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"Nursing and Juliet" is the twelfth chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


After the sports festival, Inuzuka is put in a living hell. He then gain a fever after all the stress.



A month has passed since the sports festival. Juliet's injury has healed, Aby has fallen from grace, Hasuki is now the leader of the first year black dogs, and Romio is sick with a fever.

Hasuki takes his temperature and thinks that Romio's temperature was not going down. She says that Romio was sick from stress because he had spent a long time helping people lately.

She thinks about him affectionately, but tells herself to stop because Romio already liked Juliet. Suddenly, she is pulled away from helping him by one of the Black Dog students because a fight had broken out with the White Cats.

Romio is dreaming, when he wakes up to a voice. Juliet, disguised as Julio came to see him. Romio protests and says that Chartreux told him to never tell Juliet to visit him disguised as Julio, but Juliet says that she wanted to come by her own means.

As Romio continues talking, Juliet notices lewd magazines on Romio's table. Romio sweats nervously as he remembers that Eigo Kohitsuji had gifted him magazines because he was sick. Romio hurriedly says that he did not care about boobs at all and Juliet turns away, mumbling to herself that it was normal. Seeing that Juliet was still acting cold, Romio blurts out that he didn't care about other girl's, he cared about hers. Juliet calls him a lecher and walks out to get him food.

Juliet gets some apples from the cafeteria and walks back. Maru spots her along the way. He asks if she came her to see someone, and she replies, saying she came to see Romio.

Maru grabs one of her apples and takes a bite out of it, saying that Romio did not deserve the food. He attempts to make small talk with Juliet by asking what year she is in, and Juliet takes it badly, thinking Maru is suspicious of her.

Maru then blocks Juliet's path with his leg, and asks whether she was a boy or a girl, and a kid or an adult. This startles Juliet, and she throws the tray at him and runs away. Maru is confused why she ran away from him.

Juliet runs into a random room, which turns out to be the girl's bathing room. She falls into the water and sees Hasuki, along with other girls. The girls scream and Juliet runs away.

Romio is waiting in his room, thinking that Juliet was taking so long because she was angry at him. Juliet comes back, dripping wet and tells him that the Black Dogs dorm was scary.

She takes off her disguise, and tells Romio that she is borrowing his clothes. He tells himself not to look, but he peeks one eyes open, only to see Juliet standing above him angrily. She calls Romio a pervert.

Romio's clothes fall off her because they are too big, but before they can do anything Hasuki knocks on the door.

Juliet goes to hide under Romio's blankets. She begs Romio to not think she is shameless, but Romio is already knocked out cold. He dreams about his mother taking care of him the last time he was sick, and is awoken by a song from the West. Juliet said her mother used to sing it to her.

Romio's fever is gone by then.

Juliet admits that she did not come to help Romio's fever, but just wanted to see him. Romio blushes furiously.

In another part of the Black Dogs dorm, Kochou looks at a picture of Romio. She tells Teria that as a prefect, she can't ignore him.



  • In the manga the one who tries to open the door was Hasuki. However, in the anime she's been replaced by Kohitsuji