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Annie Curl (アニー・カール, Anī Kāru?) is the House Mistress of the White Cats House.


She wears a white dress. She has long grey hair and blue eyes.


She holds high discipline and will silence those who disturb student's guidance. While she often retains a calm demeanor in public, she will act vulgarly and trade insults when provoked, especially with the Black Doggy House Master. According to Char, there are rumors say that the House Mistress was once a yankee and that she's strict about the rules to compensate for that, though it is unknown if it is the case.

She has a close relationship with her daughter, though her attitude toward discipline makes her consider things like detention as a type of bonding time.



  • Before her name was revealed, she was referred to as "White Cats House Mistress" (白猫の寮ホワイトキャットハウス寮監ミストレス, Howaito Kyatto Hausu Misutoressu?)
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