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Romeo, Juliet And Birthdays 1, 2, 3 and 4

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After hearing the things about his little brother Romio, he force his way into his room with Kochou Wang and Teria Wang where he will be waiting for him. During the mean time he went to investigate the room. When he's little brother return, Airu ask where have he been. He came up to Romio showing the rosary from the west asking where he got. Hasuki said that was a gift she asked for. Airu then show them a brassiere he found asking where is he got this.. No respond from him and even Hasuki ask him where he got it. Airu then started to think that Romio is meeting with a girl from the White Cats. If his little brother started to ruin the Inuzuka family, then he will have to expel him and even banish him from the family as well. Romio tried to tell that he isn’t meeting with a White Cats girl but been chocked by his brother in the air. Airu couldn’t stand that he have to clean the mess that Romio cause. Teria tried to help Inuzuka by pulling him down but it cause Romio to be choke even harder instead. Kochou then climb up Airu shoulder saying she will punished him if he doesn’t let go. Airu then release Romio from his grip. Airu then decided to put Romio under his surveillance while tutor him for a week.

The strict surveillance and tutor began. It have been six days since then. During the nighttime, Romio left the dorm to at 11pm. Romio left the gate but Airu already expect him to do this. He call out to him to turn back. Romio look back shock that his brother was still awake. Airu knew that his little brother was planning something. He told Romio to return back to the dorm. Romio was shaking but he denies. Airu ask him what will he do, will he challenge him? Romio tried to punch him but was stop by Airu. Airu then hit Romio’s stomach impress that he have the courage. But call Romio a weakling. He then punch he’s face really hard that he faint. He throw he's little brother and lock in a shed as punishment.

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The next day, Airu receive trouble from Kochou and Teria saying there is a lot of Black Dogs attacking the White Cats dorm. Airu started to believe whats going on here. He went to the White Cats dorm to stop the situation. He managed to stop every Black Dogs there but his little brother was missing. He went to look for him. After awhile, he saw that Romio and Persia was holding pies on their hands. They hit each other’s faces with pies at the same time. It was a draw, but he managed to hit Persia with a pie in front of the Black Dogs. He told them to withdraw so they did. But, they were stop by the Black Dogs Head Prefect Airu. Airu went up the stairs towards Romio saying that the one he is conspiring is Juliet Persia. Everyone was shocked by this. Airu then say that he was wondering why Romio leaved the dorm last night and he realized that is to celebrate Persia’s birthday with her. Since that failed he came here today. Romio told him it’s wrong but the students started to think they might be a couple. Persia told the Airu to stop putting stories to her and he should be ashamed being the Head Prefect. The White Cats back her up saying there is no way for Persia to betray them. He said that he have evidence. For one he found there was a Rosary in Romio’s room also his calendar has a circle on the date of Persia’s birthday. Persia said those could be lies and are not real evidence but Airu said otherwise. He showed them a Western Bra he found in Romio’s room. Cait laugh saying its sexual harassment. But he also have doubts in Romio and Persia. The two head prefects take them away for questioning.

On the way down, Persia threw sword flew into Romio's hand. Persia wanted to duel him to clear the misunderstanding in the area, but with real swords. Her pride is more important than her life. Persia came charging at Romio swinging her sword. The two fight with each other which make the students worried. Airu believe it’s a bluff since he can see that Romio isn’t using his full strength. Persia told Romio to stop playing around. It hurt or to get hurt, she will protect who is right now. Airu told them to quit it but Romio laugh. Telling Persia not to curse him if she dies. The both of them pointed at their chest saying to came right at them. The two charged right away hitting each other swords and hitting each other’s chests.

They were taken to the infirmary after that. Their injuries would have been worse but luckily both Airu and Cait stop them when their sword tips hit each other. The next day, Airu release his little brother but saying he still have some doubts with him.

Romio and Airu 1 and 2

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It’s the “Hellish Student Guidance Training Camp”. Students who have bad behavior and low grades are gathered at the Dahlia Head Temple. The one who will be instructing them will be the Black Dog Head Prefect, Airu. Along with his assistants Hasuki and Persia. Their first training will be a 50 round climbing up the stairs. Whoever cheated will get a haircut from Airu. Their next training is cleaning the temple. The Black Dogs will exited since their instructor is Hasuki. Next is to wash away their worldly at the waterfall. Their last training is Kendo practice. Romio is fighting his brother but lost right away. He can tell that his brother doesn’t think anything of him during the fight. After the day was over, everyone went to have a bath.

Four days of training and Romio still couldn’t get a point. Then during the last day of practice. Romio is training a lot to make sure this last day counts. They will doing the climbing upstairs challenge. A person in front of Romio was so tired that he collapsed and fell on Romio. During Dojo practice, nobody could gain a point. The last person that could is Romio. Airu can feel no power coming from him. With a swing, he made his little brother flew and loss. Romio tried to fight back but Airu already told him it’s over. He then told him to get out while saying that his an embarrassing little brother to him. Romio left feeling depressed. When they were cleaning up, Persia want to have a match with him. Airu see why not so he accept. But he won't allow a girl to fight without armor. Persia then charge at him saying she doesn't it it. Airu find it interesting.

After awhile fighting with Persia. Romio enters the room asking permission to fight him again. He confess that he was injured before but since he already taken care of it, he’s willing to fight once more. Not to mention it’s a three round bout so there is still two more matches. Airu then give him another chance. Persia was mad saying Romio should withdraw since his is injured, but Romio told her to withdraw instead since this is a fight between brothers. Airy find it troublesome and decided to fight both of them at the same time. They find it unfair but Airu told them it’s a handicap considering Romio’s injury and Persia have a different physique. The three of them then take the fight outside since it was crowded. Persia attack from above but Airu managed to block it. Romio then push her away since make both of them argued. Airu see an opening and attack them which make both Inuzuka and Persia flew to the forest.

Romio scored a point

It took them awhile but Persia came out attacking Airu first. Romio then came from above and attack him. Airu think that the two of them are fighting together. But when Romio land his attack. It hit Persia instead Persia was pissed that she then attack Romio. Airu then think it was his imagination. Romio ran towards Airu and dodge Persia’s attack. This cause a blind spot which Airu couldn’t see the attack. Romio and Persia’s plan is going well until Airu told them that play time is over. Airu knocked Persia and then aim for his little brother. Attacking with full force saying if he want to be ashamed again as the second son of the Inuzuka family. Romio doesn’t care being ashamed but he is with the person he love so he couldn’t afford to lose. Romio dodge Airu’s attack and about to land on Persia. Persia then make it look like she’s trying to attack Romio but she’s actually helping by throwing Romio above. Romio using his full strength does the finish blow. Airu was about to attack back but stopped since he almost hit Romio’s shoulder. Romio managed to hit Airu causing to crack his glasses and gain a point from him. He was trilled and be congratulated by the other students. Romio was so happy that he forgot that it was a three round bout and there is one more to go. He then later been obliterated by his brother Airu.

Romio, Julio, and Airu 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Airu have return home early. He was having breakfast alone until Romio open the door. He was surprise that he is here early and Airu explain that he already finished his prefect duties and return home before the storm comes. He then notice someone standing behind Inuzuka. The person introduce himself which is "Julio". Airu said he looks familiar. As before he could notice about Julio’s identity, his mother came running and hug him. Airu is being swept by her which make Julio surprise. Airu told Romio to come to dojo after breakfast so he could fix his slacker mind of his. The two are sparing while Julio, Shuna and their mother watch them. Inuzuka managed to gain some ground. He said he won’t be shaming the Inuzuka clan anymore. Airu smirk saying get a full of himself. After a while during their fight. They heard a noise coming from outside the house. They went outside to see what’s going on. They saw Shuna and Julio collapsed next to the main building. Julio said he’s fine but Shuna is not since a room tile hit her head. But that isn’t what Romio is more worried about. Everyone is staring at Julio which make him curious. Airu then ask him “Why are you here…?! Juliet Persia!”

Do you want to destroy the Inuzuka clan?

Persia’s identity have been found out! Of all the people, it had to be Airu who found out! He slowly to understand why. He’s conclusion was right was correct. That these two are in a relationship! Airu carried Shuna and lend her to his mother to bring her inside. When the two of them left, Airu want to hear Romio’s excuse. Romio apologies for keeping a secret from him but he told Airu that he’s serious about this. However, Airu said that it’s no concern to him whenever his serious or not. The two nations are in war right now, the Inuzuka clan is a family politician. If society found out that the two sons is involved in an affair with a woman from a hostile nation. They will lose trust on them and the Inuzuka clan will be reduced to nothing. Romio convince that he won’t let that happen. He will change this world by first becoming a Prefect and change the academy. Before he could continue to explain, Airu grab his Kimono and said that that’s all a gamble and he’s out of his mind. He thinks that Romio wants to destroy the Inuzuka clan. He dragged him to the shed and Persia follow him. He give Romio only one choice. Either break up with Persia or leave the house. He only have tonight to answer. He leave the two alone for now.

Romio and Airu head-butt each other

Both Romio and Airu are outside with their school uniform. He still refuse to break up with Persia but want to protect the clan as well. If he wins he want his brother to let him walk his own path. The two of fight with purposed. Airu is beating his brother without a sweat. But Romio still haven’t given up. He will beat Airu and change the world. They continued fighting but Romio starting to block and dodge his brother’s attacks. Airu is wondering why he haven’t given in. Persia yelled out at Romo after Airu punch him. Airu look at Persia and then got punch back by Romio. Airu started to know why he haven’t given up since he is against breaking up with her this much. But Romio said that’s not all. Romio isn’t like Airu’s current self. He admits that he think he was cool back then but since he only wants to protect just the clan, he isn’t afraid anymore. Airu was pissed saying he doesn’t know anything about him. He punch Romio’s face, but he look back at him with the same eyes as him back then. Romio then grab Airu’s tie and head-butt Airu’s head. Romio collapsed first but Airu was standing until he said, “The one... with the thick head… Is you! Romi… o…” He then collapsed as well. Romio then get up once again which make Airu surprised. He came up to him saying he always hate and was afraid on him. He never notice how hard he work to protect all of them. But he told him that’s enough. He will become strong to protect mother, Shuna, him and even Persia. He thank Airu for everything. Airu then realize something. How.. Why.. When.. did he forget the things he truly want to protect the most. Romio believe he’s being selfish but he want Airu to trust him to change the world one day. Airu told him that’s enough and he have lost.

The next morning, Airu woke up in his room with his mother there. She apologize that she was being weak and Airu have to do all of her job fr him. But from now one she will do her best. Airu told her to do as she wish. His mother was happy that she hug him right away. Airu was about to have breakfast but heard a noise in the living room. Airu enters the living room ask what’s the all the racket. Shuna see that Airu is injured as well and ask him if a blonde woman did it to him. Romio was worried but Airu said there isn’t any blonde spices here. He came behind Romio telling him not to misunderstand. He haven’t approve their relationship just yet. They all have breakfast after that.

Romeo And The Exhibition Match 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Airu was in the office looking out of the window. Kochou and Teria enters saying the new prefects are having a joint meeting for the upcoming sport festival. They ask why is he reminiscing like that. They believe he's sad that they will no longer be prefects. Airu said it isn't instead he's happy about it. Airu then went to check on the new prefects on how things are going. He then enters the room along with Kochou and Teria and then been smack by them on accident. He then give an angry tone. He give them a full 30 minute lecture of how careless they are right now. Romio admit with what he said but he told him that they won’t lose to the third years. Cait then showed up from the window taking it as a challenge. They want them to accept the challenge but Persia see no reason why they should. Sieber and Rex also showed up saying they don’t have confidence in themselves. Inuzuka notice something was up since all the third year prefects are here. He then accept the challenge and prove which prefects are more superior.

3rd prefects year want to beat the 2nd year prefects.png

During the exhibition match, the game is they will be playing is called “Dahlia Wall Game” which will be host by Shuna and Ameria. The rules are simple, the first team to get the ball on the other team’s goal is the winner. Romio told his brother that he will intent to learn from this. When the match begin, Char tossed the ball upwards. Romio and Scott tried to get it but was stopped by Rex. Airu tell Romio that he’s mistaken. Their goal is to get rid of their ego by stomping all of them into the ground.

Awhile ago, Airu ask the White Ctas Prefect a favor for the firt time. He explain his favor. He want to have a exhibition match bwtween the 3rd year and 2nd year. They will soon retire and there is something he want to teach them before that happen. It's not something he could use with words but it's something he want them to understand. Cait see that Airu have changed. He accept to help him. Airu decided to play "Dahlia Wall Game". He ant them to act as villans and stomp them into the ground with all their mgiht. Rex charges to the second year’s goal while knocking everyone in his path. On his way, Scott was in front waiting for him. He admits that he have guts but ask Scott why isn’t he wearing the uniform he give him. Scott replied that he is embarrassed to wear such a thing and won’t do wear it again. He was about to say he will surpassed him but Rex Charge and move Scott out of the way. However, Scott managed to buy some time to get the other second years to block Rex. Rex then passed the ball to Cait. Cait dodge every one of his opponent’s while saying they still don’t understand the meaning behind the match. Romio was wondering what he meant by that. Aby tried to blocked Cait but he was stop by Somali who was hugging him. Cait then later insulted Aby which make him depressed but later been in courage by Somali and put him back in the mood. With no other choice, Cait use his secret move called the “Ball” hiding. He lift the ball up and bring it back down and make it vanished. But everyone could see it’s in his pants. Sieber then hit the ball out of his pants which hurt Cait’s crutch. With Cait unable to move for a while, this is the second year’s chance.

Everyone is in the rose garden and Sieber have the ball heading to the goal. Hasuki was about to get the ball but Sieber pass it to Kochou. They almost arrive at the fountain. Leon can tell that fighting the 3rd years was a loss casue.Airu then ran next to her saying she just doesn't belive in herself. She is just a bother and should just leave. Kochou pass the ball to Airu and he charges in. But Inuzuka was blocking him upfront. Airu push Romio aside but after he did, Persia was behind Romio from a blind spot. She took the ball from Airu saying their counter attack begins. Persia can’t go forward since it’s been block by the third years. She then ran to the left to flank them. When Romio is with Airu, he told him that he finally realize the reason of this match. Airu then push Inuzuka to the side once again.

The second years disappeared of the map somewhere. They are hiding somewhere so they all went looking for them. After awhile Kochou and Teria found them and aiming to get the ball from Persia. Scott throw Romio at Kochou and Teria for a decoy. They came out of the forest but Rex was blocking them. Persia passed the ball to Hasuki and ask Scott to bend down. She then use him as a stepladder to break free. Aby then grabbed the ball from Hasuki saying he should have it. Scott also join in trying to get the ball from the both of them. Airu look stare at them with disappointment attack Scott who have the ball. But he was saved by Romio. Scott asked why would he saved him. Romio explain to everyone that they are prefects. They have the same ambitions to change the academy. As long they have same goal in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem working together. When he was taking, Cait steal the ball from Scott and ran off. As the second years are chasing him, they receive a cheer from both Black Dogs and White Cats. The school have slowly started to change.

2nd and 3rd year Prefects.png

Airu and Cait were heading to the goal. They notice that the 2nd years are not following them and probably given up. Then Romio pop out of the manhole and steal the ball from Cait. He then throw it a far where the other second years will be. They were about to grabbed it but see that Sieber and Rex won’t allow it. However, Hasuki and Aby work together to stop Rex. Leon’s job is to stop Seiber. She think of her weakness and said “Bear Panties” which make Seiber stop running. Persia stop both Kochou and Teria while Scott is charging to the goal. Scott made it through the main building almost reaching the goal. But behind him was Airu who won’t allow him to get away that easily. Airu was about to steal the ball from Scott but he did a back pass and give it to Romio. Airu ask Scott how did he know that Romio was behind him. Scott replied that wherever he goes, Romio will come chasing him. Everyone was cheering for Romio. He made his final move to throw the ball but he tripped. However, the ball still managed to hit the third year’s goal. The second year prefect won! Airu expect him to finish it well but proud of the ending. He will be expecting more from him in the future.