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Gorio Bouda (暴田悟 里夫, Bouda Gorio?) is a member of Black Doggy House. He's also one of Leon's soldiers when she was trying to get rid of the White Cats.


He wears the high school uniform for the Black Dogs standard and a T-shirt for his inner cloth.


He hates the White Cats that he joins Leon's army. He was pissed at her after she betrayed him and his gang when she told everything to the Black Doggy House Master about their plan after the election.


Romio, Juliet and Elections 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

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During the Voting day, he helps Leon to put every teacher in the campus to sleep and carries them to a hiding place. Later, in the hall, he caused a fight with the White Cats and started a war. Just as Leon's plan, they managed to reveal Inuzuka and Persia's relationship to every student in the hall. However, after ally to ally, Inuzuka and Persia's relationship was approved by the students.

Romeo, Leon, and Prefects 1 & 2

~ Main article: Chapter 90 & Chapter 91 ~

After the chaos he and his gang did, Leon has cleared things up by telling the Black Doggy House Master of what she, Bouda and his gang did, which put them under house arrest for a week. After being released, he and his gang look for Leon for revenge. After finding her, he forces her to apologize and insults her until Inuzuka showed up and made the gang left.


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