Annie Curl (アニー・カール Anī Kāru) is the House Mistress of the White Cats House.

Appearance Edit

She wears a white dress. She have long grey hair and Blue eyes.

Personality Edit

She holds high discipline and will silence those who disturb student's guidance. While she often retains a calm demeanor in public, she will act vulgarly and trade insults when provoked, especially with the Black Doggy House Master.

She has a close relationship with her daughter, though her attitude toward discipline makes her consider things like detention as a type of bonding time.

Plot Edit


  • Before her name was revealed, she was referred to as "White Cats House Mistress" (白猫の寮ホワイトキャットハウス寮監ミストレス Howaito Kyatto Hausu Misutoressu)
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