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Eigo Kohitsuji (古羊英語, Kohitsuji Eigo?) is one of the supporting characters of Boarding School Juliet series and a member of the Black Doggy House.


Kohitsuji has dark violet hair and bangs covering his eyes. He wears a high school uniform for the Black Dogs standard. He also has a tan skin and sharp teeth.


He is very perverted in his behavior and is well-known for it. However, he is loyal to his friends and is often seen taking part in their antics.

He shares his comrades' hostility for the White Cats, even participating in kidnapping Juliet Persia. However, he has acknowledged the attractiveness of Persia and Chartreux Westia and is amused by their interactions with Romio Inuzuka.

After hearing Leon's bloodthirsty speech, he commented that they would have no one to bully, implying that he doesn't really dislike the White Cats and that he doesn't mind their presence at all.


  • When his name when broken down and translated to English it would become "Old Sheep English". This is a reference to Old English Sheepdog.
    • Incidentally, Kohitsuji resemble the dog breed with fur/hair covering their eyes.
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