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This is the ninetieth-third chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


The new prefects are having a meeting for the upcoming sport festival. Unfortunately, it's not going so well.



The new Prefects are having a joint meeting for the upcoming sports festival. However, it’s not going well so far. Inuzuka wanted both Black Dogs and White Cats to be on the same team, but Scott refused. Leon then suggests using the exhibition match, which will be held up before the festival. A match made of Black Dogs and White Cats to heat up the match. Some refuse, and some don’t. They all began to argue with one another. Airu then enters the room along with Kochou and Teria with an angry tone. He gives them a full 30 minutes lecture on how careless they are right now. Inuzuka admits with what he said, but he tells him that they won’t lose to the third-years. Cait, who overheard it, suddenly showed up from the window, taking it as a challenge. They want them to accept the challenge, but Persia sees no reason why they should. Sieber and Rex also showed up, saying they don’t have confidence in themselves. Inuzuka notices something was up since all the third-years Prefects are here. He then accepts the challenge to prove which Prefects are more superior.

3rd prefects year want to beat the 2nd year prefects.png

During the exhibition match, Persia asks Inuzuka why he accepted the challenge. He told her that there was something up with how the third-years Prefects were acting. Even though they were accepted, the second-years are yet to be wholly accepted as Prefects. But what if they win here? Inuzuka believes the third-years Prefects are planning to lose on purpose for the second-years’ sake. The exhibition match was about to begin. The game is called “Dahlia Wall Game”, which will be host by Shuna and Ameria. The rules are simple: the first team to get the ball on the other team’s goal is the winner. Inuzuka tells his brother that he will intend to learn from this. When the match begins, Char tossed the ball upwards. Inuzuka and Scott tried to get it but were stopped by Rex. Airu tells Inuzuka that he’s mistaken. Their goal is to get rid of their ego by stomping all of them into the ground. Inuzuka, unfortunately, realizes that his theory was wrong.