Cait Sith (ケット シィ Ketto Shii) is one of the supporting characters of Boarding School Juliet series and a member of White Cats House.


At first glance, he comes across as a diligent young man but this is far from true as he is shown to have a perverse sense of humor and is very loud in making crude jokes to others, resulting in him repeatedly being scolded by Anne Sieber.

Unlike other members of the White Cats House, he does not appear to be hostile to the Black Doggie House as seen when he kindly greeted Romio Inuzuka and only attacked him when ordered by his fellows to stop his actions. However, he seems to not be good terms with Airu Inuzuka, most likely because of their different personalities.



  • His name could be based on a Celtic mythological creature, the "Cat Sìth."