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Dahlia Academy Boarding School (ダリアがくえん, Daria Gakuen?) is the academy in which Boarding School Juliet takes place.


Dahlia Academy is a prestigious boarding school boasting an enormous student body and a vast campus. It brings together two different countries, the "Principality of West" and "Nation of Touwa". Each with their own separate dorm. The purpose of this academy is mainly for "Good Neighbor Policy" for both nations.


  • Sports Festival
  • Excursion Trip
  • Seaside School Camp
  • Camping
  • School Festival
  • School Trip


  • Do not bring any Cell Phones
  • Do not leave the school grounds without permission
  • Do not damage or break any school belongings
  • Students are only allowed to go to Dahlia Town once in three months (Only for High School Students)
  • No fighting
  • Part time jobs are forbidden
  • No smoking
  • Do not bring any music players
  • No flashy appearance



Note: the list below shows their current grade/year in the manga.

Unknown year

Former/Graduated Students


In the Academy

Outside the Academy

  • Education Center (At Touwa and West)



The academy is known as Grigio Academy, rather then Dahlia Academy in the special Chapter 0.

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