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Romeo and Princess Char

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"You are dating Persia, aren't you?"

Today, Char, the princess of the West, has returned to the academy after a whole year. The White Cats were in a panic when they heard she is back. All of them have gathered for her return. She has shown to be cruel to them since she is known to be the “Tyrant Princess”. Persia, her childhood friend, also greets her. Char was happy to see her, but there was a sign that she’s angry because of something. Speaking of angry, the Black Dogs were the only ones who aren’t greeting her. They will not become her slave even though she is a princess. Inuzuka, the leader of the Black Dogs, has gotten up a charge to attack her. However, before he laid his punch, Char said something that stops him by saying: “You’re dating with Persia, aren’t you?”. Inuzuka said he didn’t know what she was talking about, but Char showed him a photo of him and Persia to blackmail him. Thus, Inuzuka has to pretend he is defeated in front of everyone. Char then teases him by making him do all of her chores like massaging her, carrying her to her destination, and other things that will humiliate him.

Episode 3 Screenshot 20.png

It has been three days so far, and she still keeps on turning him into her slave. As long she has the photo, there is nothing Inuzuka could do. However, when they are near Persia, Char tried to bring both of them away as possible. Later, she received broadcast to meet a teacher, but she could tell it’s fake. She went to her room, expecting Inuzuka sneaking in there. When she opened the door, he wasn’t there. Still, she could tell he is hiding somewhere in the room. She first checks under the desk, but there was no one there. Next, she checks under the bed, but he isn’t there either. She thinks the last place Inuzuka could possibly hide is in the closet. However, when she opened it, he wasn’t there either. She began to realize the place he hid is behind the mirror, who is actually a secret door. Inuzuka comes out of the hidden there, stating how anyone could have thought there would be a secret door here. He found it by accident when Char tried to come in. He panicked and tried to escape through the window, but jumped into the mirror instead. The impact opens the hidden door. Something is shocking inside of it: a pile of photos of Persia ever since elementary until now. Inuzuka could tell from the fact that she has a crush on Persia, and she planned to break both of them apart. She was jealous of his relationship with Persia. Char told him to shut up, adding he doesn’t know her feelings for her. Persia was there ever since they were little and always supported her, becoming her most precious person. The princess couldn’t forgive the fact that she is dating a person like Inuzuka. As Char cries, her childhood friend knocks and tries to get inside since they both shared the same room. Char told her to wait before opening the door. Char refuses to move as she doesn't want Persia to see the photos that express her feelings for her. Inuzuka told her to buy him some time, so he could hide all of these photos. Char doesn’t know why he is helping her, but she tried to stop Persia from entering the room. Persia has important plans, so she forces her way in. Luckily for the princess, Inuzuka managed to hide all of the photos away before she notices them.

Persia was getting ready for her plans tonight. Char looks at Persia and says it must be really important since she’s making a face like that. She feels like Persia won’t come back. Persia assumed it wasn't true. No matter what happens, she will always be at her side since they are best friends. Persia then called her Char by accident. Persia apologizes for calling her that way, but Char said it’s fine. She can call her that from now on, but only her since she is special to her. Persia left as she has planned. After she left, Char opens the hidden door, seeing Inuzuka looking at all the pictures that Char has collected. Char asks him why he would help her after all she has done to him. Inuzuka said that if she has been found out, then he can’t blackmail her, pissing her. Inuzuka then touches her shoulder, saying he understands the feeling unable to tell a person that you love them. Char slaps his hand off her shoulder and says that she still doesn’t approve of their relationship because if they are together, Persia will be in danger. Inuzuka comments she isn't cute, which she agreed. After all, she is the “Tyrant Princess” of the West, Princess Char, and makes a cute grimace.

Romio & Char & The Present

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Persia’s birthday will be next week. Char is excited and wonders what present she should give her. Persia enters the room, and Char asks what she would like for her birthday. Persia said it isn’t necessary, but she does have a favor for that day. Persia says her favor, and it makes Char angry inside. The next day, Char went out to Dahlia Town after asking permission. In town, she was looking for a present for Persia. She then saw a white cat doll and decided to buy it for her. But when she reaches the doll, Inuzuka was there as well. The both of them began to argue. A police officer came to stop them, but he notices that Princess Char is out of school. The police officer told Char to return to school since there is a Touwa element hiding on the Island. Without an escort, he will not allow Char out alone from school. Char wants to get out of the situation and tells the officer that she does have a strong escort from the West. She drags Inuzuka to a clothes store, changes his outfit, and dyes his hair to make it look like he’s from the West, though the policeman knows he is the same person. After she gets away from the police officer, Inuzuka asks why he should be her escort. He doesn’t feel interested, so he decides to leave. Without Inuzuka being her escort, she will end up in the same situation as before. Char states he is here to get a present for Persia, right? Well, lucky for him, she knows what she wants and gladly shares it with her "escort". Inuzuka stopped and thought about it. He says Persia will be happy with whatever he brought for her. Char asks if he is sure about that. If Persia receives something useless from her first love, then it may lead to a breakup.

Char trying to seduce Romio

With no other choice, Inuzuka will be Char’s escort. Their first stop will be a Bikini shop, which makes Inuzuka embarrassed. They then left without getting a present there. Inuzuka started to think that Char actually doesn’t know what Persia wants. Though Char told Inuzuka how her lover would not know what she wants in the first place. They then started too argued until a storm came out of nowhere. They look for shelter and dry themselves off. Inuzuka helps Char dry her uniform since he could see her bra due to her clothes being wet. Char then took the opportunity and tried to make a deal with Inuzuka. She tries to seduce him by telling him if he gives Persia to her, then she will do anything he wants. Suddenly for her, Inuzuka hit her head, saying she shouldn’t say that to someone who doesn’t want to hear it. The rain has stopped, and Char kicks Inuzuka for payback and leaves. While heading back, she remembers her past with Persia where she was the first who didn’t obey her orders and later became her close friend. During the moment, some Touwa gang showed up. They grab her from behind and won’t let her go. They were under a bridge so nobody could see them. Char kicked the person who was holding her. She then plans to punish the other one. Then Inuzuka showed up asking what’s going on. They want Inuzuka to help them to take down Char so they could take over Dahlia Town. Inuzuka seems interested since he also hates her, but he grabs the Touwa person and hits his head to the wall, saying he is her escort right now. Char asks why he would save her since she doesn’t need it. Inuzuka did it not for her sake, but if something happens to Char, then Persia would be worried. Char then laughs after hearing that and mentally comments about how he is more stupid than she is.

It’s already afternoon, and the two of them are together at the view of the town. Char said she’s jealous of Inuzuka since Persia wants Char to lie to the housemaster since she wants to spend her birthday with Inuzuka. For someone like Persia to break a school rule, Inuzuka started to make a face of trill. Char is happy if she is alongside with Persia. But since she’s getting closer to Inuzuka, there must be a face that she is only showing to him. This hurts her, and Char starts crying. Char then gives Inuzuka a gift as thanks for being her escort today.

Chartreux and Juliet

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Char was outside of her room while listening to Persia, who was inside. Persia was embarrassed about something which had to happen between her and Inuzuka. Even though she said: “It’s just the cheek”, Char already understood the situation. Char has already prepared for the day to come, but Persia is still pure. Persia already has planned with Inuzuka, so Char decided to spy on them. She climbed up a tree to have a better view, but when she reached the top, Scott was also there spying on Persia. Char kicks him out of the tree and spies on Persia. Persia has sent a Letter Arrow at Inuzuka’s room. With the hidden recorder, she put it in Inuzuka’s room. Inuzuka reads Persia’s letter that says they will meet at the main gate at 3 o’clock. The two of them meet, and Car is pissed for seeing that the two were flirting around. Char finds it annoying and plans on disturbing them until she heard two Prefects, Kochou and Teria, who were looking for Inuzuka. Char thinks it will be great because if the couple were to be found by the Prefects, then the date will be canceled, and she doesn’t have to do anything. However, she then realizes that Persia will be in trouble. Leaving her no choice, Char showed herself to the Prefects and lied to them that Inuzuka is at the flower bed while being naked and that they should leave him alone for now. After Kochou and Teria left, Char went on spying on them but noticed they already left.

Char saying “Thank You” to Scott

She then found them in the rose garden. Moreover, two more Prefects, Cait and Sieber are heading their way. It can’t be helped, therefore, Char blocked the junction so that Sieber won’t see Inuzuka and Persia. Char was exhausted while telling Inuzuka and Persia to be more careful next time. Nevertheless, when she turned around, they already left. After an hour looking for them, Char found them in the backyard looking at flowers. She heard someone coming, and it was Scott again. She put a dog collar on him and tied him on a tree. Char then approaches Inuzuka and Persia to stop it. Suddenly, Persia hides behind Inuzuka, trying to avoid her. Char is shocked seeing her like that and believes she wants to be with Inuzuka that bad. Char thought there was no room for her here, so she left them alone. Char returns to Scott and gives him the key to let him go. Scott then calls out to her as she looks lonely. He said he understands about her. She’s selfish, making others her slaves, moody, being so sweet to herself, but lonely and always clinging to Persia. Still, to make things comfortable for the White Cats, she donated a lot of money to the academy. Scott always sees them properly, the things about her. Char, annoyed, decides to take the key back, then sweetly thanked Scott.

Back at the dorm, Char was happy that there is someone else other than Persia, who was looking at her properly. She believes it’s time to separate from Persia. Persia then enters the room, dirtied. Char is pissed, believing that Inuzuka pushes her down, but Persia said that wasn’t the reason. Persia gives her some flowers that she picked up earlier with Inuzuka. She apologizes back when she hides from her, but it’s just to hide the flowers from Char. Char said that she doesn’t need lilies from Inuzuka, but she accepts them, thrilled. In her mind, she said she knew it as she won't hand over her angel that easily to Inuzuka.

Princess Char, Juliet, And The Autumn Festival 1 and 2

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It’s the Autumn festival. People and students came to Dahlia Town to celebrate it by writing their wish on lanterns and release it to the sky all at once. There was only one ticket left, so Char rush in to get it. When she grabbed the ticket, however, Inuzuka was also there trying to buy it as well. Char then kicked Inuzuka and managed to buy the ticket. Inuzuka is pissed with the way she got it. Inuzuka tried to get the ticket, but Char complains the Westerns around them to hold him down. She then escaped with Persia.

Char and Persia are alone together. Char then asks Persia if she remembers the thing they promise in the past. Before she got to finish her sentence, Dahliky-kun has shown up and wants to give Char a balloon. Char then accepts the give and gets her wallet. Dahliky-kun then steal Char’s pouch. It turns out the person inside the costume is Inuzuka. He grabs Persia and try to escape Char. Char then called out to the kids that Dahliky-kun is nearby. They then rush to Inuzuka, wanting to play with him. Inuzuka is trying to get away, but Persia told him not to ruin their dreams. With no choice, Inuzuka has to play the Dahliky-kun role. The kids then jump onto him, holding him down. Char grabbed her pouch and left. Inuzuka then escaped the costume, and the two of them were fighting. Persia then grabs the pouch from them. She wants to know the reason why they are fighting for it and won’t give it unless they tell her. Both Char and Inuzuka couldn’t tell the reason why since it’s for her. Persia then suggests the two of them to get along in the festival, then she will return it to them. Both Char and Inuzuka find that impossible, but Persia just wants all of them to have fun at the festival together. The two of them then accept the deal right away. Even though they were still fighting with one another without letting Persia know it. The two of them were trying to make Persia comfortable, but end up hurting her instead, and they argued after that. After a time out, a stranger has pushed Persia and run away. Persia was fine, but the pouch is stolen by him. Persia apologizes since it’s something important to them, but Char and Inuzuka don’t care about that right now. The thief has hurt Persia, and the two of them work together to bring him down.

The thief ran into the forest trying to escape. Char has called reinforcements to find the thief. After knowing where the thief was, Char and Inuzuka went all out to catch him. The thief is caught, and Char has successfully got her ticket back. Inuzuka then argued that he was the one who beat him first. The two quarreled again. During that time, the lanterns were released, which makes it too late for them. Char then leaves and tells him she’s going back to bed.

Flying the lanterns.png

Char watches the lanterns from a distance alone. She remembers when she and Persia were young, the two of them flew a lantern during the festival. They promise to do it again when they are in high school, but she couldn’t protect that promise. She also believes that Persia also forgot about it as well. Persia then showed up and said it’s rude of her to believe she forgot about it. Persia reveals she already brought a ticket for them to fly the lanterns together. She just forgot to tell her about it when Inuzuka showed up earlier. Speaking of him, he showed up with a Dahliky-kun mask with fuel inside. The mask is light, so it should be able to fly. Char asks why he would do that, and Inuzuka replied he was just free. Persia explains that she told her story to him, and this is his way to apologize. Inuzuka then admits defeat and tries to head back. However, Char grabbed Inuzuka and said she’s permitting him to do it together. The two of them wrote their wish “Together forever” and flew the mask. The mask was able to fly, and the students look happy. However, after a short amount of time, the mask caught on fire and burn to the ground. The three of them learned the loneliness of life during that night festival.

Romio, Princess Char, and Coffee 1 and 2

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Char in her waitress outfit

At the end of the day at Dahlia Academy, the students are returning to their dorms. However, Char has left the school by climbing up the school gate and held to West Village. She is doing her part-time job at a Café to have a raise. She has been working there already three days, and she’s getting the hang of it. She is under a disguise and is using a fake name, so the manager won’t know she is actually a princess and a student. It’s supposed to be a normal day at work, until she got an unexpected customer, Inuzuka. Char shuts the door, not letting him in, and locks it. After locking him out, the manager called her to serve the coffee to table 2. Char went to table 2, and it was Inuzuka again, who came through the window. Char drops the tray on purpose to spill coffee on him. The manager of the store rushes to the table and asks what’s going on. Inuzuka explains that the waitress here isn’t listening to a thing he says. The manager is angry at Char, telling her to apologize. Char refuses and tells him he is here just to ridicule her and not for coffee. The manager stated who cares if he’s here for that, he pays like anyone else, and money is important. Char has no choice but to obey and clean the mess she did. While she is at it, Inuzuka told Char if she knows her position. Wearing a disguise and having a fake name, while doing a part-time job as well as leaving the school grounds. If he told the manager about this, then Char will be fire right away unless she serves him as a normal customer.

Char then serves Inuzuka like a customer, but Inuzuka teases her along the way. Inuzuka is done and decides to leave. He adds that he is going to tell Persia about it since she is looking for her too. Char told Inuzuka not to while trying to prevent him from leaving. Inuzuka accidentally fell on the table, which flew the hot teapot and hit the manager’s head. The manager is sent to the hospital, and Inuzuka has to work here for his responsibility. Inuzuka asks Char why she would work here in the first place since she is a princess after all. Char explains it’s almost Valentine’s, and there is high-quality handmade chocolate designed as a Persian cat which costs 20000 yen. She wants to buy it for Persia as a present. It would be meaningless if she uses her money as a princess because Persia sees her as a friend, not as a princess. She is now working here to get a raise, so she could buy it as a friend. After the explanation, they have got their first customer. Unexpectedly for them, it’s the two White Cats Prefects, Cait and Sieber.

The two of them are in a rough spot. If they find out they are working here, they will make them quit. Cait then calls out to the waiters, telling them they want to have their orders, but no response nor anybody was there. Cait then came to the counter, thinking they have to order from there. Char has to respond since she is in disguise and asks what they want. Cait told her their order, but noticed something from her. He says they have a student who looks like her and asks if she has a sister at the academy. Things turn out alright, but they need to serve their drinks. Char put a mascot on Inuzuka, and he serves their drinks. After that, he tried to escape before they noticed something, but he tripped, which opened up his mask. With no other options, Char uses items on the counter and uses it to find Inuzuka’s face, which makes him look like a monster. Sieber is frightened and immediately leave the store.

They got lucky, but that was only the beginning. It’s already 7 p.m., and that’s when all the customers came by groups. Char will be the waitress while Inuzuka will take care of the kitchen. Char brings in the orders, and it looks too much for Inuzuka to handle. Char decides to do the cooking with Inuzuka. A customer was calling for her, and she went right back out. Each customer keeps annoying her, but she has to resists snapping out. Inuzuka is amazed that someone like her didn’t snap right away, but Char admits she is so close to doing it. Inuzuka gives Char a coffee he made, but Char said it tasted like mud, though she fully drank it. She went right back out to do her work. There were 30 minutes left before closing time. Suddenly, Char snaps and kicks a customer’s face to the ground. Inuzuka went out to see what’s going on and couldn’t believe she snapped just because a customer drops a cup of coffee. He told her to apologize, but Char refuses. Every customer then complains, saying this café is horrible. Char orders them to silence and will turn them into proper customers. Char removes her wig and reveals she is the princess from the West. The customers were shocked at seeing her here. Char wants to punish each customer who annoyed her one by one. Inuzuka tried to stop her, but the Westerns told him not too. In the end, the café has turned into a Sadist Café.

They close the store, and Char has reached her goal, though she isn’t happy that she used her princess' powers in the end. Inuzuka asks why she would snap after seeing a customer drop a coffee. Char recalls the time that the customer insulted Inuzuka. She doesn’t want to tell the reason to him. On their way, they came across Persia, who was waiting for them for so long.

Romio and Princess Char's Débutante Ball 1 and 2

~ Main article: Chapter 116 & Chapter 117 ~

Char invited Inuzuka to dance with her

Char has been advised by her mother to be a proper princess. Char then proceeds to the dance hall planning to clear a long-standing grudge with Inuzuka. After all the students arrive at the castle and got dressed, the other guests were wondering why there are Touwans in the castle. It slowly becomes a disaster. They tell them that Princess Char has invited them, which they don’t believe as they are not on the guest list. Char then showed up in the crowd and admitted she did, but she only needed one person. She raises her hand to Inuzuka, telling him to be her first dance partner. Everyone is shocked by her request that they even recorded live on screen. The queen warns Char to know what she is doing. It will shake this West country, and everyone will be her enemy. Char said she doesn’t know what she is talking about since there is no crime inviting a friend for a dance. The queen couldn’t do anything since the camera is rolling. The queen then assumed that they are doing this because they don’t know their history. Char admits it’s true, so they never questioned what the adults taught them. It’s important to teach history, but how will they feel about it? How will they accept it? It’s something they decide on their own, and she learned that from the academy. Diplomatic relationships and betrayal don’t matter. It’s foolish if you can’t declare what you love, so Char wants to make this country free. That is how she lives as a proper princess.

Inuzuka tries to warn Char that there is no turning back if she does this. Persia also told Char to stop since she will lose favor with the people. Char told them it’s alright since she is used to being hated anyway and is doing this for herself. Meanwhile, the demonstrators are trying to break in and demand to hand over Princess Char. Char speaks to the crowd, including the camera live. If there is anyone else who agrees to peaceful cultural exchange with Touwans, you don’t need to hide it. As a princess, she supports it. It’s time for them to reach a new era. That will be all from her. On the other hand, it’s time for the students to get out of there since it has almost become a riot. Before they leave, Romio Inuzuka speaks to the queen. He introduces himself and says he also hopes for both countries to change. They may be students, but he marks his words that they will become dignitaries. Char then pulls Inuzuka away so they could escape.

Char is satified.jpg

The students were planning to head to the airport. Char’s servants have delivered their school uniforms, so they don’t have to worry about that. They have left the back gate, and a bus has driven in front of them. It’s Scott who has borrowed the bus that brought them here. He figured this would have happened, so he came prepared. Everyone went in and held at the airport. Along the way, they could see the streets have become chaotic due to Char’s words. It’s almost if the world is changing in front of their eyes. Inuzuka thanks Char. What she did is a huge step in changing Westians’ opinions. Even if she said she was doing this for herself, he could tell she is doing it for all of them. Char then giggles and cheers that she won! She has changed the world before Inuzuka gets to! She then asks Persia how she did. Someone like Inuzuka would take years to achieve this. Char did all this to make him feel bitter about this. She has shown Persia how awesome she is. Inuzuka then realizes she did do it for herself. But to be honest, she was actually jealous that he told the girl she liked that he would change the world, while she was frustrated that she couldn’t do anything. They then arrive at the airport where they depart with Char, so she could clean up the mess she did.