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"Scott and Juliet" is the sixty-first chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


While Inuzuka and Leon were talking at the Black Doggy House, Scott is trying to find away to be Rex's servant.



Scott went to see Rex to ask him to be his Servant. Rex refuses right away. He asks why he wants to be his Servant in the first place. Scott replied that he heard that Persia has become Sieber's Servant and that she is aiming to be a Prefect. Therefore he wants to be a Prefect too, so he could assist her. Princess Char also won't be disturbing them, so they could be together forever. Rex then hit Scott, saying that it isn't manly enough. Not to mention, he already has a Servant, who is Somali. She came and applied to be his Servant a few minutes before Scott arrived. She is cute and strong, which makes her perfect to be Rex's Servant. There were no other Prefects left except Rex to accept Scott as his Servant. He begs Rex to give him a chance. The Prefect can't go back to his words unless Somali wants to give him a chance. She is awfully kind as she accepts. Rex then decided on a competition about which one of them shows how manly they are.

Scott shows his manliness

In the hall, Rex set up a boxing ring. The White Cats come to watch what's going on. Rex introduces both Somali and Scott in the ring. The two of them will engage in pro wrestling.  The rules are simple: the first to give up loses, and there will be no time limit. The match begins, and Scott charges in. He uses the ropes to slingshot him behind Somali and grabs her from behind. Nonetheless, Somali knocks Scott into a pole while saying he is a pervert. He tries to use his “Cobra twist” technique, but it was used against him instead. The match has run for 2 hours, and none of them give up. Somali is getting tired, and Scott has almost reached his limits. Somali tried to do her finishing blow, but Scott managed to get up once more. Rex then said that is enough. He won't allow the fight to continue since it's dangerous for him. He's sure that Persia will acknowledge Scott with his efforts, but Scott refuses. It's not about being acknowledged, it's not about love, but it's for her. She helped change him back then, and now he wants to repay the favor. He must help her reach the top. Rex then sees the manliness from Scott. Somali gives up, exhausted. Scott has won and becomes Rex's Servant.