"Romio and Princess Char" (露壬雄とシャル姫, Romio to Sharu-hime?) is the third episode of Boarding School Juliet (Anime) series.


Inuzuka and Persia made a promise to associate and celebrate their one month anniversary. At that time the school was awed by a student's recovery. The student's name is Char's, the first Princess of Principality of West 'Chartreux Westia'. She walks roughly on the red carpet, receiving cheers from White Cats students. Char's' words will not be effective with Inuzuka who tried to challenge her on behalf of Black Dogs students who repel that figure. Until she says, "You're going out with Persia, aren't you?" - How did their secret love has been noticed so early !?





  • While trying to deceive Char about taking one of her photos of Persia, Romio briefly whistles a few notes of Love With You.


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