Anne Sieber (アン・サイベル, An Saiberu?) is one of the supporting characters of Boarding School Juliet series. She is a member and a former Prefect of the White Cats House.


She is a very serious girl, carrying out her tasks in a diligent and timely manner. Anne often impresses those around her with skill and dedication. She has proven to be quite competitive as she accepted Romio's challenge of doing more work than her.

She doesn't tolerate those who slack off, as shown when she fired Romio Inuzuka from his job as her helper. She also tends to scold Cait Sith for his crude behavior or comments. While she is exasperated by his ways, she does care for him and vice-versa, as seen when he defended her honor.

She respects those who work hard, whether they are a White Cat or a Black Dog, as she expressed amazement at Romio for taking care of the tasks anyway, she even showed him respect while telling him that despite him being from the Black Doggie House (as well as seeing her panties and making fun of her for them) that her respect goes to those who work hard. She even gave him a lunch as thanks for his effort.

Despite her serious outlook, she is shown to enjoy cute things, as she uses cute stickers, wears bear panties, had Juliet Persia dress up, and took a picture of Teria Wang in a costume though stated she didn't do so. Anne appears to not want others to know of this, as she was quick to silence Romio on his telling of this, even dressed up in a bear costume, as she found it cute and was angrily embarrassed when Romio found her in it.

She also finds Teria Wang and Kochou Wang to be very cute. She took a picture of Teria in a costume, told Persia to film the twins while they explain how the election system works, because "it is very important for the meeting". She even silenced fellow Prefect Cait Sith, so that she could hear the twins speak.


  • She is one of the few White Cats member not to show hostility to the Black Doggie House.
  • Her last name is based on the Siberian Cat.
  • Her character design has been changed and updated as of chapter 93.
  • When she was a Prefect, she decorated her room with cute things. It's also filled with teddy bears.
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