ask Persia if this is the reason why she ask her about the diary. Persia replied yes and apologies for keeping a secret from her. Inuzuka’s mother want to stay at their side but Airu also have his reasons. Inuzuka then ask her mother why is Airu so obsessed with the clan’s reputation. She answered that’s the will that his father left behind. She explain that the previous Airu was kind to everyone. Until his father died. Everyone in the family was given a letter from him. Airu’s letter said “Protect the Inuzuka clan”. Inuzuka thought that’s the reason why but it wasn’t. His mother told him there was an incident happen in the house. The uncles from the other branch families tried to take over the clan. But Airu get rid of them saying he will be the head of the clan. He promise to get stronger and protect his family. But it slowly turns into the Inuzuka clan without him realizing. Inuzuka finally know his brother Airu’s history. He then face his brother for a duel.

Airu and Romio fighting .jpg

Both Inuzuka and Airu are outside with their school uniform. He still refuse to break up with Persia but want to protect the clan as well. If he wins he want his brother to let him walk his own path. The two of fight with purposed. Airu is beating his brother without a sweat. But Inuzuka still haven’t given up. He will beat Airu and change the world. They continued fighting but Inuzuka starting to block and dodge his brother’s attacks. Airu is wondering why he haven’t given in. Persia yelled out at Inuzuka after Airu punch him. Airu look at Persia and then got punch back by Inuzuka. Airu started to know why he haven’t given up since he is against breaking up with her this much. But Inuzuka said that’s not all. Inuzuka isn’t like Airu’s current self. He admits that he think he was cool back then but since he only wants to protect just the clan, he isn’t afraid anymore. Airu was pissed saying he doesn’t know anything about him. He punch Inuzuka’s face, but he look back at him with the same eyes as him back then. Inuzuka then grab Airu’s tie and head-butt Airu’s head. Inuzuka collapsed first but Airu was standing until he said, “The one... with the thick head… Is you! Romi… o…” He then collapsed as well. Inuzuka then get up once again which make Airu surprised. He came up to him saying he always hate and was afraid on him. He never notice how hard he work to protect all of them. But he told him that’s enough. He will become strong to protect mother, Shuna, him and even Persia. He thank Airu for everything. Inuzuka believe he’s being selfish but he want Airu to trust him to change the world one day. Airu told him that’s enough and he have lost.

The next morning, Shuna ask Inuzuka want happen to him since he is filled with bandages. Shuna believe it was that blonde girl who did it. Airu enters the living room ask what’s the all the racket. Shuna see that Airu is injured as well and ask him if a blonde woman did it to him. Inuzuka was worried but Airu said there isn’t any blonde spices here. He came behind Inuzuka telling him not to misunderstand. He haven’t approve their relationship just yet. They all have breakfast after that.

Romio And Amnesia 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Inuzuka and Persia’s one year anniversary will be tomorrow. Inuzuka invited Persia to the fountain for their celebration. After their meet, Persia was at the White Cats’s dorm until she saw Inuzuka outside of the dorm. The White Cats are aiming to fight him. Persia went outside to see what’s going on. When she made it outside, Inuzuka was carrying Hasuki and yelled at the White Cats “I won’t forgive anyone who hurts my girlfriend”. Persia was shocked by this. Inuzuka then escaped while carrying Hasuki away. Back in the dorm, Persia was still wondering what does Inuzuka meant when he says Hasuki is his girlfriend. Hasuki then secretly showed up and wanted to talk about something. She told Persia that Inuzuka have Amnesia! He couldn’t’ remember anything and saying that Hasuki is his girlfriend was just a misunderstanding. Persia ask will his memories return, but told her there is no telling at this point. However, Inuzuka remembers the word “Girlfriend” and went towards the White Cats Dorm. This is a sign that Inuzuka was looking for Persia. Hasuki believe his memories return if he and Persia meet. The both of them agreed to work together for Inuzuka’s sake.

Persia reading Inuzuka's diary

During nighttime, Hasuki went to get Inuzuka while Persia hides until she drag him out. Hasuki managed to get Inuzuka outside the park but the way she did it make Persia a little annoyed. Hasuki then said there’s a person in the bushes. It was a blonde girl with the White Cats uniform. She told him that her name is Persia and if he remember her. Inuzuka then said “You are my… ENERMY!!” while pushing her down. He knows that the White Cats are the Black Dogs enemy. He even know that Persia is their leader. She is the type who use her look and charm people to do her doing. A girl name Leon told him that. He will fight if Hasuki is hurt but rather not hurt Persia since she’s a girl. He then leave to look for Hasuki. Persia looks depressed but she’s actually angry. She hate the fact that he forgot about her and says he rather not fight a girl. This is exactly what he said a year ago. She then think of a new plan with Hasuki. Hasuki ask Persia if there was an incident that could left a mark on his memory. Something that was also intense for Persia as well. Persia then remembered the kissed back at the Lighthouse. She immediately blushed which make Hasuki shocked seeing that reaction. The two of them then argued after that. Persia then decided to drag Inuzuka to all the places where they shared memories together. But after place to places none of them work. Persia still doesn’t want to give up so she went to Inuzuka’s room to find something that could return Inuzuka’s memories. After searching for a while, she found Inuzuka’s secret diary! She know she should read someone’s diary but if it could help to return Inuzuka’s memories, then she had to other choice. She read the first page and it says “I got into a fight with her again… Just kill me now…” It’s a diary of his story with Persia. She then read the last page which was very recent. It says that after the both of they started going out, everyday have become even fun. He want to tell her that he’s grateful. Persia started crying saying he’s not the only one who’s having fun every day. Persia then told Hasuki to get Inuzuka to the fountain since it’s her turn to tell him how she feels.

Later Hasuki ask Inuzuka to come to the fountain. She gave him a map to show where it is. When he arrive, Persia was there with two swords. She tossed one sword to him and willing to duel. Inuzuka doesn’t want to fight but Persia told him if he don’t, he will get hurt. Persia drew her sword out and prepared for her attack. Before she attacks, she remembers her past 10 years ago. When she was in elementary school. She tried her best to become stronger then the boys. But she just couldn’t do it. She then see a boy named Scott being bullied by three black dogs, Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji. Persia tried to stop them but was frighten by Maru’s looks. She then started crying. All of the sudden a bench hit Maru from behind and the person who toss it is the leader of the Black dogs, Inuzuka. He was pissed that the Rhino Beetle he was about to catch flew away due to the noise they were making. Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji then retreat. Inuzuka saw Persia asking if she want to fight. He then notice she was crying and said that she’s pathetic. Persia look down and trying to lift her courage to speak with him. She told him that does boys always shout to keep girls quiet and scared them. He’s lucky to be a strong person and being a boy. Inuzuka then punch Persia’s head while calling her an idiot. He told her stop making excuses when she’s just too weak. Persia was frustrated. He was right and she couldn’t return a word. Ever since that say she train hard to surpass him. She wanted to show him how strong she have become, so she kept challenging him every day. Before long she sees him as a rival and from that become lovers. If she’s on his side she believe she could achieve anything.

Persia telling how she feels

After remembering about her past, she then charges at Inuzuka. Inuzuka is wondering why she’s doing this and why does his heart hurt. Persia hit Inuzuka sowrd and said “Love you and I will always do!!!” Inuzuka was shocked by those words coming from her. Persia told him no matter how many times he will always tell him how she felt. She then thank Inuzuka while calling him by his first name. Inuzuka then have a headache saying that he know her. He then trip and fell down the fountain. When he get his head out of the water, he was shocked asking where he is. He remember he was saving a cat and drowning. He notice that he’s at the fountain and Persia is there with him. He doesn’t remember what happen before but he recall that Persia was calling for him. He look at the clock and notice it’s already midnight. He then celebrate with Persia and wanted to say something to her. Before he could, Persia hug him while calling him by his first name. Persia then ask if he’s going to call her by her first name as well. When he was about to say it, Hasuki showed up and old Persia that’s enough flirting around. Persia shut Inuzuka’s mouth before Inuzuka said her first name. Persia told Inuzuka to thank Hasuki as well. Inuzuka still doesn’t know what’s going on but thanked Hasuki anyway. He then ask the two of them since when were they getting along. The two replied they are not.

Romio And The Student Election Assembly 1 and 2

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Persia's speech

During the election campaign. The servants will be giving out their speech to the students on why they should choose them to be prefects. During Persia’s turn, she came up to the stage and do her speeches. She told the crowd that wanted strength that cannot be swayed. When she was young, she doesn’t want to be weak nor to be seen weak. But she realize those are just misunderstanding. During the past year she found out that even with strength she can’t overcome hurdles alone. She got help with the people around her. So it’s her turn to return the favor. If there’s troubles or when faced difficulties some and see her. This strength is the type of Prefect she wanted to be. She then receive a cheer from the crowd.

Romio, Juliet And Elections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

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Today is the voting daty. At the hall, everyone was wondering where are the teachers. They couldn't start the voting until the teacher have arrive. Leon told Airu that she couldn't find them. They tried to explain the situation to the other students that there will be a delay. The rest of the prefects and Black Dogs servants join the search. Leon was ask to stay at the hall just in case if the teachers showed up. The students couldn't handed the wait.

The secret is revealed

When the prefects and the servants return, everyone was fighting with one of another. The prefects tried to stop the fight. Inuzuka notice a smirk from Leon thinking this was her plan. Sieber join in to stop the fight, but Cait says not to and leave it to him instead. Just as he was about to leave, a Black Dog student throw a pen at Sieber's head causing her to bleed. Noticing that Sieber is hurt, he snaps into rage and kicks the person who throw the pen before approaching the rest of the Black Doggies. With nothing to and can stop the White Cats' head Prefect but the Black Dogs' head Prefect, Airu Inuzuka moves in to, and the two head prefects started to fight one another. Persia tried to stop both of them. But as soon she was closer, both head prefects fist was about to hit her. Until Inuzuka jump out to save her. Everyone's eyes were fixed on they wondering why would Inuzuka safe Persia? Leon came saying "Is that what they call the power of love?". She then shows a picture of Inuzuka and Persia saying these two are actually secret lovers and are traitors.

"Our love is not a mistake"

All the students were mad at Inuzuka and Persia and wanted a explanation about this. Hasuki and Char tried to defend them saying the picture is fake. Leon told them it isn't fake and show them a video when she was spying on Inuzuka. A Black Dog middle school person have took of his wig and reveals to be Persia! Leon say that Julio who is Persia was just pretending to be their friend. Leon came closer to Inuzuka saying friendship like that is just a fantasy. It is wrong to put the two together in the first place. Inuzuka who wasn't able to say anything yells "YOU'RE WRONG!". He told her not to expect her misfortune will be everybody's misfortune. She realize that Kai have told Inuzuka her secret. Inuzuka then yells to everyone if anyone thought about this hapiness while living here. After living like that he yells "I WAS HAPPY!!". The student doesn't care and ignore his talk. Leon told Inuzuka it is hopeless since they don't trust him anymore. However, Leon wanted to give Inuzuka a chance to stay at the academy if he admits their love was a mistake. Inuzuka apologies to Persia after all of this. But the two stood up saying their love was not a mistake with a smile. Leon say they both chose to exile.

It was decided for Inuzuka and Persia to be expelled. Both of them have nothing left to say. Until Maru came out punching Inuzuka in the face. Maru who sees Inuzuka as a rival for many years couldn't held the fact that he betrayed the Black Dogs. Persia told Maru to stop but she is his next person who he's really pissed the most. He couldn't withstand the fact that Julio was Persia. He really thinks that Julio was a friend to him. Maru fights Persia but Persia doesn't fight back. When Maru was about to punch her. Persia grab his hand and turn around. Maru remembers when he get thrown and expect her to do it again. But she didn't, instead cried. Maru ask what is she planning here. She told Maru she can't do it since he is the first Black Dog friend she ever had. She say that even as Julio her thought were not fake. She really she him as a friend. Just as Persia stop talking she expects any punishment from him. Leon told Maru to do what she say. Maru agrees but punching himself instead. Leon ask him if he is a idiot but Maru told her to shut it. He was just punishing himself for doubting his own friend. This cause a shock to everyone. Maru apologies to Leon saying he will be siding with Inuzuka and Persia.

Leon was confused since Maru is suddenly Persia's friend. The students say that if he does that he will be a traitor as well. But he says that his buddy Julio is way more important to him. Maru refuses to let Julio(Persia) get kick out, so he went to the stage to put his vote with Inuzuka's name on it in the box. Leon smirk saying having one ally doesn't change a thing. Maru agrees it does mean nothing. So he yelled at the Black Dogs who was friends with Julio to join him. Tosa and Kohitsuji then came out saying they will join him. Then, Hasuki and Char say they join them as well. Leon question Char if she knows her position right now. She replies she certainly does and she also knew they were dating. Leon was shock to hear that a princess conspired with them as well. Hasuki also say she knew about their relationship. Leon starting to see Traitors everywhere. After Hasuki and Char told the student that Inuzuka and Persia really wanted to change the world. Leon talk back to them saying its a lie since they are only thinking about themselves. Then Somali appears saying its not true. The both of them help her once when she was arguing with Aby. Somali joins Inuzuka and Persia's side by voting for them. Aby was shock that she was voting for them and not him. But Aby couldn't refuse since Inuzuka also help him during the school festival. So he overlook this.

Teria came to Inuzuka asking if he wants to change the world for Persia's sake. Inuzuka told her it is and apologies. Teria think it was amazing for him to do that. She yells at the students saying he worked hard for everyone in the school. Teria guarantees that this school need Inuzuka. Kochou cam as well saying Teria is taking all the good stuff. The two of them also vote for Inuzuka. Leon was still anxious and wondering why and where did these allies of them are coming from.

Leon doesn't want to admit defeat just yet. She talk to the students again asking if they know what they are doing. Both Touwa and Western are enemies. Sieber came out it is the truth the two countries are enemies. But during the preparation for the school festival. She realize that it was fun working together with them and it was thank to Inuzuka for showing her that. Sieber ask Leon how did these two thrown order into chaos then? She then put her vote to Persia. She then ask all the students to rethink what Inuzuka said during his speech. Leon is getting worried that prefects from both dorms have become their allies. Shuna came out apologizing to Inuzuka while having her head on the ground. She didn't protect Inuzuka during his critical moments. But she want to join him and say that the one who is wrong is the world they are living in. Kougi appears behind Shuna say that Inuzuka is the one who thought him there are more battles then just fighting. They all need this for the upcoming era. Ameria also agrees and if this is what Persia wants then she will gladly get along with the Black Dogs as well.

Everyone siding with Inuzuka and Persia

Leon doesn't know what to do due to the fact that Inuzuka and Persia have allies from all three years. Slowly more and more people started to join them. With that every student expect Leon and her soldiers have voted Inuzuka and Persia. She screams asking them where is their hatred from before and if they hate them. Scoot replies with a broken heart he does. He couldn't deal the fact that Persia is dating with Inuzuka of all people. But order to protect her, he agrees that they all should change. Airu and Cait told Leon that will be enough. The two of them have built it up to this day. Inuzuka said that that wasn't the case. They only managed to get help from others. Airu agrees, but after the two of them keep changing their hearts day after day ever since. Their allies have spread. Airu then give a vote to Inuzuka with a smile. He then congratulate the two of them.

Romeo And The Exhibition Match 1, 2, 3 and 4

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The new prefects are having a joint meeting for the upcoming sport festival. But it’s not going well so far. Inuzuka wanted both Black Dogs and White Cats to be on the same team but Scott refused. Leon then suggest to use the exhibition match which will be held up before the festival. Let’s have a match made of Black Dogs and White Cats to heat up the match. Some refuses and some do not. They all then argued with one of another. Airu then enters the room along with Kochou and Teria with an angry tone. He give them a full 30 minute lecture of how careless they are right now. Inuzuka admit with what he said but he told him that they won’t lose to the third years. Cait then showed up from the window taking it as a challenge. They want them to accept the challenge but Persia see no reason why they should. Sieber and Rex also showed up saying they don’t have confidence in themselves. Inuzuka notice something was up since all the third year prefects are here. He then accept the challenge and prove which prefects are more superior.

3rd prefects year want to beat the 2nd year prefects.png

During the exhibition match, Persia ask Inuzuka why he accept the challenge. He told her that there was something up with how the third year prefects were acting. Even they were accepted, the second year are fully accepted as prefects just yet. But what if they win here? Inuzuka believe the third year prefects are planning to lose on purpose for the second year’s sake. The exhibition match was about to begin. The game is called “Dahlia Wall Game” which will be host by Shuna and Ameria. The rules are simple, the first team to get the ball on the other team’s goal is the winner. Inuzuka told his brother that he will intent to learn from this. When the match begin, Char tossed the ball upwards. Inuzuka and Scott tried to get it but was stopped by Rex. Airu tell Inuzuka that he’s mistaken. Their goal is to get rid of their ego by stomping all of them into the ground. This is when Inuzuka realize his theory was wrong! Rex then charges to the second year’s goal while knocking everyone in his path. On his way, Scott was in front waiting for him. He admits that he have guts but ask Scott why isn’t he wearing the uniform he give him. Scott replied that he is embarrassed to wear such a thing and won’t do wear it again. He was about to say he will surpassed him but Rex charge and move Scott out of the way. However, Scott managed to buy some time to get the other second years to block Rex. Rex then passed the ball to Cait. Cait dodge every one of his opponent’s while saying they still don’t understand the meaning behind the match. Inuzuka was wondering what he meant by that. Aby tried to blocked Cait but he was stop by Somali who was hugging him. Cait then later insulted Aby which make him depressed but later been in courage by Somali and put him back in the mood. With no other choice, Cait use his secret move called the “Ball” hiding. He lift the ball up and bring it back down and make it vanished. But everyone could see it’s in his pants. Sieber then hit the ball out of his pants which hurt Cait’s crutch. With Cait unable to move for a while, this is the second year’s chance.

Everyone is in the rose garden and Sieber have the ball heading to the goal. Hasuki was about to get the ball but Sieber pass it to Kochou. They almost arrive at the fountain. Kochou pass the ball to Airu and he charges in. But Inuzuka was blocking him upfront. Airu push Inuzuka aside but after he did, Persia was behind Inuzuka from a blind spot. She took the ball from Airu saying their counter attack begins. Persia can’t go forward since it’s been block by the third years. She then ran to the left to flank them. When Inuzuka is with Airu, he told him that he finally realize the reason of this match. Airu then push Inuzuka to the side once again. When it was just Inuzuka and Hasuki, Inuzuka ask her to get all the second years together for a bit.

Everyone cheering for the new prefects

The second years disappeared of the map and hid in the forest. Inuzuka gather them here to discuss about something. Their attacks from before aren’t working. To prevent this from happening again, they need to develop their teamwork. Scott disagree saying there is no way the Black Dogs and White Cats could fight together in the first place. The Kochou and Teria found them and aiming to get the ball from Persia. Scott then say they will play along with this teamwork. But he throw Inuzuka at Kochou and Teria for a decoy. They came out of the forest but Rex was blocking them. Persia passed the ball to Hasuki and ask Scott to bend down. She then use him as a stepladder to break free. Aby then grabbed the ball from Hasuki saying he should have it. Scott also join in trying to get the ball from the both of them. Airu look stare at them with disappointment attack Scott who have the ball. But he was saved by Inuzuka. Scott asked why would he saved him. Inuzuka explain to everyone that they are prefects. They have the same ambitions to change the academy. As long they have same goal in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem working together. When he was taking, Cait steal the ball from Scott and ran off. As the second years are chasing him, they receive a cheer from both Black Dogs and White Cats. The school have slowly started to change.

Leon apologizes to Persia

Inuzuka have a plan and he tell Leon what is it. After that was settled, he leave the rest to Leon to take charge of the others. Leon doesn’t want too since she believe nobody will listen to her. Inuzuka told her that because she haven’t properly accepted them. She shouldn’t be afraid to tell them how she feel. Inuzuka then left the rest to her. After Inuzuka left, Leon turns and apologies to Persia for what happen back then. She understand that what she did is unforgivable but she really want to work together this time. Persia agrees and said the terror back that can’t be forgotten. But she and Inuzuka have grown used to unreasonableness. Persia encourage Leon that she also came along way for being a mixed blood. Persia offers her hand and want to work together with Leon. Leon then see Persia as “Vigin Mary”, as she tries to state she is exaggerating but the others agree with this description. Inuzuka managed to steal the ball from Cait. He then throw it a far where the other second years will be. They were about to grabbed it but see that Sieber and Rex won’t allow it. However, Hasuki and Aby work together to stop Rex. Leon’s job is to stop Sieber. She think of her weakness and said “Bear Panties” which make Sieber stop running. Persia stop both Kochou and Teria while Scott is charging to the goal. Scott made it through the main building almost reaching the goal. But behind him was Airu who won’t allow him to get away that easily. Airu was about to steal the ball from Scott but he did a back pass and give it to Inuzuka. Airu ask Scott how did he know that Inuzuka was behind him. Scott replied that wherever he goes, Inuzuka will come chasing him. Everyone was cheering for Inuzuka. He made his final move to throw the ball but he tripped. However, the ball still managed to hit the third year’s goal. The second year prefect won! Airu expect him to finish it well but proud of the ending. He will be expecting more from him in the future.

Romio, Juliet and Turkish 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Due to being force to return home from her father. Persia is in her room unable to get out since there are guards outside. She wants to speak to her father once more. She look out the balcony finding a way out. She then remembers the same situation back at the academy during her birthday. Meanwhile, on the first floor, the students from the academy rush to Persia’s room until there were guards up ahead. Even receive permission from Ragdoll, her husband wouldn’t let them in so easily. The students then try to stop all the guards while Inuzuka go after Persia.

Inuzuka and Persia reunite on the Balcony

Persia was joining curtains together so she could climb out of the room. But she realize it’s still not long enough to reach the bottom. She then heard a racket outside hearing there are students charging the compound. Their leader Romio Inuzuka is missing and nowhere to be seen. Persia continues to escape so she could regroup with everyone and meet Inuzuka. But when she went out the balcony, Inuzuka was sitting there in front of her. Persia ask how did he get here. Inuzuka explain that everyone help to create a diversion to escaped the second all window. He then climb up and here he is. Persia was mad at him for doing something dangerous but thanked him in the end. Anyway they need to meet with Turkish so they could have another talk with him. Since there are too many guards, Inuzuka and Persia do what they do best. Hiding and sneaking!

They managed to do it and reach Turkish study room. But he wasn’t there. Inuzuka found a cute picture in a frame which shocks Persia. Turkish then showed up telling Inuzuka to leave. Inuzuka refuses until he give his praise to him. Turkish could tell he isn’t the type who would give up especially from his warnings. Which he believe there is something wrong with Inuzuka’s head. Inuzuka agrees that might be the case but ignoring a daughter feelings and forcing her to withdraw from the academy she love is a habit of a bad father. Persia told Inuzuka poorly thought won’t work on her father but to her surprise it’s actually pretty effective. Turkish see that this conversation would lead to nowhere so he challenge Inuzuka to a duel. If he lose then he won’t withdraw Juliet from the academy but if he wins, Inuzuka have to give up on his daughter. Inuzuka accept since this is the only way he could get his attention.

They went to the guest house which was full with armor but didn’t wear any. Ragdoll then enters the room and was surprise that Inuzuka and her husband is having a sword fight. Turkish give fast blows which only leave Inuzuka with defending options. Inuzuka see that he is strong but a coward. Despite being this strong, he couldn’t put up a fight against the world. This thick Tukish off saying why would he need to fight the world. Inuzuka was taking his breath after that furious attack. He knows that back then Turkish wish for Touwa and West to reconcile and challenging his fate. Turkish tries to ignore saying he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Inuzuka gets up saying that he is the son of “Chiwa Koinu”. Turkish ex-girlfriend. He knows all about their story that they were expelled from the academy and knows the fear being called traitors by the rest of the school. But they continue to fight and never give up. He will prove it to Turkish that he and his mother wasn’t at fault but the world is. Turkish find it nonsense. Will he keep fighting? Will he prove it? How long will he continue? He ask if he was sure he won’t regret a thing even if that will destroy the live of the people he love. If he truly does love his daughter then he should step away from her since he could never give her a happy life. Inuzuka then realize he was wrong about him. He thought he never care about Juliet but he certainly does. The picture he found earlier which is his wife and daughter. He was just thinking about Juliet. Turkish see an opening and did the final blow. With that Inuzuka loss.

"It's my turn to fight"

As promise Inuzuka have to give up on Persia. Persia rush towards Inuzuka which he hit his head to the floor for an apology. Turkish told her to stay away from him but she said it isn’t over. It’s her turn to fight. She challenge her father and if she wins he have to cancel Inuzuka’s promise. Turkish said that she can’t just change what they agree on or there won’t be any meaning at all. If that is the case then Persia will leave this family. She want her father to see her point. He have been controlling her like a puppet the rest of her life. She then give a coarse language to mind his own business since he is the worse father anyone could have! Turkish see that his daughter need some discipline and agrees to duel her. Persia then charge towards her father which caught him off guard. She isn’t the weak person she used to be. That was because she met Inuzuka. It’s also not because of love and just because of Inuzuka. It’s because everyone was there for her at the academy. She won’t let him take that away from her. Turkish told her hate all she wants, but know that she is still a child. Ensuring that people like her step out of line is what adults are for. He then give a strong attack which blow Persia to the ground.

Ragdoll rush towards Juliet crying telling her to stop this right now. Turkish have a terrible past and doesn’t want her to experience the same. Persia got up saying she does understand. But she knows that his past is not what her father truly regrets. It’s because of what happened to Chiwa back then. Because he believe he ruined her life. She want her father to answer her if she is right. Turkish admits that he couldn’t stop thinking what she have experienced back then, if she have the same fate as him or if she regrets dating him. Turkish couldn’t let go of the guilt and this is all of his dreams fault that Touwa and Westians could live in harmony. Let her son who have similar ideal trying to drag his daughter to the same fate as he did. It’s driving him insane. He needs to stop this even if he have to mercilessly rip the two of them apart. Juliet say that isn’t true. That’s because Chiwa herself said she didn’t regret a thing. She went to Touwa before and ask her. She is proud of how far she’s came, no matter how it ended. She’ll never forget the happiness that last during those times. Got to meet Turkish has brought her happiness and there is no reason to regret a thing. Persia then ask her father if he is happy now. He was relieve that Chiwa have found happiness and not regret. Persia then deal the final blow saying she won’t regret a thing. She hit Turkish’s sword that it flew out from his hand. Turkish then found out that their love was not a mistake. No matter what happen the two of them will continue to fight. Persia want her father to give them his blessing. Being next to Inuzuka give her happiness like none other. They then reunited with the other students.

Romio, Juliet and Graduation

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Today is the Graduation day. Both Juliet and Char have left the dorm, about to held to the hall. They then notice Romio and Hasuki was helding there too. Romio is still having trouble remembering his appearance speech. Dahlia Academy have changed over the years. The walls between them have been broken and they have been moving around freely. Both countries have started to open to each other. On the other hand, the academy is having another Graduation. Romio have to go to the faculty office so the others went ahead. But before he leave, he wants to meet Juliet after the Graduation at the fountain. After Romio left, Char ask Persia want will she do after graduate. Persia replied that she is going back to the West to study under her father to succeed him. She haven’t told Romio about it so she doesn’t know wether he hates it or not. Both Char and Hasuki were shock since they will be separate if Romio returns back to Touwa. Juliet told that its fine since it’s not like they will be apart. They then heard two girls talking from a distance saying that she broke up with her boyfriend since long distance would never work. Hasuki and Char tried to cheer Persia up saying that Romio would probably follow her to the West.

At the hall, the students have started their graduation ceremony. The next speech is Romio’s. He tried to say the speech from his sheets but forgot it right from the start. He then decided to say want he wanted to say instead. He told the crowd that he was the worst when he enters this school. He thought this place was uncomfortable and tight. He always fight with the White Cats and the Black Dogs kept on doing what they want. But whenever he had a difficult time, the one who helped him were the students here today. In these 10 years so many have happen. Sport festivals, test, school festivals and even wars. Looking up to seniors and down on juniors. They sure have went through a difficult time back then. But he find it a fun memory to keep and have realized that now on the day of their graduation. It may be a bit late to think like that but he spoke loud and clear to everyone that he love them and thank you for everything.

Romio propose to Juliet

At the end of the ceremony, both Romio and Juliet went to the fountain. Juliet have remembered that it all started her where he confess to her and started dating. Romio then wanted to tell Juliet what he’s going to do after this. He been thinking this though but he’s going back to Touwa. He decided after his talk with his brother and they want to follow their father footsteps and become an emissary pf the Inuzuka family. The time he spent in the academy is the dream he came up with. Juliet was trying to hold back her tears but she also want to succeed the Persia family as well. She then started crying but she needs to support Romio since this is his dream. Romio then grab Juliet’s hand and propose that after he become a fine man. He will come back for her and wants to marry her. He puts a ring on Juliet’s hand while saying that. This is the proof of his oath to her. He doesn’t know how many years it would take to politics but he wants her to wait for her until then. He then ask if she accepts it. Juliet replied happily in tears saying yes!

Romio and Juliet

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After 7 years from graduating, everyone is going to the Academy for Romio and Juliet’s marriage. Everyone have change over the years. Hasuki have become an actress while following Ragdoll’s footsteps. Char have grew her hair long and help to change Westerns relationship with Touwa. Leon and dye her hair back to red and become a teacher at Dahlia Academy. Both Aby and Somali have gotten married and have two children’s. A lot of people are already here at the academy. The media is even here as well. Then out of nowhere, Shuna have rush towards to everyone saying that Romio is in trouble and should see him right now.

Everyone enters and see that Romio is vomiting in a bucket since he is so nervous and want everyone to calm him down. Romio and Airu have become politicians which means Romio’s dream is coming true. Juliet also did her best. She have proposed reforms to the aristocratic system and managed to win over her people. She’s now the first female viscount in the West. The world will be watching alongside the citizens, high-ranking officials and aristocrats from both countries will gather here today. The wedding between these two will inevitably become a symbol of appeasement for the two nations. Today might be a day of changed marked in history books. In the other room, Juliet along with her parents were talking about their visiting with the Inuzuka family. Turkish and Chiwa have seen each other’s faces after so long. Ragdoll was worried and feel jealous that she grab Turish’s arm saying that she is his wife. Chiwa was charmed by her appearance and remember her back at the academy that she is very beautiful and even now. Both she and her daughter look exactly alike. Ragdoll was surprise from her response and find her a very kind person. They both then get along very well. The ceremony then was about to begin.

Romio kissing Juliet.png

At the Chapel, Romio was standing nervously while waiting for the bride to come in. They then invited bride along with her father. Romio was stunned by her beauty until he notice that her father is giving him a death stare. They proceed the wedding ceremony between Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia. They will now exchange wedding vows. The minister ask Romio if he takes Juliet Persia as his lawful wife? He replies he do. The mister ask the bride and she does. They both then exchange wedding rings to each other and the minister told the groom to kiss the bride. Juliet’s face was also red because she is so happy. They both then kiss in front of everyone. But Romio was so happy that he fainted while standing. After that everyone took pictures with the newlyweds. Juliet told Romio that they really did change the world didn’t they? She’s glad that she met him here at the academy.