Template:Namespace Romio, Teria and The Final Exam (まつけん, Romio to Teria to Kimatsu Shiken?) is the sixtieth-ninth chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


The final exam is three months away. The students are all studying hard. The Black Dogs are doing their study camp again. However, Inuzuka wanted to study alone in his room.



It is three days before final exams. Everyone is studying hard in preparation. Kochou helps Hasuki on Chemistry which makes Hasuki happy, saying that Kochou was dependable. Teria imagines Romio telling her that and smiles happily inside. She asks Hasuki if Romio was studying, and Hasuki tells her that Romio said he would study alone.

Teria goes to knock on the door of Romio's room. She opens it and asks if he's there, and she is met by Romio's zombie-like face, which scares her.




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