Chartreux Westia (シャルトリュー・ウェスティア Sharutoryū Wesutia) is from the Boarding School Juliet series. She's the princess of the West, a member of White Cats House and the childhood friend of Juliet Persia.

Appearance Edit

Char is considered as the most beautiful, attractive and extremely well-endowed girl by members of the White Cats and the Black Dogs. She has short white hair that covers the left side of her face, golden-brown eyes and wears a tiara with cat ears.

Personality Edit

Chartreux is very protective of Juliet Persia, who treated her as a regular person when others were hesitate in how to talk to her because of her status. Char also seems obsessed with Juliet as she has collections of pictures of her in their closet and loves to meddles Juliet's relationship with Romio Inuzuka.

Despite her rivalry with him, Char sometimes goes to Inuzuka for help when Juliet is down and they work well together.

Plot Edit

Romeo and Princess Char Edit

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Episode 3 Screenshot 6

"You are dating Persia, aren't you?"

Today Char the princess of the West have return to the academy after a whole year. The White Cats were in a panic when they heard she have return. All of them have gathered for her return. She have shown to be cruel to them since she is known to be the “Tyrant Princess”. Persia, her childhood friend also greet her. Char was happy to see her but there was a sign that she’s angry because of something. Speaking of angry, the Black Dogs were the only one who isn’t greeting her. They will not become her slave even though she is a princess. Inuzuka the leader of the Black Dogs have gotten up a charge to attack her. But before he laid his punch. Char said something that stop him right away. “You’re dating with Persia aren’t you?” Inuzuka said he doesn’t know what she is talking about, but Char showed him a photo of him and Persia which Inuzuka have to pretend he is defeated in front of everyone. Char then tease him but making him to do all of her chores like massaging her, carrying her to her destination and other things which will humiliate him.

Episode 3 Screenshot 20

It have been three days so far and she still keep on turning him into her slave. As long she have the photo, there is nothing Inuzuka could do. However when they are near with Persia, Char tried to bring the both of them away as possible. Later she receive a broadcast to meet a teacher but she could tell it’s fake. She went to her room expecting Inuzuka sneaking in there. When she open the door he wasn’t there. But she could tell he is hiding somewhere in the room. She first check under the desk but there wasn’t anybody there. Next she check under the bed but there wasn’t anyone there either. The last place Inuzuka could possibly hide is inside the closet, but when she open it. There wasn’t anybody there. That means there could be only one place he could have hide and that is the hidden door behind the mirror. Inuzuka comes out of the hidden there saying who could have thought there would be a hidden door here. He found it by accident when Char tried to come in. He panic and tried to escape though the window but jump into the mirror instead. The impact open the hidden door. There is something shocking inside of it and it was a pile of photos of Persia ever since elementary until now. Inuzuka could tell from the fact that she have a crush on Persia and her plan was to break the both of them apart. She was jealous them. Char told him to shut up saying he doesn’t know her feelings for her. Persia was there ever since they were little and always support her. But she couldn’t forgive the fact that she is dating a person like Inuzuka. Speaking of Persia, she knock and trying to get inside since they both shared the same room. Char told her to wait before opening the door. Char just can’t move. If she sees these photos, then she will know about her feelings for her. Inuzuka told her to buy him sometime so he could hide all of these photos. Char doesn’t know why he is helping her but she tried to stop Persia from entering the room. Persia have important plans so she force her way in. Luckily, Inuzuka managed to hide all of the photos away before she notice them.

Persia was getting ready for her plans tonight. Char look at Persia saying it must be really important since she’s making a face like that. She feels like Persia won’t come back. Persia said she it isn’t true. No matter what happens, she will always be at her side since they are best friends. Persia then called her Car without saying princess. Persia apologies for calling her that way but Char said its fine. She can call her that from now on but only her since she is special to her. Persia then left saying she have plans. After she left, Char open the hidden door seeing Inuzuka looking at all the pictures that Char have collected. Char ask him why he would help her after all she done to him. Inuzuka said that if she been found out then he can’t blackmail her. Inuzuka then touch her shoulder saying he understand the feeling unable to tell a person you love her. Char said that she still doesn’t approve the both of them since if they are together, Persia will be in danger. However, during the night time, she went spying on them and decided to leave them both alone for now.

Romio & Char & The Present Edit

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Persia’s birthday will be next week. Char is exited and wondering what present she should give her. Persia enters the room and Char ask what she would like for her birthday. Persia said it isn’t necessary but she does have a favor for that day. Persia tell her favor and what she said mad Char angry inside. The next day, Char went out to Dahlia Town after asking permission. In town, she was looking for a present for Persia. She then saw a white cat doll and decided to buy it for her. But when she reach the doll. Inuzuka was there as well! The both of them then argued. A police officer came to stop them but he notice that Princess Char is out of school. The police officer told Char to return to school since there is a Touwa element hiding in the Island. Without a escort he will not allow Char out alone from school. Char need to get out of the situation and told the officer she does have a strong escort form the West. She drag Inuzuka to a clothes store and change his outfit to make it look like he’s from the West. After she get away from the police officer, Inuzuka ask why should he be her escort. He doesn’t felt interested so he decided to leave. Without Inuzuka being her escort, she will end up in the same situation like before. Char then say he is here to get a present for Persia isn’t it. Well lucky for him she knows what she want and gladly share it with her escort. Inuzuka stopped and think about it. He say Persia will be happy with whatever he brought for her. Char then say if he is sure about that. If Persia receive something useless from her first love then it may lead to a break up.

Episode 9 Screenshot 9

Char seducing Romio

With no other choice Inuzuka will be Char’s escort. Their first stop will be a Bikini shop which make Inuzuka embarrass. They then left without getting a present there. Inuzuka started to think tht Char actually doesn’t know what Persia want. Though Char told Inuzuka how her lover would not know what she wants in the first place. They then started too argued until a storm came out of nowhere. They look for shelter and dry themselves off. Inuzuka help Char dry her uniform since he could see her bra due to her clothes being wet. Char then took the opportunity and tried to make a deal with Inuzuka. If he give Persia to her and she will do anything he wants. But Inuzuka hit her head saying she shouldn’t say that to someone who doesn’t want to hear it. The rain have stop and Char kick Inuzuka for pay back and leave. While heading back she remembers her past with Persia where she was the first who didn’t obey her orders and lately becomes close friends. During the moment, some Touwa gang showed up. They grab her from behind and won’t let her go. They were under bridge so nobody could see them. Char kick the person who was holding her. She then plans to punish the other one. Then Inuzuka showed up asking what’s going on? They want Inuzuka to help them to take down Char so they could take over Dahlia Town. Inuzuka was interested since he also hate her. But he grab the Touwa person and hit his head to the wall saying he is her escort right now. Char ask why would he save her since she doesn’t need it. Inuzuka did it not for her sake but if something happens to Char then Persia will be worried. Char then laugh after hearing that.

It’s already afternoon and the two of them are together at the view of the town. Char said she’s jealous of Inuzuka since Persia want Char to lie to the housemaster since she want to spent her birthday with Inuzuka. For someone like Persia to break a school rule Inuzuka started to make a face of trill. Char is happy if she is alongside with Persia. But since she’s getting closer to Inuzuka, there must be a face that she is only showing to him. This hurts her and Char started crying. Char then give Inuzuka a gift for being her escort today. Maybe he should think of a present for her instead.

Chartreux and Juliet Edit

~ Main article: Chapter 22 ~

Char was outside her room while listening Persia who was inside. She was embrass of something which had happen between her and Inuzuka. Though the part she said Ït just the cheek”, Char already understood the situation. Char already prepare for the day to come but she is still pure. Persia already have plan with Inuzuka so Char decided to spy on them. She climb up a tree to have a better view but when she reach the top, Scott was there spying on Persia. Char kick him out of the tree and spy on Persia. Persia have send a Letter Arrow at Inuzuka’s room. With the hidden recorder she put in Inuzuka’s room. Inuzuka read Persia’s letter that they will meet at the main gate at 3 o’clock. The two of them meet and Car was pists seeing that the two were flirting around. Char find it annoying and plan on disturbing them. Until she heard two prefects, Kochou and Teria were looking for Inuzuka. Char find it will be great since if they were to found out by the perfects, then the date will be cancelled and she doesn’t have to do anything. But she then realize that Persia will be in trouble. With no other choice, Char showed herself to the prefects saying that Inuzuka is at the flower bed while being naked. They should leave him alone for now. After Kochou and Teria left. Char went but on spying on them but notice they already left!

Char saying thanks to Scott

Char saying Thank You

She then found them at the rose garden. But two more prefects, Cait and Sieber was heading their way. It can’t be help but Char block the junction so that the prefects won’t see Inuzuka and Persia. Char was exhausted while telling Inuzuka and Persia to be more careful next time. But when she turn around, they already left! After an hour looking for them. Char found them at the backyard looking at flowers. She heard someone coming and it was Scott again! She but a dog collar on him and tied him on a tree. Char then approach Inuzuka and Persia to stop it. But Persia hide behind Inuzuka trying to avoid her. Char was shock seeing her like that and believe she want to be with Inuzuka that badly. Char find there is no room for her here so she left them alone. Char return to Scott giving him the key to let him go. Scott then call out to him saying she looks lonely. He said he understand about her. She’s selfish, making others her slaves, moody, being so sweet to herself but lonely and always clings to Persia. But to make things comfortable for the White Cats, she donated a lot of money to the academy. Scott always see them properly, the things about her. Char then take the key back and thanked Scott.

Back at the dorm, Char was happy that there is someone else other than Persia who was looking at her properly. She believe it’s time to separate with Persia. Persia then enters the room being dirty. Char was pist believe that Inuzuka push her down but Persia said that wasn’t the reason. Persia give her some flowers that she pick up earlier with Inuzuka. She apologies back when she hide from her but it’s just to hide the flowers from Char. Char said that she doesn’t need lilies from Inuzuka but she accept them feeling trilled.

Princess Char, Juliet, And The Autumn Festival 1 and 2 Edit

~ Main article: Chapter 29 & Chapter 30 ~

Today is the Autumn festival. People and students came to Dahlia Town to celebrate it by writing their wish on a lanterns and a release it to the sky all at once. There was only one ticket left so Char rush in to get it. But when she grab the ticket, Inuzuka was also there trying to buy it as well! Char then kick Inuzuka and managed to buy the ticket. Inuzuka was really pist with the way she got it. Inuzuka tried to get the ticket but Char complain the Westerns around them to hold him down. She then escaped with Persia.

Char and Persia were alone. Char then ask Persia if she remember the thing they promise in the past. But before she got to finish her sentence. Dahliky-kun have showed up wanted to give Char a balloon. Char then accept the give and get her wallet. Dahliky-kun then stole Char’s pouch. Turns out inside the costume was Inuzuka! He grab Persia trying to escape. Char then called out to the kids that Dahliky-kun is nearby. They then rush to Inuzuka wanted to play with him. Inuzuka was trying to get away but Persia told him not to ruin their dreams. With no other choice, Inuzuka have to play the Dahliky-kun role. The kid’s then jump on to him holding him down. Char grabbed her pouch and leave. Inuzuka then escaped the costume and the two of them were fighting. Persia then grabbed the pouch from them. She want to know the reason why they are fighting for it and won’t give it but unless they tell her. Both Char and Inuzuka couldn’t tell the reason why since it’s for her. Persia then suggest the two of them to get along in the festival, then she will return it to them. Both Char and Inuzuka find that impossible but Persia just want all of them to have fun in the festival together. The two of them then accept the deal right away. Even though they said that, they were still fighting with one another but without letting Persia know it. The two of them were trying to make Persia comfortable but end up hurting her instead and they argued after that. After a time out, a stranger have push Persia and run away. Persia was fine but the pouch was stolen by him! Persia apologies since it’s something important to them but Char and Inuzuka doesn’t care about that right now. The thief have hurt Persia and the two of them work together to bring him down.

The thief have run into the forest trying to escape. Char have called reinforcements to find the thief. After knowing where the thief was, Char and Inuzuka went all out to catch him. The thief was caught and Char have successfully got her ticket back. Inuzuka then argued that he was the one who beat him first. The two have argued again. During that time, they already release the lanterns which make it too late for them. Char then leave saying she’s going back to bed.

Flying the lanterns

Char was watching the lanterns from a distance alone. She remember when she and Persia were young, the two of them flew a lantern during the festival. They promise to do it again when they are in high school. But she couldn’t protect that promise. She also believe that Persia also forgot about it as well. Persia then showed up saying it’s ruled of her believe she forgot about it. Turns out Persia already brought a ticket for them to fly the lanterns together. She just forgot to tell her about it when Inuzuka showed up earlier. Speaking of Inuzuka, he showed up with a Dahliky-kun mask with fuel inside. The mask is light so it should be able to fly. Char ask why would he do that and Inuzuka replied saying he was just free. Though Persia explain that she told her story to him and this is his way to apologize. Inuzuka then admit defeat and trying to head back. Though Char grabbed Inuzuka saying she’s giving him permission to do it together. The two of them wrote their wish “Together forever” and flew the mask. The mask was able to fly and Char look happy. But after a short amount of time, the mask caught on fire and burn to the ground. The three of them learned of loneliness of life during that night festival.

Romio, Princess Char, and Coffee 1 and 2 Edit

~ Main article: Chapter 64 & Chapter 65 ~

Char's disguise

Char in her waitress outfit

The end of the day at Dahlia Academy, the students are returning to their dorms. However, Char have leave the school by climbing up the school gate and held to West Village. There she is doing her part time job at a Café to have a raise. She been working there already three days and she’s getting the hang of it. She is wearing a disguise and using a fake name so the manager won’t know she is actually a princess and a student. Today was supposed to be a normal day at work until she got a unexpected customer. It was Inuzuka! Char shut the door not letting him in and lock it. After locking him out, the manager called her to serve the coffee to table 2. Char went to table 2 and it was Inuzuka again who came though the window. Char drop the tray on purpose to spill coffee on him. The manager of the store rush to the table ask what’s going on. Inuzuka explain that the waitress here isn’t listening a thing he say. The manager was angry at Char telling her to apologize. But Char refuses saying he is here just to ridicule her and not for coffee. But the maager said who cares if he’s here for that, he pays like anyone else and money is important. With no choice Cha have to obey and clean the mess she did. While she is at it, Inuzuka told Char if she knows her position. Wearing a disguise and a fake name, while doing a part time job as well leaving the school grounds. If he told the manager about this, then Char will be fire right away unless she serve him like a normal customer.

Char then serve Inuzuka like a customer but Inuzuka tease her along the way. Inuzuka is done and decided to leave. Though he is going to tell Persia about it since she is looking for her too. Char told Inuzuka not to do it while trying to prevent him to leave. But Inuzuka accidently fell on the table which flew the hot teapot and hit the manager’s head. The manager was sent to the hospital Inuzuka have to work here for his responsibility. Inuzuka ask Char why would she work here in the first place since she is a princess after all. Char explain it’s almost valentine’s and there is a high0-quality handmade chocolate designed as a Persian cat which cost 20000 yen. She want to buy it for Persia as a present. It would be meaningless if she use her money as a princess. So she is working here to get a raise so she could buy it as a friend. But the explanation, they have got their first customer. But unfortunately for them it’s the two White Cats prefect, Cait and Sieber!

The two of them are in a rough spot. If they find out they are working here, they will make them quit. Cait and Annie then call out to the waiter saying they want to have their order. But no respond nor anybody was there. Cait then came to the counter thinking they have to order from there. Char have to respond since she is in disguise asking what they want. Cait told her their order but notice something from her. Cait said they have a student who look like her and ask if she have a sister at the academy. Things turn out alright but they need to serve their drinks. Char put a mascot on Inuzuka and he serve their drinks. After that he tried to escape before they notice something but he trip which open up his mask. With no other options, Char use items on the counter and use it to find Inuzuka’s face which make him look like a monster. Sieber was frighten and leave the store right away.

They got lucky but that was only the beginning. It’s already 7pm and that’s where all the customers came by groups. Char will be the waitress while Inuzuka will take care in the kitchen. Char bring in the orders and it looks too much for Inuzuka to handle. With no choice Char do the cooking with Inuzuka. A customer was calling for her and she went right back out. Each customers keep annoys her but she have to resists snapping out. Inuzuka was amaze someone like her didn’t snap right away but Char admit she is so close on doing it. Inuzuka give Char a coffee he made but Char said it taste like mud. She went right back out to do her work. There was 30 minutes left before closing time. There was a customer who threw him coffee to the floor after knowing a Touwa person making it. Char snap and kick his face to the ground. Inuzuka went out to see what’s going on and couldn’t believe she snapped that a customer drop a cup of coffee. He told her to apologize but Char refuses. Every customer then complain saying this café is horrible. Char told them to silence and will turn them into proper customers. Char remove her wig and reveal she is the princess from the west. The customers were shock seeing her here. Char then punishment each customers which annoys her one by one. Inuzuka tried to stop her but the Westerns told him not too. In the end the café have turn into a Sadist Café!

The close the store and Char have reach her goal. Though she isn’t happy she use her princess powers in the end. Inuzuka ask why would she snap after seeing a customer drop a coffee. Char doesn’t want to tell the reason why. On their way they came across Persia who was waiting for them so long.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name comes from the Chartreux.
  • She is the first person who found out about the relationship between Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia.
  • She have secretly put a recorder inside Inuzuka's room so she could listen all of his plans with Persia.
  • She likes to bully Scott Fold because he is trying his best to make Persia date him.
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