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Inuzuka and Hasuki 1 and 2

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Today is the Black Dogs Traditional Study Camp. The Black Dogs will have to study for three full days before the midterm test. Their teacher will be Hasuki, one of the top Black Doggy students in the academy. She tried her best to teach every Black Dogs since she cared for them too much. After the training camp, Hasuki prepared more quizzes for tomorrow. Maru enters the room after stealing some snacks and Hasuki why is she so into this. Hasuki said its fine since it’s for the Black Doggy’s sake. Maru then said she actually meant for Inuzuka’s sake. Hasuki then blushes saying she doesnn’t know what he’s talking about, but Maru said he and the rest already knew she have a crush on Inuzuka. Maru asks Hasuki what is so great about him anyway. Hasuki replied saying back during elementary. She couldn’t make any friends and all she had was her grades. Until she met Inuzuka and change her life forever. That’s why she wants to walk side to side with him. Maru laugh saying that’s gross and leave. Hasuki then continue to make the quizzes. Someone then enters the room and Hasuki believe it’s Maru again. She turns around and it was actually Inuzuka! He heard the whole thing and Hasuki felt embarrassed. Inuzuka ask why would she go that far for him. Hasuki blushes and then confess that she love him. She felt embarrassed again after saying that. But Inuzuka told Hasuki about his deepest secret.

Inuzuka told Hasuki that he and Persia are actually dating! So he can’t go out with her. Hasuki believes that it’s a lie, saying she probably have dirt on him like how Char ordering him around. But he actually asks her out! Hasuki then smiles at Inuzuka, turn around and yelled at the dorm trying to reveal Inuzuka’s secret. Inuzuka then stop her before it gets exposed. Hasuki then hugged Inuzuka while asking if they are friends. Inuzuka replied they are and that’s the reason why he told her his secret. It may look like she’s hugging him, but Hasuki is actually preparing the Black Doggy’s code, “Ritual Suicide”. It is a code that if a Black Dog ever worked or fell in love with a White Cats, they will be slice with a sword. Hasuki then grabbed a sword and prepared to slice Inuzuka. Inuzuka believe she’s joking and saying that the sword must be a replica. But Hasuki wear her glasses showing that she’s serious. Inuzuka then escape the room running away to the boy’s dorm. Hasuki then went to chase him. Inuzuka broke out to the window and hide in the forest. After Hasuki found him, he was with Persia! This confirms that they are actually going out. Hasuki attack and attack Persia to settle this. But the attack was block by Char, the princess from the West. Inuzuka then grab Hasuki from behind to prevent her from attacking. Persia ask Char what is she doing here. Turns out she also know about their relationship. Hasuki ask why is she okay with them being together. Turns out she’s actually not. She came here to protect Persia since she’s her friend. But there is also another reason why she is here. That is to kill Inuzuka! A blade came out of her shoe ready to attack. Inuzuka then grabbed Persia and retreat into the woods. Both Hasuki and Char went to chase them.

Hasuki cries

After catching up to them, Hasuki prepared once more to slice Inuzuka. Inuzuka didn’t run away anymore and said he’s ready. Hasuki then charge towards Inuzuka. Inuzuka was standing still saying no matter how many times she hates him, he will always be her friend from the bottom of his heart. Hasuki’s sword then hit Inuzuka’s head, causing him to bleed. Her sword was a replica after all. She started to cry, saying she hates him. Persia then accidently fell off a cliff. Inuzuka then jump to save her but at the bottom of the cliff there is a river and Inuzuka couldn’t swim. Both Hasuki and Char also jump to save them. Hasuki managed to save Inuzuka while Char saves Persia. Hasuki then called Inuzuka an idiot for saving Persia since he know he couldn’t swim. Inuzuka replied when he saw her in trouble, he jump without even noticing. Hasuki then realize that he see Persia the same why she sees Inuzuka. She then started crying while repeatedly saying she hate him. The night then ended there. The next day, Hasuki didn’t tell anyone about Inuzuka and Persia. Inuzuka wanted to stay friends so they did. But Hasuki still haven’t approve their relationship just yet.

Romeo, Hasuki, and the Mid-term Test

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Hasuki was heading to the school building until she sees Inuzuka. She went to greet him but see something which she never thought Inuzuka would actually do, studying! He is studying for the mid-term next week since he is aiming to be a Prefect. Though he still couldn’t understand any of his answers. Hasuki then want to insist teaching him since her grades are good. After class, they went to the Library to study. Hasuki give him a test for him to do. Inuzuka was really concentrating. He was surprised that all the test Hasuki give him are all the ones he’s bad at. Turns out Hasuki have collected all the subject Inuzuka is bad at and form them into one. They then take a 10 minute break. Inuzuka then went off somewhere. It’s been ten minutes so Hasuki went to get Inuzuka. She went in the other room and found out that Persia was there. It seems that Inuzuka made a promise from both of them to teach him and he is really sorry for that. They didn’t mind it but instead, the both of them will teach him at the same time. They teach him for a whole week until they made Inuzuka afraid of his textbooks. He then ran off in the rain somewhere. Hasuki and Persia went to look for him. Though Hasuki found him first. She then bring out the topic that Inuzuka want to be a prefect. She ask if he’s doing it for Persia’s sake. Inuzuka said it is and apologies to Hasuki. She ask why is he apologizing and he replied that she confess to him before he still ask help from her. Hasuki laugh since he’s worried of something happened years ago. Though she still haven’t approve of their relationship just yet. Not because of the Black Doggy’s code but if his relationship were to found out, he will suffer. They then went back to the dorm since its raining cold out here.

The mid-term is today. Everyone especially Inuzuka is pumped up for this. However, since Hasuki went in the rain after looking for Inuzuka, she caught a fever and didn’t tell Inuzuka about it. She tried to get into the school building, but she was so tired she couldn’t she then take a short break on a bench and fell asleep. She was having a dream from the past when she caught a fever during elementary. Inuzuka was carrying her to the infirmary and she felt embarrassed. She then woke up seeing that Inuzuka was actually carrying her. She asks him why is he here since the test has already started. He was looking for her since she wasn’t in class for the test. He found her collapsed and carried her to the infirmary. Hasuki told him she was fine and shouldn’t worry for her since he’s studying for Hasuki’s sake. But Inuzuka replied that if he’s the type who only cars off himself, then Persia would never forgive him. They arrive at the infirmary and Inuzuka leave Hasuki with the nurse. Inuzuka then abut to held back to class but before he could. Hasuki told Inuzuka that she still like him as a best friend. After Inuzuka left, Hasuki was wondering if her feelings for him ever disappear.

Romeo, Juliet and Hasuki 1 and 2

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Persia saying she love Inuzuka more

Today is the three day two night school camp. The first years are sent to Dahlia Lake for the event. When they arrived, both Black Dogs are enjoying their time there. The White Cats could see how childish the Black Dogs are and show off their own camp side. They set up a tea party with butlers serving them. Persia doesn’t feel comfortable with that the White Cats put up since she just wanted a normal camp. After a speech from both Housemasters, the two dorms started to have competitions on which side is the most comfortable one. The two dorms then went to play at the lake later. Hasuki was about to call out to Inuzuka but she sees him signaling Persia telling he will be there first but Persia turn facing the other side. It couldn’t be helped since it will give it away. Hasuki was wondering why would he do that for her. She went back to shore where Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji enjoying their own time. Maru told her to spent time with them but Hasuki tease him, saying he’s trying to flirt with her. Hasuki then join them and have a drink. But she didn’t notice what she was drinking was beer. Hasuki then went to the warehouse where Inuzuka would be waiting for Persia. When she arrives, Inuzuka was surprise why is she here. Hasuki went closer to him telling him to be quiet since she’s pissed. Inuzuka then realize that she’s drunk. She then says that he never understands how she feels and that he keep making dangerous sacrifices for Persia. She asks why does he love Persia so much wince she’s the enemy. She keeps being cold to him and he’s the one who only asks her out. Hasuki is more concerned for Inuzuka more than anyone else. The door then open and Persia looks really mad. Inuzuka thought that she misunderstood the situation so he tried to calm her down. She came closer to Hasuki saying she loves Inuzuka more than she does. The both of them argued non-stopped. Inuzuka tried to calm the situation, but been pushed by the both of them instead. The two of them decided to have a completions to settle things once and for all.

The next day, the two girls are preparing for their fight. The winner will stay with Inuzuka while the loser have to never approach him ever again. The challenge will be climbing Mount Dahlia, the first person who gets the flag wins. Everyone is at the starting line. When the race begun, both Black Dogs and White Cats have started a duel instead. Persia and Hasuki have rushed through the herd in a flashed. Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji who’ve made a starting dash are in the lead. They planned to cheat by cutting the rope bridge loosed. While the bridge was falling, Persia grabbed its rope and swing across the river. Hasuki was impressed but she swims across. Hasuki managed to catch up to Persia. All that’s left is to climb up the mountain. Hasuki is the last person Persia wanted to lose to. She admits that she can’t beat her based the amount of time she been with Inuzuka. But her true feeling swill outshine hers. Hasuki then realized that Persia was way cooler than this but deep inside, she’s just an awkward girl. She really does love Inuzuka after all. But she still has her pride to fight for. Not seeing Inuzuka again, the both of them are charging in for the flag in front of them. They were close on getting it. Until Inuzuka showed up in front of them and grabbed the flag first. Turns out he climbed the cliff thinking it will be a shortcut. He’s the winner so that selfish bet will be no more. No matter how many times they fight, he will stop every single one of them until the two of them make up. He then accidently tripped and fell of the cliff, but lucky a branch caught him. The two of them give it a rest and settle it some other time. But later started to argue again.

Romeo, Hasuki and Kougi 1 and 2

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After the school festival, Hasuki look depressed. But she put an acting smiling face and went out. Hasuki then saw Inuzuka with her little brother Kougi and wondering why is he in the upperclassmen block. Hasuki want Kougi to introduce himself to Inuzuka but he gives a cold shoulder instead. Hasuki then pinches Kougi's face telling that it was rude to do that. After the punishment, Kougi introduces himself to Inuzuka. Hasuki still doesn't know why Kougi is here, before saying he misses her and tries to get a hug. However, an embarrassed Kougi explains that he wants to know how things are like in the upperclassmen block since he will be living here next year. So he wants to ask Inuzuka for directions. Inuzuka and Hasuki then bring Kougi on a tour around the upperclassman's block. The first place Kougi wanted to visit was Inuzuka's room.

When they were entering Inuzuka's room. There were already visitors waiting for him and it was Kochou and Teria. Kougi then misunderstood that he was a lolicon. Teria explains that Inuzuka told them that he will call them to have some fun which makes Kougi think Inuzuka is revolting. Then all of the sudden, Kohitsuji enters the room with adults magazine. Kougi is getting furious of the situation. Kohitsuji say that Inuzuka is his boob-soul mate and tell all the stories of all the perverted things Inuzuka did. Inuzuka tried to get rid of Kohitsuji before he says anything worse but accidentally trip and fall over Hasuki to his bed. Kougi has seen enough and say the he didn't come here to ask for directions. He came here to spy on Inuzuka! He then attacks Inuzuka thinking that he was cheating on his big sister and took her as a fool.

Inuzuka defending Hasuki

Kougi tried to attack Inuzuka again but he ran outside. Inuzuka couldn't bring himself to hurt Hasuki's little brother. Even Maru told Kougi that Inuzuka was cheating on Hasuki. As the two of them run through the hallway and Inuzuka was having deep thoughts. Kougi jump and tried to kick Inuzuka but he has been punched accidentally by him to a wall. Kougi was impressed but the real battle has begun. Kougi grabs a replica sword willing to punish Inuzuka. This is when Inuzuka realized that the two of them really are siblings. The two of them started running again. Kougi managed to catch up to him, jumped and swing his sword full force. However, Hasuki appeared in front of Inuzuka trying to defend him by letting the sword hit her. It was too late for Kougi to do anything so Inuzuka grabbed the sword and defend Hasuki. But the tip of the sword breaks and hit Kougi's forehead which causes him to faint.

Inuzuka, Hasuki and Kougi were at the nurse's office. Inuzuka then leave Hasuki and Kougi alone. Hasuki tried to explain to Kougi who haven't woken up the reason why she is upset. But when she was little, she always like Inuzuka. But she regrets she didn’t confess to him since another girl have already got him. Everytime she looks at Inuzuka, she feels like crying. Plus the girl he is with is complicated and might end up with a bad ending. But she finds out she really does love Inuzuka and there is no room for Hasuki left. That’s why she feels really down. But if the girl he is with could find Inuzuka his happiness that that will make Hasuki happy as well. But of course she wouldn’t tell this to Kougi if he’s awake. Hasuki was about to get a doctor but when she opens the door, Inuzuka was crying after clearly listening to what she said. She felt embarrassed and told him to forget about everything she said.

Romio And The Prefect Meeting

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Hasuki appears at Romio's door to get him for the meeting and excitedly greets him. However, she catches him in a compromising situation with Reon. She questions Romio on this, as he tries to explain before Reon reintroduces herself to Hasuki. After remembering her, Hasuki notes on her new look and Reon reveals she switched to contacts.

Romio, Hasuki, and Servant Errands

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Today is the New Year house cleaning. Inuzuka and Hasuki are in charge with the Black Dogs first years since they are servants. They will be cleaning the old building in the school. Inuzuka and Hasuki will be cleaning the storage room area. Things weren’t easy for them until they receive help from the Black Dogs. Hasuki have asked them to help them out once they are done with their stations. Hasuki have showed popularity, charisma and leadership to them. They then finished in a flash. They continue to clean the rest of the building. Inuzuka suggest Hasuki to take a short break but she refused. Since if he continues to work then others could relax which will make her happy. After a while, the Black Dogs finally finished cleaning the building. Hasuki went to see Inuzuka and offer him a drink. Inuzuka said she’s amazing. She managed to get everyone to love her and good at studying, sports and everything. She is the person who Inuzuka wanted to be. This makes her happy that she praise herself since she always tried to keep up with Inuzuka. Ever since he decided to become a Prefect, he devote himself to reach his goal. He faced and over come every adversity. Then more people started to acknowledge him. But compare to Hasuki, she been lost in her troubles this whole year and decided to aim to be a prefect as well. So she could walk beside Inuzuka, the person who she look up to. The two have become rivals in the elections.

Romio And Amnesia 1, 2, 3 and 4

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An amnesiac Inuzuka thinks Hasuki is his girlfriend

Hasuki have heard that Inuzuka have drowned and is in the infirmary right now. She enters the room to check on Inuzuka, where her brother and Shuna are gathered with Inuzuka but there was something odd from his behavior. Turns out he has amnesia! Inuzuka must have lost his memories and the nurse explain that if he can remember at least one thing, then his memories might return. Hasuki and Shuna try to make Inuzuka remember but no luck so far. Hasuki then takes Inuzuka around the dorm, since she can’t leave him at this state alone. This causes a disagreement with Kougi and Shuna that breaks out into a fight, that allows Hasuki to leave with Inuzuka in the chaos. At the dorms, Inuzuka was amazed that he spends his days in a spectacular dorm, though he still couldn’t remember a thing. Maru, Tosa and Kohitsuji then showed up trying to manipulate Inuzuka after hearing of him losing his memories. Maru then lied to Inuzuka saying that he is his servant and he obeyed anything he said. Hasuki watched Inuzuka and Maru talk with the latter thinking they are best friends. Maru said they weren’t, but Inuzuka want to get along with him from now on and see him as a capable person, which Hasuki questioned to herself. An embarrassed and flattered Maru blushed before he left with his friends. Kochou and Teria then showed up after knowing Inuzuka loss his memories. After confirming he did, Kochou put up an act saying how could he forget his girlfriend Teria. Teria tried to stop her but Kochou keep pushing further saying this is the perfect situation. The two of them then left. After hearing all of that, a worried Inuzuka believed he was a lolicon for a bit but Hasuki told him not to take it seriously. They went to Inuzuka’s room and he still couldn’t remember. Inuzuka told Hasuki he will be fine but Hasuki knew it was a lie. Inuzuka heard her say that she always knew whenever Inuzuka is feeling down or not by looking at his face. Inuzuka ask Hasuki how why does she know of him that much. Hasuki replied saying she knew him for years now. When Hasuki was about to leave, Inuzuka told her that when Kochou said “girlfriend”, he remembers that he has one. Hasuki was about to tell him who she is but Inuzuka believe his girlfriend is Hasuki!

Hasuki blushed saying he's wrong but Inuzuka then carried her, while apologizing for forgetting such a thing and she is surprised by this sudden pushy nature. Even though he's wrong, Hasuki seemed happy since this was always her dream. But she pushed Inuzuka out of the window and he fell out of the building. Inuzuka then see another building next to the dorm and came to look around it. Inuzuka enter the gate and a bunch of White Cats came out asking why he’s here? Inuzuka said that he ended up here in an instinct. Scott believes he wanted a challenge and attack Inuzuka. But it was stopped by Hasuki who showed up instantly. She told Inuzuka that these people are hostile to them and they should leave right away. But the White Cats don't allow them and attack the both of them. After seeing them attack Hasuki like that, Inuzuka carried Hasuki and know that these people are his enemies. He said he won’t forgive anyone who hurt his girlfriend, as the White Cats remark on how they finally got together, to Hasuki's embarrassment. He then escapes the White Cats dorm with Hasuki. They enter the dorm in the Black Doggy Lounge. Inuzuka see there’s a sword in here and Hasuki told Inuzuka she chase him around back then. Inuzuka ask her why would she do that. Hasuki explained the story that when they were in this room, Hasuki confessed to Inuzuka but turns out Inuzuka also forgot about that as well. Hasuki couldn’t said that part so she leave saying she have work to do.

Hasuki then secretly meets Persia and wanted to talk about something. She told her that Inuzuka have Amnesia! He couldn’t remember anything and saying that Hasuki is his girlfriend was just a misunderstanding. Persia asks when will his memories return, but she told her there is no telling at this point. However, Inuzuka remembers the word “Girlfriend” and went towards the White Cats Dorm. This is a sign that Inuzuka was looking for Persia. Hasuki believes his memories return if he and Persia meets. Despite arguing with her after, both of them agreed to work together for the time since it was for Inuzuka’s sake.

During night, Hasuki tricks Inuzuka to coming outside the park. She then said there’s a person in the bushes, it was Persia. While hiding, Hasuki watched as Inuzuka declared “You are my… ENEMY!!” while pushing her away. Hasuki was surprised by this change, watching Inuzuka voiced that he knows that the White Cats are the Black Dogs enemy and knows that Persia is their leader, as well as the type who use her look and charm people to do her doing. She is dismayed to hear that Leon told him that and misdirected him. After he declared that he will fight if Hasuki is hurt but rather not hurt Persia since she’s a girl. He then left to look for Hasuki. Hasuki approached Persia who looks depressed but she’s actually angry. She watches Persia states she hates the fact that he forgot about her and says he rather not fight a girl. That's exactly what he said a year ago and declared to think of a new plan with Hasuki, as the latter noting on her strong will. Hasuki asks Persia if there was an incident that could leave a mark on his memory. Something that was also intense for Persia as well. Persia then remembered something and immediately blushed, which makes Hasuki shocked at seeing that reaction. The two of them then argued after that. Persia then decided to drag Inuzuka to all the places where they shared memories together. But after place to places none of them work. Persia still doesn’t want to give up so she went to Inuzuka’s room to find something that could return Inuzuka’s memories while Hasuki keep an eye out for Inuzuka. After a while, Persia found something and want Hasuki to bring Inuzuka to the fountain.

Persia telling how she feels

Hasuki give Inuzuka a map to show where it is. When he arrive, Persia was there with two swords. She tossed one sword to him and willing to duel. Inuzuka doesn’t want to fight but Persia told him if he doesn’t, he will get hurt. Hasuki doesn’t see how this would help him at all. Persia drew her sword out and prepared for her attack. She then charges at Inuzuka. Inuzuka is wondering why she’s doing this and why does his heart hurt. Persia hit Inuzuka sword and said “Love you and I will always do!!!” Inuzuka was shocked by those words coming from her. Persia told him no matter how many times he will always tell him how she felt. She then thanks Inuzuka while calling him by his first name. Inuzuka then have a headache saying that he knows her. He then trip and fell down the fountain. When he get his head out of the water, he was shocked asking where he is. He remember he was saving a cat and drowning. He notices that he’s at the fountain and Persia is there with him. He doesn’t remember what happen before but he recalls that Persia was calling for him. He looks at the clock and notice it’s already midnight. He then celebrates with Persia and wanted to say something to her. Before he could, Persia hug him while calling him by his first name. Persia then ask if he’s going to call her by her first name as well. When he was about to say it, Hasuki showed up and told Persia that’s enough flirting around. Persia shut Inuzuka’s mouth before Inuzuka said her first name. Persia told Inuzuka to thank Hasuki as well. Inuzuka still doesn’t know what’s going on but thanked Hasuki anyway. He then ask the two of them since when were they getting along. The two replied they are not.

Romio And The Student Election Assembly 1 and 2

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During the election campaign. The servants will be giving out their speech to the students on why they should choose them to be prefects. During Hasuki’s turn, she went up the stage feeling nervous that she even told the crowd about it. She also admit that she doesn’t really aim to be a prefect in the first place. Ever since she was young, she was a loner never believe she could be someone lie a prefect. But ever since meeting a certain person, she changed. She found out that even someone like her could be used for others. While helping them out, she made several friends. This make her happy. She started making study camps and helping in the festival. She believe this will make others happy as well. That’s why more then ever, she want to work harder for everyone. She will turn the office to a gathering place where everyone could drop by. While she will be an approachable prefect whom can ask for help. She then receive a huge cheer from the crowd.

Romeo And The Exhibition Match 1, 2, 3 and 4

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The new prefects are having a joint meeting for the upcoming sport festival. But it’s not going well so far. Inuzuka wanted both Black Dogs and White Cats to be on the same team but Scott refused. Leon then suggests to use the exhibition match which will be held up before the festival. Let’s have a match made of Black Dogs and White Cats to heat up the match. Some refuses and some do not. They all then argued with one of another. Airu then enters the room along with Kochou and Teria with an angry tone. He gives them a full 30 minute lecture of how careless they are right now. Inuzuka admit with what he said but he told him that they won’t lose to the third years. Cait then showed up from the window taking it as a challenge. They want them to accept the challenge but Persia sees no reason why they should. Sieber and Rex also showed up saying they don’t have confidence in themselves. Inuzuka notice something was up since all the third year prefects are here. He then accepts the challenge and prove which prefects are more superior.

3rd prefects year want to beat the 2nd year prefects.png

During the exhibition match, Persia asks Inuzuka why he accepts the challenge. He told her that there was something up with how the third year prefects were acting. Even they were accepted, the second year is fully accepted as prefects just yet. But what if they win here? Inuzuka believe the third year prefects are planning to lose on purpose for the second year’s sake. The exhibition match was about to begin. The game is called “Dahlia Wall Game” which will be hosted by Shuna and Ameria. The rules are simple, the first team to get the ball on the other team’s goal is the winner. Inuzuka told his brother that he will intent to learn from this. When the match begins, Char tossed the ball upwards. Inuzuka and Scott tried to get it but was stopped by Rex. Airu tell Inuzuka that he’s mistaken. Their goal is to get rid of their ego by stomping all of them into the ground. This is when Inuzuka realize his theory was wrong! Rex then charges to the second year’s goal while knocking everyone in his path. On his way, Scott was in front waiting for him. He admits that he have guts but ask Scott why isn’t he wearing the uniform he give him. Scott replied that he is embarrassed to wear such a thing and won’t do wear it again. He was about to say he will surpass him but Rex charge and move Scott out of the way. However, Scott managed to buy some time to get the other second years to block Rex. Rex then passed the ball to Cait. Cait dodges every one of his opponent while saying they still don’t understand the meaning behind the match. Inuzuka was wondering what he meant by that. Aby tried to blocked Cait but he was stopped by Somali who was hugging him. Cait then later insulted Aby which make him depressed but later been in courage by Somali and put him back in the mood. With no other choice, Cait use his secret move called the “Ball” hiding. He lifts the ball up and bring it back down and make it vanish. But everyone could see it’s in his pants. Sieber then hit the ball out of his pants which hurt Cait’s crutch. With Cait unable to move for a while, this is the second year’s chance.

Everyone is in the rose garden and Sieber having the ball heading to the goal. Hasuki was about to get the ball but Sieber passes it to Kochou. They have almost arrive at the fountain. Kochou pass the ball to Airu and he charges in. But Inuzuka was blocking him upfront. Airu push Inuzuka aside but after he did, Persia was behind Inuzuka from a blind spot. She took the ball from Airu saying their counter attack begins. Persia can’t go forward since it’s been block by the third years. She then ran to the left to flank them. When Inuzuka is with Airu, he told him that he finally realizes the reason of this match. Airu then push Inuzuka to the side once again. When it was just Inuzuka and Hasuki, Inuzuka ask her to get all the second years together for a bit.

Everyone cheering for the new prefects

The second years disappeared off the map and hid in the forest. Inuzuka gather them here to discuss about something. Their attacks from before aren’t working. To prevent this from happening again, they need to develop their teamwork. Scott disagree, saying there is no way the Black Dogs and White Cats could fight together in the first place. The Kochou and Teria found them and aiming to get the ball from Persia. Scott then says they will play along with this teamwork. But he throws Inuzuka at Kochou and Teria for a decoy. They came out of the forest but Rex was blocking them. Persia passed the ball to Hasuki and ask Scott to bend down. She then uses him as a stepladder to break free. Aby then grabbed the ball from Hasuki saying he should have it. Scott also joins in trying to get the ball from the both of them. Airu look stares at them with disappointment attack Scott, who have the ball. But he was saved by Inuzuka. Scott asked why would he saved him. Inuzuka explain to everyone that they are prefects. They have the same ambitions to change the academy. As long they have the same goal in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem working together. When he was taking, Cait steals the ball from Scott and ran off. As the second years are chasing him, they receive a cheer from both Black Dogs and White Cats. The school have slowly started to change.

2nd and 3rd year Prefects.png

Inuzuka have a plan and he tells Leon what is it. After that was settled, he leaves the rest to Leon to take charge of the others. Leon doesn’t want too since she believes nobody will listen to her. Inuzuka told her that because she haven’t properly accepted them. She shouldn’t be afraid to tell them how she feels. Inuzuka then left the rest to her. After Inuzuka left, Leon turns and apologies to Persia for what happen back then. She understands that what she did is unforgivable but she really wants to work together this time. Persia agrees and said the terror back that can’t be forgotten. But she and Inuzuka have grown used to unreasonableness. Persia encourages Leon that she also came a long way for being a mixed blood. Persia offers her hand and want to work together with Leon. Leon then sees Leon as “Vigin Mary”. Inuzuka managed to steal the ball from Cait. He then throws it afar where the other second years will be. They were about to grabbed it but see that Sieber and Rex won’t allow it. However, Hasuki and Aby work together to stop Rex. Leon’s job is to stop Seiber. She thinks of her weakness and said “Bear Panties” which make Seiber stop running. Persia stops both Kochou and Teria while Scott is charging to the goal. Scott made it through the main building almost reaching the goal. But behind him was Airu who won’t allow him to get away that easily. Airu was about to steal the ball from Scott but he did a back pass and give it to Inuzuka. Airu ask Scott how did he know that Inuzuka was behind him. Scott replied that wherever he goes, Inuzuka will come chasing him. Everyone was cheering for Inuzuka. He made his final move to throw the ball but he tripped. However, the ball still managed to hit the third year’s goal. The second year prefect won! Airu expect him to finish it well but proud of the ending. He will be expecting more from him in the future.

Hasuki and The West Principality 1 and 2

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Hasuki bumped into Ragdoll

In the West, Hasuki’s group were sightseeing until a thief stole a wallet and ran away. Hasuki then chase after the thief. She managed to get it back but got lost in the process. She started to panic since she is a Touwa in a West Country. She started to panic and feeling hungry. A weird Western man then showed up with a girly look. He suggested Hasuki to come home with him since it isn’t safe for a Touwa to be alone here. But Hasuki sense trouble around him. She then ran away but the girly man was chasing him. Hasuki yelled for help and then bumped into a Western woman. Hasuki apologies she ran into her. The women ask Hasuki what’s wrong. Hasuki explain a weird person is chasing her. The women then defend Hasuki and the weird guy left. Hasuki thank the women for saving her. The women ask what she is doing in the West. Hasuki said she is on a school trip but got lost and can’t find her way back. Hasuki started crying and don’t know what to do. The women ask where she is staying. Hasuki said it’s in the Dahlia Research Center which the women isn’t familiar with. But she does know the place it is located. The women then want to take Hasuki there. Hasuki said its fine since she doesn’t want to trouble a Western from helping a Touwa. The women find it expected for a Touwa not to trust her. But she told Hasuki her name which is Ragdoll and feel free to escape if she believe she is dangerous. Hasuki ask why would she help her. Ragdoll said she have a child around her age and doesn’t feel good if she leave her alone. Hasuki still have doublts but decided to follow her.

On their way there, they bumped into a restaurant that Ragdoll insists eating there first. Hasuki finds this person an airhead and should have just searched on her own. Ragdoll ordered them “Quattro Stagioni Pizza” and explain all the delicious ingredients added in here. She even ordered them “Parmigiano Pasta” which Hasuki find it look delicious. Ragdoll insists Hasuki to have a bite. Hasuki then took a bite out of each dish and she was trilled of its deliciousness. They then ended up ordering everything on the menu later. Hasuki said they should get going. Ragdoll said she knows a shortcut which is though a market. Hasuki got a bad feeling about this. They were walking though the market and turns out Ragdoll is popular there. Every stall knows her and wants to give her some free snacks. There were even some souvenirs that Hasuki find it beautiful. In the end Hasuki was having too much fun that she got carried away. After the market, Ragdoll suggested to ride a Gondola to hold to San Marlo. Hasuki always wanted to ride on one. They took one and headed to San Marlo while Hasuki obverse how beautiful the city is. Ragdoll giggles saying she’s glad she is enjoying herself. Back then she was crying and doesn’t know what to do. That would be bad for her first memories in the West. Hasuki then realize all the detours they were doing were meant for her. Hasuki find her mysterious and she look like someone I know. She wants to know who this person is.

They have almost arrive to San Marlo until a car showed up in front of them. A woman showed up and said she finally found her. Hasuki tried to defend her but she didn’t realize the woman is Ragdoll’s manager. She explains that Ragdoll is a famous actress in the West. Hasuki was shocked. Hasuki followed them to the theater where Ragdoll will be performing. Ragdoll apologies that she was hiding the fact she is an actress. Hasuki said she it’s alright. Hasuki have already contact her friends saying she is at the theater and they are coming to pick her up. Until then Ragdoll suggested her to watch the rehearsal. Hasuki replied that she’s just here to borrow her phone. Ragdoll’s manager asks why would she go that far for a Touwa. Ragdoll explain that she look like a knight and an amazing girl. As well if she was them perform that maybe a new actress will be born one day. Hasuki said she never thought of that before and wasn’t aiming to be one. Ragdoll then ask what other aspirations she has. Hasuki then realize she doesn’t have one. All the thing she was doing was for Inuzuka and not for herself. Hasuki then ask if she can still watch which Ragdoll said she can.

Hasuki watch the rehearsal.png

Ragdoll will be getting ready so her manager brings Hasuki to the audience seat. Hasuki look at the actors and find them to be weirdos. It was Ragdoll’s turn to perform. Hasuki was her rehearse and find it too beautiful that she started crying. Ragdoll was glad to see she enjoyed it. The gorgeous stage, props and acting. All of this makes the people shining though themselves and that's what Hasuki enjoyed the most. Ragdoll then suggest Hasuki to be an actress herself. But Hasuki said there is no way she could do that. She never studied about acting before. But Ragdoll said that doesn’t matter. She became one by being scouted. When she first preforms on TV, she looks like a different person. She acts in movie after movie but she is then drawn into this world of acting. That’s why it’s great to give it a shot. The manager then called out to Hasuki saying someone is already here to pick her up. Ragdoll then give Hasuki a free ticket to watch a private viewing on the day before the official debut and insists her to come. It will be the day after tomorrow in the morning, which is the time she promise to hang out with Inuzuka. She then says goodbye to her black knight.

She went outside and it was Inuzuka who is picking her up. The dorm master was exhausted looking for her so he is here in her place. Inuzuka ask why is she at the theatre if she is lost. Hasuki then explain everything to Inuzuka. Inuzuka was surprised there are actually Western people who are nice to Touwa. Even Hasui was surprise and say her name is Ragdoll. There is a poster of her and Hasuki showed Inuzuka how she looks like. Inuzuka takes a good look at her and found out the person is Persia’s mother! Hasuki was surprised that the person who made her heart skip a beat was Persia’s mother. She even realized they both do look alike. They were heading back while Hasuki told Inuzuka all the fun things she did today. But she receives a ticket for a rehearsal which will be perform the day after tomorrows morning. Hasuki apologies since she couldn’t spend time with him. She also said she wants to try to be an actress. She expected Inuzuka to laugh but instead he was shocked and glad. He told her that he will give all his support to her. All this time she was just putting others first before herself. So he’s glad she is starting to support herself. He told him not to worry about the promise and should just watch the rehearsal. There will be another trips they could make memories together. But she already have a wonderful memory. Inuzuka giving his support is already enough for her.