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"Romio and Prefects" is the thirteenth chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


Both Black Dogs Prefects Kochou Wang and Teria Wang are curious about Inuzuka. They then try to investigate him.



Kochou, Teria, and Aru talk about the festival.

Outside, Romio tells Juliet that a harvest festival is being held at the lake behind school grounds. He asks her if she would like to go together. Juliet agrees, but says that she should probably not pose as Julio for a while because Maru is suspicious.

She says visiting the stalls together would be a tall order, but she says she could slip away before the fireworks so that they could watch them together. Juliet then leaves from the sewer.

Romio cheers to himself.

Suddenly, Kochou falls out of a tree and Romio catches her. He asks how she fell out of a tree. She tells him to put her down because she was touching her breast, and he apologizes, saying he didn't notice it was there.

She snaps at him, calling him rude, and asks if he knew who she was. He tells her he didn't know anyone in middle school. This causes her to bite his hand.

As that happens, Teria also drops down from the tree, landing on Romio's head. Kochou introduces them as 14-year old second years from high school. Kochou said they were rescuing a cat.

Hasuki comes and asks what is going on, and Romio tells her that strange kids were bothering him. Hasuki pales and apologizes on Romio's behalf. Hasuki tells Romio that they were pharmacy expert Kochou and engineering expert Teria, both prefects.

Romio thinks to himself that prefects were powerful, and that if one were to earn a prefect's ire, they could have liberties taken away from them.

Kochou says that she noticed Romio scheming under the bench. Romio pales, wondering if she saw Juliet. He makes up an excuse and says that he was talking to the ants under the bench and asked if they wanted to come to the festival. Everyone is silent for a moment, and Kochou calls Romio pathetic. Hasuki looks at Romio in pity and asks if she should tell some of her friends to go to the festival with him.

At the end of the day, Romio is tired and goes back to his dorm. But when he gets there, Kochou and Teria are in his room. Teria holds up a rosary and asks Romio why he has it, and he snatches it away from her, knocking Teria to the ground.

Kochou angrily asks what Romio is doing to her sister, and Romio realizes he has Teria pinned to the ground. He gets off her, and boards his room from them, only to see that they have gotten back in with him.

At the festival, Scott tells Juliet that he has prepared a seat for her, and it is throne held up by a group of people. Juliet sweatdrops and denies Scott, so Chartreux takes the seat instead. Scott and Chartreuc get angry at each other, so Juliet slips away.

She finds Romio in the forest, where he is also sneaking away from Kochou and Teria. They avoid the crowd.

Later, a fight breaks out and Teria and Kochou stop them. Romio challenges them to a fight, and they end up playing at many of the stalls. Afterwards, he tells them that they could've asked if they wanted to hang out with him. He pats them on the head and tells them that were allowed to act more like kids sometimes.

Afterwards, Teria says that if Romio were to become a prefect, he would probably cause a revolution.

Romio runs back to Juliet, who is still hiding in a barrel as fireworks go off. Romio hopes that she is not angry, and Juliet says that she got to watch Romio's kindness. She says that she would forgive him if he bought her sweets.



  • In the manga Inuzuka buys Persia some sweets as a apology for leaving her in a barrel. In the anime, Inuzuka brought them sparklers.