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"Romio, Char and a Present" is the fourteenth chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


There is only a week left before Persia's birthday. Char is really exited to buy a present for Persia. When she ask her what she wants. Her responds cause rage and chaos inside of Char.



Chartreux wonders what she should get for Juliet's birthday, which is in a week. Juliet comes out of the bath, and asks Chartreux for a favor.

In Romio's dorm, he is wondering the same thing. The twins appear, and Romio accidentally stabs Kochou with a pen in shock.

Kochou says that Teria had been following the person she was interested in, but was scared to approach him. Kochou then says that they needed to leave to Dahlia Town, and Romio is interested. He asks the twins to swap with him so that he could go to Dahlia Town, and they agree.

In Dahlia Town, Romio spots a white cat on display, and he goes to grab it, but Chartreux does at the same time. They fit over the doll, and it rips in half, angering both of them.

A police officer walks up to them, but stops when he notices Chartreux. He tells her that it is unsafe because of Touwa radicals hiding there. Chartreux wonders if she should put her pride or Juliet's present first, and she decides that Juliet's present is more important so she tells the police officer that she has a strong bodyguard and pulls Romio away with her into a building.

Chartreux comes out of the building with Romio dressed like a white cat, and tells the officer that Romio is her bodyguard. The guard is not convinced by the disguise.

In an alleyway, Romio and Chartreux talk. Romio does not want to help Chartreux, but she says that she knows that Juliet would want. This makes Romio grudgingly agree to help her.

The first shop Chatreux pulls Romio into is the lingerie store, even though Romio does not want to go in. Chatreux shows Romio babydoll nightwear, but Romio thinks it's too revealing so he suggests a pair of bear pants. They argue about clothes. At school, Juliet says she feels a chill. In the end, they choose a bra that they both agree on. In the end, Chatreux buys it.

As Romio and Chartreux walk on the road, it suddenly rails. They seek shelter under a roof, and their clothes are soaked. Romio hands her his coat because the rain made her clothes transparent.

Char backs him up against a wall suggestively, saying that she would do anything for him if he gave up Juliet. Romio flicks her on the head and says he doesn't have feelings for her. She kicks him and says she didn't like him anyways, but if he were to agree she would've told Juliet.

When Chatreux walks back alone, she said that it had been a long time someone had told her off. She says that everyone would be nice to her, but she got the name 'tyrant princess' when she became selfish. Back then, the only one who would dare tell her off was Juliet.

Suddenly, a hand is slapped over Chatreux's mouth. Two Touwan radicals had captured her because he believed that Dahlia belonged to Touwans. Chartreux kicks the one that had grabbed her in the head.

Romio appears and puts a shoulder on the other one. The radical asks Romio to take her out because they were both Touwans. Romio says that while he didn't like her, he was Chartreux's escort first.

Chartreux angrily asks why Romio helped her, and Romio said it was for Juliet. Chartreux laughs and calls him weird.

They look out by the sea. Chatreux says that she was jealous, because for the night of Juliet's birthday, Juliet asked Chatreux to lie to the dorm master because she wanted to visit Romio. Chatreux said that it hurt, and Romio is sympathetic.

She hands Romio the bra that she bought as a reward for being Chartreux's escort for the day. Romio wonders what he should do with it.

Chartreux thinks that she was trying to split them up, but that Romio saved her for Juliet's sake. She decides to stop meddling for now, because the two of them would split up if they had to hover around each other all the time.

Somewhere else, Kochou and Teria follow Aru, asking where he is going. Aru says that if what they said about Romio is true, then Romio had to be expelled from the school.