This is the one-hundredth-fifth chapter of the Boarding School Juliet manga series.


Inuzuka picked up Char's handbag, taken from her by a cat. Inuzuka heads for the girls' bath to return it with Kohitsuji and Tosa before anyone notices.



The chapter starts from the end of the scene. Kento Tosa is in front of the White Cats Headmistress, sweating nervously. Eigo looks after him as he and Romio run into the elevator and the elevator door closes behind them. Romio clenches his teeth and says that they couldn't let Kento's sacrifice go to waste so they had to continue to the female bath.

The chapter goes back to the start of the scene, in the evening at Dahlia Research Center. Everyone is eating dinner when a cat appears. The cat steals Romio's food and Romio exclaims that the food was his.

Next to Romio, Chartreux greets Juliet because they haven't been able to talk to each other due to being in different groups. She says since they haven't hung out in so long they should go to the thermae nearby.

Juliet agrees, and Romio confusedly asks what an Thermae is. Juliet says that it was another way of saying hot springs, while Chartreux warns Romio that he is not invited and he voices he wasn't trying to go anyway.

An hour later, Juliet and Chartreux enter the hot springs dressed in swimsuits. They are alone there, and Juliet comments how nice the place is, which Chartreux agrees with. They do not close the doors properly, which lets the same cat that ate Romio's food sneak in. The cat grabs Chartreux's bag and takes it down the hall, where Romio happens to be.

The cat sees Romio, as Romio feeds it some milk and it licks his hand, before it runs away. Romio sees the bag and wonders what is inside. When he opens the bag, he sees a bra and realizes it is Chartreux's bra, after remember having it earlier. He hurriedly stuffs it back into the bag. He worriedly thinks that it looks like he stole the bra and was a pervert. Romio thinks about just leaving, since nobody saw him with the bag.



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