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A Bureaucrat is a user right that can manage other users' rights in a local level, and most of the time, used together with "Administrator" to edit the wiki. They are the "Head Admins" of the wiki.

A list of user's with Bureaucrat status can be found here.


An Administrator (Abbreviated as "Admin"; shown in Listusers as "sysop"), has a number of administrative powers. They have these rights, in addition to the user rights of Content Moderators and Discussion Moderators.

  • The ability to block users and IPs, preventing the blocked user(s) from editing.
  • The ability to edit pages in the MediaWiki namespace.
  • The ability to promote and demote Chat and Discussion Moderators.

A list of user's with Admin status can be found here.

Content Moderators

A Content Moderator has tools to help in wiki editing. They also have the Rollback right. They have the following rights.

  • The ability to delete pages and images.
  • The ability to edit pages protected to "Sysops only".
  • The ability to view and restore deleted pages and images.
  • The ability to protect and unprotect pages so that they can be edited by all users, registered users only, or Sysops only.

Currently, there is no user with Content Moderator right on this wiki.


A Rollback level user has the ability to use the rollback feature, undoing all consecutive edits by one user.

A list of user's with Rollback status can be found here.

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