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"Romio and Reon and The West Duchy Part 2" is the one-hundred-eighth chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


After searching around the West, Inuzuka and Reon finally found a clue leading to Leon's mother. However, the chasers are also chasing her through tailing Reon!



As they run back, Reon declares to Romio that she might fall for him on his helping her with the matter of her mother. Romio becomes flustered at this before Reon laughs and says that it was only a joke while remarking that he took it too seriously. She also declares that she won't go for him since he has Juliet, as he expresses annoyance before she clarifies that she only meant for him not to spend too much of his efforts on helping her. He criticizes her for not just saying that while she apologizes and they make their way back. As they run, Reon mentions to herself that she likes to see that "worried" aspect in him, while blushing and sticks out her tongue playfully, implying it wasn't a joke.