Hello, I'm the most recent addition to this wikia

Hello my dear companions. I am Meliodas, and I pretend to start helping filling this wiki up. I have some previous wikia experience, but I still am not any good with formating and creating pages. My will, as of right now, is to have pages for each chapter, containing summaries and sinopses for each one. In order to do that, all I'd want help for would just be regarding creating pages for each chapter so on.

If you are in our discord, if you scroll up on the wikia channel, you most likely will be able to find a huge wall of text I've made. Anyways, I mapped every single chapter and described the story in it with a few words. I also grouped them together in main arcs. My point with that is also to get a timeline done in the wikia as well, and so I did it. To make it easier, I pasted on a pastebin all my work: https://pastebin.com/yKfre3n7 . I have lots of ideas for this wikia and I promise to do my best to make it grow, so please, help and guide me towards this path, and let's have a great time together!


I feel like we should make pages for each chapter and add sinopses and summaries to them. I'm proposing for myself to take over that role. We could also make pages for volumes and add individual chapter areas under each volume. Both work, but I don't know how to work with them, so I'd need help from those who are well versed with wikia formatting.

I also mapped out all chapters and created a pastebin grouping them by arcs, and giving a really concise description of what happens in each chapter. We could either make a timeline out of it or create arc pages. Whatever works, but again, I'm not well versed with wikia formatting.