Chartreux Westia (シャルトリュー・ウェスティア Sharutoryuu Wesutia) is from the Boarding School Juliet series. She's the first princess of West Duchy (ウェスト公国 Wesuto Koukoku), a member of White Cats House and the childhood friend of Juliet Persia.

Appearance Edit

Char is considered as the most beautiful, attractive and extremely well-endowed girl by members of the White Cats House and the Black Doggie House. She has short white hair that covers the left side of her face and golden-brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Chartreux is very protective of Juliet Persia, who treated her as a regular person when others were hesitate in how to talk to her because of her status. Char also seems obsessed with Juliet as she has collections of pictures of her in their closet and loves to meddles Juliet's relationship with Romio Inuzuka.

Despite her rivalry with him, Char sometimes goes to Inuzuka for help when Juliet is down and they work well together.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her name comes from the Chartreux.
  • Char is unable to say Juliet's first name without fainting.