Hasuki Komai (狛井蓮季 Komai Hasuki) is Inuzuka's close friend of Boarding School Juliet series and a member of Black Doggie House.


She is a teenage girl of average height, with black hair tied into a ponytail and possesses a well-endowed figure. As stated by many members of the Black Doggie House, she is very attractive and many are jealous of her closeness to Romio.

She occasionally wears glasses, to show a serious side to her, especially with mid-terms.


She is shown to be a very kind, yet hyperactive person and is known for having fun. She tends to refer to herself in the third-person, the reason for this is not. Despite this, Hasuki is very intelligent and when tutoring her classmates, she adopts a more serious attitude and puts her classmates in line.

She has deep romantic feelings for her classmate and childhood friend Romio Inuzuka, she confessed her affections to him though was rejected after he revealed his love for Juliet Persia. She was hurt and nearly cried about the act, though she kept his forbidden relationship as a secret from their peers. She shows that she still loves him and has made herself strong enough to wait for him, should things not work out with Persia.

Because of Inuzuka's relationship, Hasuki has come to associate and befriend some of the members of the White Cats House though she is still annoyed at some of their self-entitled egos or their manners.

She deeply cares for her younger brother Kougi Komai and teases him a lot, though has reprimanded him on occasion when he gets out of line.


  • According to Maru, her crush on Inuzuka was obvious to the whole class.
  • Her first name, Hasuki, sounds very similar to Husky, a dog breed.
  • She is unaware that Julio is really Juliet in disguise.
  • She is scared of Romio's servant Shuna Inuzuka because of her strength and attitude.